What a small world! That is what Gin must have thought, that day when I turned up at Wat Wang Pong with a new friend, Peter de Jong and his driver Wut. We had been feeding dogs everywhere and no-one was paying attention to one particular dog, who went crazy, wagging her tail and started sniffing Peter all over. He absentmindedly stroked her as he kept on throwing dogbiscuits all round him. Until I said something like "Gin, stop it, leave Peter alone". You should have seen his reaction. He could not believe that it was Gin. By then she had jumped into his car and his driver Wut had also recognized her. So I had to know the story.

Well, Gin came originally from a dogshelter in Huahin. She was a rescue dog, together with her sister Rum. At this shelter the dogs were kept in pens and Gin and Rum were not too happy about being locked up all the time, so the woman who ran the shelter thought it might be a good idea to have a volunteer take them for regular walks. Peter de Jong was the lucky one and he used to take them for weekly walks on the beach. Apparently they were so excited about their regular outing that particularly Gin became totally depressed when she was dropped off at the shelter again after her walk. Therefore the trips to the beach were cancelled, to stop the dogs from becoming withdrawn. I used to help at the shelter and actually remember these two dogs very well. It was a sad day when Rum was adopted by a family, but not Gin. She remained at the shelter until the woman had to leave the country and asked if I could take two of her dogs, Gin and Rocky, and rehome them at Wat Wang Pong. They settled in well and lived on the far side of the compound, by the lake, where they were well cared for by Khun Ut and they were accepted by his other dogs. Until today Gin still lives there, has been adopted by a very young dog, Coffee, as a stepmother and friend and is quite happy with her new life.

But now she has an extra pleasure to look forward to, a visit from her old friend Peter now and then. He has also promised to look for a family who might give her a permanent home of her own, so let us all keep our fingers crossed that this may happen one day. That would be a perfect happy ending to the story of Gin. She is lovely and deserves it. Good luck, Gin!