A peaceful temple, set back from the road, inland with the hills on the horizon. Shady trees and a klong on the boundery. A kind, caring nun, who looks after the temple dogs and cats, virtually all on her own. They really love her and she has them under control. She always says that they do not fight when she is there. And I have never seen them fight. We go there from time to time to help her with medical treatments, food or financial gifts. She helped us by adopting 3 of our dogs, who did not fit into their previous environment. She really cares for each of them and you can imagine the horror when we visited her and she calmly showed us this little pup that could not walk and two adult dogs who were limping badly. She told us that she and a young monk had both been witness to the incredible event of a monk beating the dogs so badly with a stick, that the little puppy ended up paralysed. The two adult dogs have possibly badly bruised or even broken kneejoints or bones. When the nun told us what had happened and showed us the dogs, she was crying and my friend also burst into tears. To think that this could happen, is, in my opinion, so sinful that it must be reported. We are unfortunately not in a position to do so, being foreigners in this country, but I trust that with enough pressure we can encourage the right people to take that step. The nun told us that she has been ordered to build her own enclosure at the back of the temple-grounds, where she must live with all her cats and dogs. If she does not comply, the headmonk will expel all the animals from the temple. There must be some 80 cats and dogs or more, all dumped or born within the compound. She must also pay for the building of a fence, which she can obviously not afford. We are hoping for donations from anybody to help her. We are also planning to start a programme to neuter all her female dogs and to stop the ever-increasing number of puppies being born, the diseases that come with it and the tragic death of too many dogs at a young age. Why should we not be able to achieve in that temple what we have so successfully done in others. Please wish us luck and help us if you can. We will reveal the name of this temple at a later stage.