WHITEY, Goodbye!

Whitey takes me back to day one at Wat Wang Pong. I still remember walking into the temple compound through that side entrance.

He was the very first dog to meet me, barking sweetly and staring at me with his one eye. He was blind in the other eye, probably due to an injury. the story of his life is actually a happy one, even if it was short and even if he died a violent death, being hit by a car. But while he was alive, he was always healthy and happy. He belonged to a place where he had shelter together with a group of friends (Sau is still there and so are Greenspot and various others from the early days) and was cared for by a very kind man who feeds his dogs on a daily basis.

How lucky for a Thai dog, especially left by someone at a temple with the reputation of Wang Pong. When I first started there, the story went round that the unluckiest dogs in the country were the dogs at Wat Wang Pong. They were a bunch of the most miserable-looking, mangy, starving creatures I had ever seen. They were terrified of and feared by humans. But they lived on the market-side of the compound, near the crematorium.

Whitey was lucky and lived on the other side near the cemetery.  Every time I showed up, he would jump up against the car or me (a very annoying habit some dogs keep) and greedily search and beg for biscuits. He was cheeky and loved to have a tiff with the other male dogs. But he was clever enough to recognize his superior in strength. He had his own mind and was sometimes naughty in that he would not listen. It may have caused his death, when he refused to move out of the way, so I am told. I never saw him miserable or suffering, apart from maybe a bitewound here or there. He never went missing and looked so clean and healthy.

I shall remember him for his upbeat spirit, his friendliness and his enthusiasm for life. What a temple-dog he was, an example to all. Goodbye old friend. See you again!