Special miracle!


For some months now I have been complaining about missing dogs in Wat Wang Pong. It has given me a feeling of being depressed when I visit the temple and it is indeed an eerie atmosphere, where one can sense an emptiness and quietness, when there should be many dogs barking and running around. I have often wondered where they are. I have naturally assumed that at least some of them, of whom not a trace could be found, were poisoned by the evil aids-suffering human being, who is taking revenge on life, but not his own. He has now killed so many dogs and always with the same excuse: they killed one of his chickens! But no action will be taken against him. The reasons for this are too complex and do not matter in this story.

Special was one of the missing dogs. I have known her since she was a puppy and understood her character so well. Always a bit shy, aware of the other dogs because of bullying, so happy to see me and so playful with her friends. Socks (who was poisoned) was her hero, Tot was her playmate and there were others. She did become more of a loner and always retired back to the wall, unfortunately near the evil man and his chickens. I was convinced that he had killed her. I wrote about her and the others like little Kafeh and accepted that they were gone. I remember that I almost killed her once with my car. She was so excited to see me that she ran under the car and i hit her with the frontwheel, injuring her leg. For some time she would not come near me and i felt so guilty. She must have suffered from bad health as a puppy, as her teeth have always remained stained. She was neutered and vaccinated and in reasonable condition for a 2-year old temple-dog.

Two days ago I went to the local Tesco/Lotus shopping mall. I normally always park in the carpark along the main road. Why, i shall never know, did i go to the carpark around the back of the supermarket that day? I never even drove in there before to have a look!  As it was quiet i drove to the back of the carpark where there was a lot of space. I saw a dog who obviously recognized the sound of my car engine as it perked up its ears and stopped to look where it came from. I immediately realized it was Special, still with the red band around her neck from the neutering clinic. And she looked fantastic, unbelievable. I took out the picture of her, which I carry with me, just to make absolutely sure. I have shown it to many people, asking if they knew what had happened to this dog. Nobody even remembered her! But there she was, my friend Special, with her little turned up nose and the white tip on her tail. We were both so thrilled to see each other. Luckily I carried dogfood with me, so I could give her a treat. I do not understand how she got there. It is a long way from the temple, across a busy road and where was she going. Who has been feeding her. Did someone take her in the car and leave her there. A real mystery. A real miracle for me. I even went back that afternoon to see if she had perhaps gone home with a new owner. But she was there, sure enough. So we enjoyed seeing one another again. Just the two of us, without all the other temple-dogs competing. How long has she been there, all on her own. Who is her friend and where does she sleep.

All questions for me to find the answer to. And I look forward to trying. Today I visited her once more and fed her a good meal. I started her on a course of vitamins, although, as I said, she looks well. What a crazy wonderful world this is. It was like a present from Buddha to me. I shall have to go and make merit at the temple. My Special and I have found each other again. I wonder if she would like to go back to the temple. She could have run away in fright and not found her way back. One day I shall take her there for a visit. I am so happy!