What can I say about Aay. She was perfect, healthy, strong, kind to other dogs and to humans. She was always together with her Mum and their best friend Honey. You could find them in the same area at any time of the day. They were content with their temple-life and never bothered a single soul. I remember when Mum had her pups. She was the one who let other puppies drink her milk, after they were dumped at Wat wang Pong without a mother, not even three years ago. But Aay was her very own. Mum, Aay and Honey were all neutered, vaccinated and in good condition.

And now Honey is all by herself. How does she feel? Why?

Aay was killed by a car, right in front of my eyes. The driver never even tried to slow down, let alone avoid her. This happened only three days ago, 1st March 2010. It was like a nightmare. Claudia, my friend, was with me. We carried her to the shade of a big tree and put her down. She looked so lovely, not a scratch on her, just a trickle of blood coming out of her mouth.

And her Mum was poisoned, just after New Year, by a crazy and cruel human. It must have been such agony. She must have wondered WHY.

It is not even a consolation that Aay died instantly and that I had stroked her and fed her porkballs minutes earlier. I can at least say truthfully that she was really happy the moment she died.

Two wonderful dogs are now together again, but they leave behind a lifelong friend, who now sleeps in her sand-bed all by herself, with no mates next to her. I will visit Honey often and talk to her about Aay and her Mum. She will listen.

Khun Ut, who knew them too, said to me that I should not worry, as she was re-born already, while we looked down upon her, her body still warm after she had left her life to join her Mum only seconds ago.

My Aay, one of my temple-friends.