11-Aug-16 Temple :   Wat Na Huay
        The latest news beginning of August 2016 - Wat Na Huay
Saying goodbye can be difficult. We said a few goodbyes in the past few months. Bully finally drew his last breath at Wat Na Huay. A sadness mixed with a feeling of peace. He lived in the temple for so long. He will always be remembered and we are just grateful that he could call this temple his home and was cared for so well by all who knew him. Goodbye Bully.
A different goodbye to Big Mama. Such a lively beautiful healthy dog. She raised her pups so well. Several were adopted, but Mama stayed on as the dog of the Headmonk. Then one day she just vanished. I only want to think of the best. Somebody wanted her! There is no proof of anything bad, so why could she not just have been adopted. Goodbye Big Mama.
Nuan lived outside the temple wall, on the road. She was fed by all and visited everywhere. People cared for her. But, inevitably, one day she was hit by a car and the result was paralysis. Tragic for such a beautiful happy dog. She is now being fostered and next month she will go for further check-ups and will hopefully be fitted with a wheelchair. Then we have to find her a safe place to live. One step at a time.
Neil still helps with the dogs at Wat Na Huay. We treated them against fleas and ticks with Ivermectin, like every month. The dogs, many of them old, are fine and happy. And Siri is back! Our faithful volunteer. So I feel as worry-free as I can while away again for three weeks.
Photo-1 Big Mama. Photo-2 Nuan, alias Twinkle, in her super-car