Lone Survivor, Part 1

A shocking story. As you may have read in my news updates, this little guy was dumped with his 7 brothers and sisters, apparently on the side of the road outside the temple and then moved to the market area. They had not even opened their eyes yet! So they could not be more than a week old. No mother, no milk, no protection. Why not just kill them? It would have been kinder. But no, of course not. A Buddhist may not take life.

When I first saw them, I was so naive to believe that with the help of the many doglovers in the area, they would be cared for and fed. They were! When I saw them 3 days later, after I returned from Bangkok, they had been given curry with rice and fishheads! Who can possibly be so thoughtless as to give newborn puppies such ridiculous food. I found them on a filthy old blanket, which had gone stiff with their vomit, urine and feces, the food they were given on top of all that. Worms were crawling around everywhere. They all had bloody diarrhoea. They were freezing cold and one had already gone missing, presumed dead.

I took them all to the vet. He dewormed each one of them and from the look on his face, I could tell that he had little hope. He was right. I took them home. One died immediately, another in the evening, two more during the night. I kept the remaining three warm and fed them milk for infants with a syringe. they still had terrible diarrhoea and were completely listless. Back to the vet, who gave them an antibiotic and me no hope. Sure enough, when I went to see them in the morning, two of them looked like they were fast asleep, curled up against each other, but they were cold. They had died peacefully in their sleep. so only this little guy was still alive. Another visit to the vet, more medication, puppy milk replacement and puppy food supplement and determination on his side kept him alive. It is now a week later and he is doing much better. He eats well, still drinks milk and his stool is normal. His skin is still covered with scabs, but he is so much more alert, beginning to play and best of all, getting fat like a healthy puppy should. I will keep him until he is about 2 months old, give him his vaccination and booster and then hope to find him a home. His name is Pompom. A rough start in life, but a gentle finish, I hope.