Goodbye 2010

I would like to think that I finish the year on an UP. We have got over the worst, particularly in Wat Wang Pong. We lost dogs, mainly through distemper. But we have also cured dogs. We have had problems with individuals, I refer to those who cruelly poisoned dogs. But we have gained new friends who are just as dedicated to helping the dogs as I am.

The atmosphere in Wat Wang Pong is really great now. I see that dogs and humans now accept each other and I feel that there is a bond between them. The dogs are looking healthy in general and one can sense they are content. People no longer seem to walk through the compound, armed with sticks and stones to attack the animals. Monks and temple inhabitants have chosen their favourite dogs and care for them.

In Wat Na Huay peace still remains. The monks and the nuns are wonderful in the way they consistently keep taking care of the dogs. An example is Bully, the oldest temple-dog I know. He was there right from the start. Bully did not get his name for nothing and has caused so much trouble over the years. But the nuns call him their goodluck charm. He accompanies them in the dark and he makes them feel safe. He is one of the calendar dogs. He now lost most of his teeth, but the old warrior still runs the compound.