Back to Work

Visitors have left, holidays are over, so the focus is back on the temples. The dogs were NEVER neglected, but the website definitely has been. I still have not written about the poisonings, as I wish to start 2010 with more hopeful stories. But Socks, Cream-Ridge, Sweet Mum and Hope are so often on my mind and when the time is right, their story will be told, so they can be remembered forever.

However, now is the time to tell you about saving Long, Hopey and Red. To talk about old boy Rocky, who is fighting to get fit again. Long (WP) had a nervous disorder and has recovered quite well, although she still walks around like a drunk, but she is eating, growls at other dogs and happily comes up to meet you again.

Hopey is one of the very few remaining puppies at WP and she had the symptoms of distemper. She has also made a remarkable recovery and no longer suffers from eye- and nose-discharge. She is much more alert, her fever has gone and she comes up to meet me again. I still have to watch her, as she could go downhill just like that. A prime example of how important it is to have your dog vaccinated. She could not be caught for her second Tetradoc when needed.

Rocky (WP) is an old rescue-dog from Huahin, who was left at the temple. He had a serious infection under his jaw, seemed to have recovered from that, but then showed signs of weakness, nosebleeds and lack of appetite. He is now on a course of antibiotics and i will watch him daily. The vet suspects blood parasites.

Little Red (NH) is one of the many pups deserted by one of the workmen, who had taken care of two litters since birth. It is tragic to see so many young dogs wandering around fearfully, starved, skinny and weak, because there is not enough food. Red was lucky to be noticed. He stayed with the vet for several days and was declared fit enough to return to the harsh life at the temple. I am very worried.

This was a very short and not too depressing update, I hope. The best thing is that I have not lost any dogs to unnecessary and cruel deaths. At WP two puppies were adopted. Unfortunately before they had their 2nd Tetradoc. At NH one puppy disappeared but we do not know what happened. I would like to think she was also taken. The tragic thing is that there are far too many dogs at Wat Na Huay and the nuns have even requested that a dog like Sharkey is to be dumped in the pineapple fields. I am still dreaming of an adoption scheme.