Great volunteers, contributions and puppy adoptions.
We have had quite a few of each. Puppies adopted locally, which is fantastic, considering how many have been dumped over the past couple of months. We lost several because of the ignorance of those who dump them, altogether in the same pen, some of them inevitably bringing in disease and it is hard to keep them healthy. But we have managed to save and cure most of them thanks to the dedication of Fran and two delightful new volunteers Sarah and Jamie. They are priceless.
Again I thank Christine, her amazing daughter Ciara and their friends for kind contributions, my friend and volunteer Neil, Mr. Kronk who is friends with Fran and others for further kind contributions and especially Nadine, who made the amazing offer of fostering poor Twinkle Nuan, who is paralysed, while I am away. That is truly good!
Local puppy adoptions are almost a miracle but we have had several. I barely had time to get to know them, but I can only wish them the best of luck in their new homes and wish them well. Anything better than growing up in the temple. We have too many who are left there, like little Chloe and Rebecca, who have just been neutered. They are not happy in the temple and I hate to see these two puppies scared unlike Alphie, who is doing well and has joined a pack in the market area.
Photo-1 Chloe. Photo-2 Rebecca