I looked through my notes in my diary and it was only last June that I wrote: She was neutered and vaccinated. She is so happy again and she loves to play with Ridge. She turned up at the temple not long before that and took a while to trust me. She had a limp, but was otherwise healthy. Hope and I really got to like each other and we always greeted one another with a nudge and a pat.

She became more confident and followed the pack (usually led by Socks, who has also died the same way as Hope) when they went running off after the cows or the curious dogs from outside, who dared to come and have a look. She was no longer picked upon as a newcomer and she had stopped limping by the time she was killed. I thought it could be dangerous for her when she developed the same habit as Apple and started barking at passers-by. But now I realize that people do not poison a dog for barking. It is, after all, in their nature to do so.

No, it is only a deranged man, suffering from aids, who could be so angry that he takes life in such a cruel way. Lashing out at innocent dogs in a cowardly fashion by tricking them with poisoned food, because he knows that one day soon his life will end. May it, indeed, be soon! And may he meet Hope again and may he run in fear from her, from Socks, from Apple, from all the others who never did him any harm, but who had to suffer a painful death, far too soon, at his hands. I shall miss you, Hope, and your friends, every time I go to Wat Wang Pong.