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Cuddles found a home just outside the temple.

When she came to Wat Wang Pong, she was such a beautiful healthy friendly little dog, still very young. She trusted everybody and only wanted to play with the other dogs. You should see her now, her shiny clean white coat has turned dull and she is slowly deteriorating. She is still friendly towards people, but she is terrified of other dogs, she always stays in the distance, her trusting eyes have changed into fearful ones and she lives outside the compound on the side of the road. Is this fair. I thought her life had come to an end one day, when I watched her being hit by a pick-up and saw her rolling over and over again underneath the car, only to pop out on the other side, get up again and run off. Does this sweet dog not deserve a better chance in life. Who could just throw her away like that and abandon her in the temple.