11-Aug-16 Temple :   Wat Wang Pong
        And more recent Goodbyes at Wat Wang Pong.
I cannot forget some beautiful dogs we looked after for so long and who have now passed away. We still have over one hundred dogs left to look after, so one would never notice that some are no longer there, unless you knew them. And I did.
Beautiful Mehmai. I still see her sitting on her little verandah where she had her puppies. She then came down, always afraid to be touched, but she found her place amongst a group of friendly dogs. We could stroke her in the end and I think she was content. She died of blood parasites. I miss her so much. Goodbye Mehmai.
And then we had Brownears. She raised her four boys, John, Paul, George and Ringo. But first they were abandoned by their own monk and then they were kicked out of the monks enclosure. Only Paul stayed with his Mum. They were careful and avoided other dogs. Now Brownears is gone and Paul is all alone. She also died of blood parasites, like so many. I loved her but could not save her. Paul has since made friends with Keri and Teak who were also kicked out by the monks and for that I am so grateful. I am sure Brownears is watching them from doggie heaven. Goodbye Brownears.
Beautiful Inky died on the road, hit by a car. Poor Fran found her and took her to the vet. She had brain damage and died the next day, thankfully, because she could not have lived in the temple in that condition. She leaves behind Patches, who was her constant companion and her sister who lives on the market-side. And I always have her other sisters, Dinky and Tiny to remind me of her. Tiny looks so much like her. I adopted them both after they fell ill. Goodbye Inky. Rest in peace. I think your life in the temple was a good life. I am sorry it was cut short by a careless driver. You will be remembered by us.
We lost some of the newly dumped puppies as well. I never even had time to get to know them. And there are those who just disappeared. They just move on to find their own better place, I hope. And so it goes on. We can only try to make the rest happy and healthy.
Photo-1 Brownears. Photo-2 Mehmai.