Lone Survivor, Part 2

3 Weeks ago he came to our house, he was doing so well and we all relaxed and waited for him to grow strong and healthy. He was given a new name, Pompom and was beginning to enjoy life.

His fate was to set him back again in his short life. My own adult female dog bit him in the head. It immediately swelled up and he looked like he was fitting. After several visits to various vets, he had fluid drained from his tiny skull, which was putting pressure on his brain. Only time will tell if he has permanent brain damage. Every time he seems to take a step forward he comes down with another problem, diarrhoea, vomiting, problems with his sight and hearing, circling, no control of his backlegs. We have been through so many. And he NEVER cries, brave thing.

I can only give him whatever makes him happy. He loves to be in close contact and sleep on your arm when tired, walk around in the garden and explore, but he is so delicate and susceptible to any infection that I am constantly concerned to leave him out of sight. He luckily shows a strong personality and gets quite annoyed when being forced to do something, like when being fed his medicine or when being held to get washed. Then he does make a sound, a very fierce little bark and he will try to nip with his tiny teeth.

I assure you that there will be a part 3 to this story and can only hope it will end well.