Story of Deng and her puppies.


I was looking for a dog in the most remote part of the temple Wang Pong, where you have to wear boots to walk through the shrubbery because of the danger of snakes. It is quite near the cemetery, where the superstitious Thais do not like to come, as they have great respect for the spirits of the dead.


I could not find the black dog I was looking for but then, purely by chance, I saw this nest of new-born puppies lying in the sand under a bush, against the wall, with only some protection of a broken slab of concrete against the weather. After a while the mother turned up, which was another shock as she could not be older than 6 or 7 months herself. She was skinny, but very friendly. How could anyone dump such a young pregnant dog in the wild? In western countries this would probably be called cruelty against animals. Anyway, she was lucky that they dumped her a Wat Wang Pong and that someone found her. I have been feeding her daily and made sure not to touch her puppies for at least a week, to avoid passing on any infectious diseases and to make sure not to alienate them from her. After a week they opened their eyes and now they seem to be doing well. Mum, whom I have called Deng (means red in Thai), is doing great and looks after her babies naturally. It is the rainy season, so we have had very heavy downpours in the afternoons. I checked and initially Deng managed to keep them dry in that hole in the earth, by covering them with her body. But they are growing and sure enough, one day two pups were missing together with Mum, so I stayed until she turned up and followed her to her new hiding place. She kept jumping up as if to say ‘Please bring my other babies over here’, which I did, of course. They are now living under a ‘chedi’ and the pups are drinking milk and eating porridge already. They have started moving around, so I do expect trouble soon. What will be their fate? I have seen it all. At least they had a good start. Mum will be neutered in about a month when they can eat solids and she will reject them drinking her milk. The pups will go for their first injection at about the same time.

Nov. 2009

Deng has since been neutered, three of her pups were adopted, one went to a monk in the temple and the last one, a girl with green eyes stayed with her Mum.

See photo-gallery for pictures of Deng and pups.