14-Aug-16 Temple :   Wat Wang Pong
How could dogs from a temple like Wat Wang Pong possibly end up in the United States. And yet it happened. Thanks to Emily Bernie from LIFE, Kristen Nicolazzo Lazuka and all their wonderful contacts, friends and helpers, sofar Tiang, Lilly, Vic, Amy and Boo have all been adopted in the USA and Leo and Creamy are waiting to be flown to the States next month. My special and beloved Monky-girl was selected by Emily to fly to California but on the day before she was due to go to the airport it was decided that she was just not up to it. She was too traumatized and I have now decided to keep her for the rest of her life as my very own and very much loved dog. She is safe with Soot Liang Woo in Bangkok until I come back. She will be happy at my home again.
Photo-1 Vic who went with his sisters Boo & Amy. Photo-2 Monky-girl coming back home to me.