Vic adopted in the States, like his sisters Amy and Boo


Handsome Leo

Creamy with foster-dad Serge

Brownears, goodbye.

Just a puppy from the puppy enclosure.

Monkygirl, an amazing temple-dog.

Chloe, sister of Rebecca.

Rebecca, living rough at Wat Wang Pong.

Young Alfie, who has been through so much already.

A skinny young Mum, just dumped with her 4 puppies.

Pippa neutered, just in time.

Dear Rug

Terry was adopted

No rabies, but blood parasites

My friend, Dr. Phakapol doing his work.


Beautiful young girl, Midi

Baby doggie.

Still tiny.

So cute.

So small.

Little girl dumped.

Big brother.

Vaccination time for puppies.

Big brother of two lonely puppies dumped.

Rebecca, Chloe & Alfie

Brindie & the puppies.

Lilly latest.

Monky-girl adopted by a new monk.


Chris & Lilly

Lilly delighted to see Neil.

Ginger and Flo with visitiing Ked.

Beautiful Lilly.

Our Domino with lovely Amy.

Lilly back at Wat Wang Pong.

Brigitte, Scott and Gandolf alias Cassidy.

The miracle adoption.

V with the other brother.

V adopts 2 little brothers.

Neil & his dog Edward, looking after Lilly!

Poor Lilly broke her leg.

Donkey saying goodbye to Neil.


Donkey on the beach!

6 New puppies dumped in the market.

Gandolf, Iree & Kirk

Kirk and Iree volunteering.

Jessie in her new paradise.

Chris and Jessie



Neil & Donkey









So cute, but so unwanted.

What about me!

Our most recent adoption.


They crawl out of everywhere when it is feeding time.




Fran and friend Phil visited.

Pippa & Brian visiting

Joel, Moh Ae & helper from Rescue Paws

Rescue Paws came to help again.

One of my favourite scenes.

White & Red after neutering.

Red and White from the building site.

Mac deserves a reward.

Thai friends of the temple-dogs

8 New puppies dumped.

My oldest friend at the temple, on the left.

Khun Peter looks after the puppies.

Boonmee was found paralysed.

Tooty, so lovely.

Emerald advertising two products which keep her healthy.

An unwanted female puppy.

Back home on the building site.

Building Site


Lupa with a girl from the village.

Our latest addition to Wat Wang Pong.

Our Paddy.

Blue on the left, White in the middle.

A doggie from a building site

Bear being fed by the little girl Cake.

A beautiful white pack from the wild.


A group of wild dogs living in the undergrowth.

Ivermectin treatments with Claudia, Fran and Mandy.

He was enemy No. 1 - Now he is a friend.

Khun Nu

My old friend Nu, alias Gollywog


Cream, a new market-lady.

Neutering by Heike and her team from Hundehilfe.

Sisters meet again.

Blue paying her bill at Kasetsart.

He looks like new, little Bobby.

Poor Teak has a broken leg.

Beautiful Belle, neutered now.

Charlie with his new friends.

Charlie is happy again.

Berry & Sisi

Fran is back!

Lovely Toffee.


Devoted to each other, the temple-dogs and us.

Old friend Bear.


Another little soul gone.

Nugget still happy then.


So many lovely new dogs again.

Ever more dogs in Wat Wang Pong

Beau with his loving family.

Booming eyes.

Soey, an amazing dog.

Bijou, too good for this world maybe.

Loh and Belle, my best friends.

A visiting child loving the temple-dogs.

Our youngest fundraiser.

Sisi with the cherry-eye

Nicole, sister of Mel

Boom latest

Belle, Beau & Loh

Ivermectin treatment

Sisi & Berry with their friend

Zorro with Paul


Boom almost fully recovered.

Recovering after an expensive operation.


Yes, these puppies live in banana trees.

3 brave tiny darlings

2 Tiny brothers & 1 sister



Rain went missing, but then came back.

One of the 4 boys we call the Beatles, of course.

One of the 7 puppies born to Velvet.

Dinky is the sister of Tiny-tinker, who is still with me.

Cissy, one of our oldest girls.



Dear old Do, one of my oldest friends.

Still really ill

Gorgeous Boom with the golden eyes.

Zorro, the brother of Casey

Casey lived with this gang.

Big crazy lovely Lupa with 2 of her pups.

Little Brian named after our friend Brian.

Crystal, like all our dogs, needs Fran

I still cannot believe it. Tatters was adopted.

The luckiest boy in the world!

Fran with little Brindie

Crystal, left alone after her puppies were taken

Tatters, our lunatic Adam



Slim neutered.

Friends through thick & thin

Tiny now.

Scamp adopted

Tiny recovered.


Sophie, our tiny volunteer.



Little Blob


Behind bars?


I could be your dog for life


Grace had so many friends

A symbol of the temple-dogs, our Grace

The old Wang Pong pack

Our last neutered females for the time being.


Winston going to his new home.

Luckyboy adopted

claudia with a puppy!

vaccination time

2 darling puppies amongst all the dangers of temple-life

beautiful white spark

Arrived at a better place

Prison Break

I love my brother

The smallest puppy at Wat Wang Pong

Mary always guards the food bucket.

Do, possibly the dog I know longest in Wang Pong.

Unfortunate name, but his owner has aids.

The tiniest fighter of all.

Back with Mum after neutering

The Rock & The Lunatic

Spark & Light, getting ready for neutering

It is their turn now.

Tessaban vets neutering our temple-dogs

Kids & dogs, dogs & kids

Some have all the luck.

A monk and his dog

Blond Greenspot in the background, always.

This tiny puppy lived with me until the end.

Little Crystal just gave up.

Our cool new volunteers

the lonely monk on the hill

no space in one temple, but resettled in another temple

just one of 6 in a litter

Jan with his new puppy, Shirley.

Shirley, the chosen one

I am also beautiful, just like my sister Shirley

Two little ones, unwanted.

Market Puppy

Another Puppy



one of our 25 new puppies


Tatters again.

Fran with Tatters

Brigitte loves Sumo, Sumo loves Brigitte

Allie and Brigitte, love at first sight

Mouse was neutered

Millie neutered

snowy & whitey

new puppies


My own temple-dog Cowboy

Big little Lisa

Feeding some of my friends.


My friends and I.

Young and old.

Rags and Enya are obviously brother & sister.

Larry and Harry are brothers.

Holy Water tastes good.

Foxie & Harry

Two tiny blue-eyed puppies

One of the new puppies.

Claudia, our injecting volunteer


Louisa, one of the 9 new puppies

Patches, kind and gentle

Cuddles again!


Dennis, alias George Clooney

A Poem in Thai

Khun Nu several years ago, helping the dogs. He still does.

Were we lucky that they survived?

Free neutering by the Tessaban.

Different systems for different people. Neutering out in the open.

Champagne proudly showing her bright green bandage

Champagne with her new bandage.

My beloved Allie. Finally adopted into a loving home by Brigitte, who is the perfect owner and friend for Allie.

That smile is fake. She really hates it there.

She seems to be smiling, does she not?

Cuddles lives amongst the rubbish in Wat Wang Pong

Fran, son Steve and girlfriend Keri visited the new market puppies

Adopted by a friend from the past!

14 year old Lady, completely recovered after illness. Must she go back to the temple?!?!?

lucky lucky pumpkin, hit by a lorry-wheel in the morning, adopted in the afternoon, together with tengmo, by this lovely thai family.

so sad to see you go, little pumpkin!

Another adoption! After the wonderful posters of Caroline were distributed, we had good response and sofar Mollie got a definite new home. Lynn was the kind one to adopt her. We wish them good luck and a long relationship. Thank you, Lynn

Goldie is one of the luckiest girls ever. Fran took her home after she was diagnosed with a combination of blood parasites and toxins which paralysed her. She is walking again and probably will go to a new home after her medication is finished.

Dr. Phong, surgeon at Kasetsart Hospital, has offered to help temple-dogs for free. He has visited Wat Wang Pong three times already and is like a saint.

Sister of Geraldine. Their brother Junior has already been promised a new home. May the sisters be equally lucky.

Geraldine, born in the temple-grounds, against all the rules. But her mum could not be caught. Now she is the sweetest dog in the world and she will soon be neutered. May Geraldine, her sister Gloria and brother Junior have happy lives.

I once lived at Wat Wang Pong, but when I was a very sick puppy, I was rescued by people who adopted me and ended up loving me. Why not, because I am adorable!

What a perfect Thai dog! He is looked after by a monk. Many people have asked to adopt him but not a chance.

Our Bear is a Special to all. He lives with the monks

Just to sit and dream, sitting in the cool water with the view of the ocean in the distance. Every dog deserves that!

We need you! Is that not clear? Please come and see us and see how we live.

The recently renovated main temple at Wat Wang Pong, where more than 100 dogs have been dumped over the past couple of years.

Carrie, the latest one to be neutered together with Maggie, her Mum. Sadly she lives in the market area and has very little chance to find a good home there. Thankfully she is healthy and smart.

Anna, also known as Sleepy Anna, one of our most recently dumped puppies. Does she not remind you of the Andrex puppies, just a little?

blind boy, still coping, despite being attacked frequently by a gang of males. why can nobody take him home????

suddenly she was there, so cuddly and friendly, despite being dumped

One more puppy, called Sleepy

Sweet little Dengmai

Little Scary, now neutered and living in the enclosure until someone takes her out.

Boom at the bottom of the steps, gentle and timid, neutered after a terrible injury to his testicle in a fight. He also has a bad limp after an accident. Porgy, at the top of the steps, is a healthy boy but desperate for affection.

This can happen when stupid people dump a cat amongst the dogs.

Paloma, after she was neutered. She lives outside the temple-wall.

Another puppy waiting for adoption

one of the many puppies hoping for a new home.

Allie has fully recovered from very serious blood parasites and has to go back to the temple. Please take pity on her and adopt her. She is gorgeous in looks and in nature, fully fit and vaccinated. Her siblings all died tragically. Do not let this be her fate. Please!

After a few weeks break to look after her husband and his broken leg, she has come back to the temple. I do not know who was happier, Fran or the dogs.

Spottygirl is the most affectionate little Thai puppy-dog I have ever met. If she could love you the way she loves us, you would never want another dog. In the meantime we will love her.

Cute little Allie, who will probably live her life in the temple until the end of her days.

the tragedy of beginning life as a temple puppy, especially when you are a girl!

ready to go! but who is ready to take her?

3 of the 4 sisters, dumped with their mother. the only boy was adopted

Bronwyn, back home after Soi Dog Foundation neutered her for free in Pranburi.

Baby Cleo, sister of Allie, who is paralysed, possibly a spinal injury for which she is treated. Further tests necessary.

And sweet Longface just woken up after her op.

Blondie after neutering, with Allie for company

And the partner. He was skin and bones, did not eat anymore, covered in fleas and had given up hope. Now he is better, still thin but a more lovely male dog is hard to find, once he becomes your friend.

Tough girl who was locked up for months with her partner. They were neglected, suffering from blood parasites, but are now recovering happily and out of the enclosure.

Blondie, an exceptionally delicate beauty with huge eyes. Due to be neutered this week and ready for adoption.

Allie, another puppy who lives in the mini enclosure with her paralysed sister Cleo. Not much point in asking, but is there anyone out there who would adopt these puppies?

Sister No. 3

Two of the sisters dumped with brother Harry

Harry & his 3 sisters, the latest dumped puppies in the market.

Scary because she is always scared of everything. Just neutered and fine like Molly and Sally. Back in the enclosure. Playful and happy with her friends but her wish is to find a home.

Such a shy sweet girl, young Mum of Angel, who is no longer with us. We will take care of you, Maple! I am so sorry for you. Maybe you can take care of the new puppies. Plenty of them, so take your pick. They love you already.

Gorgeous friendly happy boy. May your beautiful spirit come back to us and your sweet mother Maple.

Gin I knew from the beginning. First at the old centre with Dawn, then at Wang Pong and for her last months she moved to Bang Sapan with Verity, near the beach which she loved.

Deng was a brave girl and ended her life in peace. Please read her story under Stories

Shiny was a mangy little skinny puppy, now she is a fat, healthy, neutered pup, wanting a home!

Thanks to this wonderful monk, the enclosure dogs are well-fed, healthy and happy. See their garden!

Monkey-girl, a beautiful dog cared for by a dog-loving monk who is desperate to find her a home. Toffee, sister of Capone who was adopted, but she remains in the enclosure, just because she is a female puppy!

Blind Boy is coping with life in the temple, but it is tough as he gets bullied by other males.

One of the latest to be neutered, another sick, sad, lonely little puppy dumped on the roadside, to be rescued by the ladies of the mobile Thai food cart. She recovered from severe blood parasites and mange, which left her blind in one eye, but from now on her life should be free from worries.

Fran (not the dog) with one of our friends.

The latest one to be neutered. She must be about 6 months old and has been with us since she was a tiny puppy left at the temple, together with her brothers and sisters.

Lone survivor

Newly dumped puppies, already dewormed and treated against parasites

one of 4 red puppies dumped, but he was the lucky one and got adopted. his 2 brothers and sister are still in the temple

Elsa after her operation.

Tictoc - A Temple-Dog

George showing what he thinks of it all

Angelica & George smiling at each other adoringly.

Blaze, hiding in her hole after the accident

Molly who got the task of thanking our supporters for their kind donations in April 2012.

Alpha, our friend. No other dog can replace him. He was so special, but I still think he is better off where he is now. We could not make his life better.

Smoke or Cloud were her names. Now she is no longer with us. She was neutered by the tessaban, but two days later she died. Nobody really explained what was wrong with her. She was very thin and I think I should not have taken her.

It looks like they neutered her too!

Little Shiny under the knife.

Neutering by Pranburi Tessaban vets

Boy-monks with a temple-dog

Our visiting nurse Gini, who did all the injections!

Teaching kids to help look after the dogs!

She is called Jet and considered lucky in this country because of the black patches on her tongue. Sofar so good.

George and Dennis in the background

Dennis, our biggest dog. Everybody loves him, sometimes!

Dennis at a younger age. Yes, everybody loves Dennis, sometimes!

Monk who loves his dog. Enclosure in the background.

Fran, our faithful volunteer. She and the temple-dogs love each other, which is clear to see every time she visits.

Gin starts the final part of her life near the beach in Bang Sapan. Be happy and enjoy, dear Gin.

Gin moves to Bang Sapan

Fran with some of her friends


our dear little friend popeye, who disappeared after chinese new year 2012

Chedimum and Silver safe and well just outside temple compound

just another puppy

Minimoo having a maximeal

Mad Max

And this fat boy will join the first puppy adopted by this lady

Lovely Robby with his kind new owner

puppy went to market on 9/1/12 and was adopted

Another puppy adopted in the market

Coco so happy but not for long

One more puppy adopted on 9/1/12

Two brothers adopted

Happy with my friends

A new puppy!

My granddaughter Sophie with temple-dog Robby, who survived parvo

Puppies we are trying to avoid. You cannot help loving them but we want to stop having them.

One of the many puppies we are trying to find homes for. This one was lucky. Seen here with Dirk, our new volunteer.

Puppy adopted with new owner

Puppy adopted with new owner

Puppy adopted with new owner

Puppy adopted with new owner

Puppy adopted with new owner

Puppy adopted with new owner

puppy pen

feeding time for all, big and small

Even in the temple we mess around with make-up

feeding time is fun, exciting and demands close observation in order to avoid fights and to make sure the shy ones get their share

Smartie, daughter of M&M who disappeared so sadly and sister to Cowboy, who was so lucky to fall ill and now lives with me. She, the strongest of all, had to succumb to this awful disease blood parasites in such a short time, even after being treated with ivermectin against ticks etc. It is not fair.

17 dumped puppies, trying to survive!




little bambi, now malee in her beautiful new home.

it is not your fault, little beauty!

some of the 14 puppies we are helping to feed. they all seem so hungry. what a surprise!

She lets them suckle, but has nothing to give to 14 puppies

please do not cry. we are trying to save her.

Kenda & Jack

Bambi was her name, when she lived in the temple

new puppy with frances

Signs of VG in a friendly female who is still feeding her pups. But she can be cured.

Friendly mum with healthy pups but she has VG, which thankfully can be treated.

Silk & her sister Star were adopted but the people were totally inexperienced. Star ran away and is now missing. Silk is back at the temple and happy with her old friends.

Another success story is Screamer. From being a terrified weak and sick little dog that could hardly walk, who was condemned by the monk to be sure to die, he turned into a lively healthy-looking playful male who can be cheeky and has changed into a confident boy.

and sister Sprite who went to a new life with her sister Leo.

with her new name Leo and her new mistress in her new home near the hills of sam roy yot

Lovely Sunshine who recovered amazingly well after being hit by a car and left on the road to die with multiple injuries.

See what pleasure she gave to people, our little friend Malee

Bella with her guardian angels, Verity and Thep, who live in Bang Sapan and have agreed to look after Bella until Sue comes back, or until someone else gives her a temporary home before Sue returns.

Bella with her foster mum, Sue, who looked after her before having to return to Oman. Bella has, thanks to Sue, recovered from near-death at Wat Wang Pong, but she has unfortunately been left with a nervous disorder, which gives her a permanent tremble, especially in her backlegs. Who knows what will happen in time, with vitamins and good care. Even the vets cannot predict her future. But Sue is hoping to take her permanently in three years time, when she will come and live here with her husband.

Xena, a young lovely female, who was dumped as a mangy pup. She made a full recovery and is a great character, who puts herself in danger by barking at everyone.

Blackie, a beautiful young female.

Henry on his way to a new future and not feeling too sure about it yet.

A typical rural Thai family who live deep into the countryside and have given a home to our great little boy Henry. May he live a happy life with them.

Silver, our precious girl, a beautiful temple-dog.

Verity & Thep, who have agreed to look after Bella until she finds a permanent home.

Bella then, at wat wang pong, severely malnourished, sick and weak, before sue took her home

Bella as she is now, much recovered, but always with a nervous spasm through her body. she can live with it though.

Lady, a dumped old lady, but coping.

just 4 puppies who are trying to survive!

Lucky temple-pup gets new home!

Greystone (formerly Old Grey) treated Thai style against his skin problems. Poor dog. Thank goodness he is ok again now.

Greystone 2









The enclosure

Cowboy, previously One, is now an ornament in my house!

The fence for the new enclosure

Old Grey blowdarted

Sunshine after operations

Mimi or also known as market-mum

totty, great boy, had quite a few health problems, but still going strong


sugar, another little female member of the petcha-5 team. she is already less shy since her move from wang pong to petcharavud.

mini ruby, one of the young females on the petcha-5 team. she is the spitting image of ruby, who was adopted and is now called malee. we could not have wished for a lovelier replacement. she fits in so well in her new temple petcharavud.

micky, a friend of cauliflower. they grew up together in the famous puppy-pen. he also seems very happy in his new surroundings.

cauliflower, one of the boys on the petcha-5 team. never will he be bullied again by the bully at wat wang pong. he looks happy at wat petcharavud and his wounds are healing.

bonnie, the oldest of the petcha-5 team, who were all transferred from wat wang pong to wat petcharavud...to a better life!

CK is my friend.

Elsa with her black socks on.

Bonnie, who is desperately in need of a new home. She always gets bitten by other dogs and she is too sweet to fight back.

Little Malee with one of her new German Shepherd playmates at her new home


snowwhite, who was rescued from the road and adopted. her sister was killed by a train

jill, a young mum with three pups. good luck

ruby, may you stay in my life for some time

jade, a friend of all of us, especially claudia

floppy, she can look after herself and lives on the marketside

jenny, one of the sweetest dogs i know

little G, so full of energy and now gone

Tumtum had such a bloated tummy that it touched the ground. she was diagnosed with a serious case of blood parasites. the vets at kasetsart treated her and she is recovering well. she was adopted by a thai family.

dumped, survivor and loved in wat wang pong

Cookie, gaping hole where her eye was. Great recovery.

Vanilla, must be better when Mum comes back.

beautiful green-eyed stray

a real oldtimer

A monk with Magic in his hands See 11-Sep-10 News

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Special (see story)

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Dad of Mary

Mum of Mary

Mary, a quiet little dog, who was once so badly in...

Fanta, see story of Pepsi

Pepsi, see story

Patch is the sister of Brown. Their big brother wa...

Brown is a little female, healthy, vaccinated and ...

our friend mo with the new pen-puppies

the last 3 puppies dumped

So long, Rocky. It was a pleasure knowing you.

Still very sick with high fever

Aay is the beloved daughter of Sweet-Mum, who was .

Pompom after being attacked by my own dog

The story of Apple in the Bangkok Post


See story Lone Survivor

See story Lone Survivor, Little Lucky was renamed ..



on our way

Deng’s new world, could have been worse


Lucky me!

About 6 weeks old






Entrance to Wat Wang Pong

A monk loves his dog

kind effort to help a paralysed puppy

suffering from distemper

Poisoned by an evil human while still lac...

Baby Podge

Old girl

Rocky and Gin

happy and healthy

Apple and Pinky

As they look now

My best friend Apple

Improving slowly

Typical temple pup

How i found them

feeding time

A puppy long gone!

Apple as a puppy