Dog in Grass


Twinkle-Nuan in her super-car.

Big Mama

Spawn & Neil

Beauty with one of her 3 daughters.

Oreo, sister of Brownie

Tiny Brownie

Peace adopted at her old age,

Monster in Heaven

Happy 2016.

Merry Christmas.

Happy 2016.

Merry Christmas

Dog & Child

White & Smooth

Building site girls.

Living next to a rubbish dump.

Behind the beautiful scenery.

Frankie & Georgie

Now is his name?

One of the Kao Kha Khalok females we helped.

Chicken sleeping peacefully

Chicken at my home.

Chicken at my home.

Louise, the new puppy at Wat Na Huay.

Cool Boy, born in the rain under a bush.

Chicken with severe blood parasites.

Not Again.

Neil and his little daughter Charlotte.

Boy-X in trouble again.

Frankie & Georgie give back to the temple-dogs.

Our baby Sooty was neutered.

Wat Huay Saleng Pan or Wat Woody to us.

The young.

The old.

Asha came to help.

Look at these two lovely girls!

Catch me if you can.

Come & get me then.

The youngest dog in the temple.

Two survivors

Our three-legged girl!

Our latest dumped puppy.

They get fed almost daily.

An impossible group of beautiful, healthy, wild dogs.

So happy to be neutered.

The Beachdogs at Kao Khalok

Brother & Sister now living together.

Beautiful Charlie who left us.

Baby from Kao Khalok beach.


Tac & Toc with their new mum & dad.

Christine & Colin adopting Tac & Toc

Colin giving a bags of dog food.

Healthy & Back Home Again.

So happy they are ok.

Saved from poisoning.

A poisoned puppy, a terrible sight.

He was so friendly.

All gone, my babies, my friends.

A tragedy beyond imagination.

Big Boy so quiet now.

Young girls neutered.

Toc, a sister of Tic and Tac

Tac, a little sister of Tic


Living Free!

A happy family of stray dogs.

This little pup was chosen by Bill.

Charlene visiting.


Tic, Tac & Toc

Little darling!




Paul, Annie, Nicole and Holly

Moonchild is home again.

No room for Creamboy.

Joy in bed.

Pebbles, Pran & Buri

Pebbles moved to Bang Sapan

My darling Pebbles, neutered at last and just in time.


My granddaughter Sophie loved her

Paul, Mel & Nicole, relaxing.

Muddy celebrations.



Boy-X & Mum

Feeding them in order to befriend them.

Trying to help a wild dog!

Georgina has a broken leg.

Georgina from the wild.

Lucky X with his kind carers.

Chicken, finally caught and neutered

Sister -1 after her operation

Pebbles & William & Bibbie.

William & Pebbles

Pran & Buri with their new family

Two little brothers waiting for a home

Kaokalok & Paknampran after neutering.

Paul came to help our Wat Na Huay dogs.

Pebbles was named after her Mum.

Big Black Mama

Blinded puppy


Doglovers everywhere

Mehyai, the Head-nun

Kitchen Dam is no longer at Wat Na Huay.

Spot & Lyn


Boy-monk with Bibbie


We are free for adoption

I am gorgeous


Moon with 2 of her children.

Pete and Claudia

80th Birthday Headmonk

Pete is so important to me.



I am cool

My name is Harley

Also adopted by Karina & Birger

A little puppy adopted!

Who am I?

feeding the dogs is hard work

A true granddaughter of mine

Sophie at work as a volunteer

A walk on the beach for Q

Q happy

Merry Christmas to everybody.

Always present, newly dumped temple-puppies

Q and Sairung

Sairung and Q

A before and after story.

Do you remember Q?

Truly adopted

After the op.

It is all over now.


Our two new dog-friends

Friends forever

Q, only 4 months old, multiple fracture.


An idyllic scene

Silvana came to meet the dogs

What will become of them?

This is how Mandy and Bryan found him

Ahm, another friend with 1 of the 6 on the hill

Dogloving Luukdee

Jan, Max and Pisa visiting Wat Na Huay

A Poster for Adoption.

Wat Na Huay Puppies are also wonderful.

Allie & Guinness forever together

Rosie neutered

Linda, sister of Dindin

Dindin neutered

Checkers neutered

Nothing scares these cats!

Guinness after his operation.

Daisy was neutered.

Tiny little boy

9 Puppies born

Proudly defending their property

Baby 1 & Baby 2

Guinness, a young patient

He brings them out on the pavement

One man and his dogs



Testament of a Dog.

My missing Twiggy, alive and well!

Toffee being introduced to his new friend. They get on splendidly.

Tiny little Toffee. Instead of going to Norway he stayed in Pranburi, with a lovely Thai family and a big friend.

My friend Luukdee with Toffee on the day he was adopted.

Another day with volunteers, Guy, Michael, Luukdee and David

Another lucky little Tongdeng

Lovely Ann and husband Thomas from Denmark. They all came to see our dogs. I cannot thank them enough. They also donated top quality puppy-food to our tiny little babies. I already miss their company.

Kine and thomas got engaged the day they visited Wat Na Huay. Guess what our next two puppies will be called.

Thomas from Norway who came to visit and help. He fell in love with a puppy.

Truly ripped by the temple-dogs.

I lost my bag.....but I found it again.

Linda talking to her Mum

There she is again.

Handsome boy, turned up one day.

A strong character with loyalty. She was found in a ditch as a tiny puppy several years ago.

Iteeya, or Shorty or Soey, what is in a name. I am whatever you want me to be.

A gentle and careful boy puppy.

Close to Mum but ready for adoption.

little boy puppy

little boy puppy

little boy puppy

little girl puppy

And one more sister, Lindsey. She is the most adventurous and was the first one to climb out of the puppy-pen.

Dindin is one of the three sisters, soooo playful and friendly.

Crafty, another brother of Billy and Bruno. They all look so different.

Bruno, the brother of Billy

One of 7 puppies left with the mum. This one is a boy called Billy

Another puppy. Pleaeaeaease?!

A new puppy. Do you want her????

My husband, a temporary volunteer.

Tiny & Boxer were found in the sand, so small and covered with mange, skinny and almost given up for dead. They now live at Wat Woody with the nun and show great improvement. Both vaccinated, dewormed and treated against parasites. 2 Little brothers looking for a home.

I am a little puppy at Wat Na Huay. I shall never be adopted, because I am a girl and I do not look special. Life is so unfair. I do not even have a name.

To go with your loved one to a place where you can sit in an infinity pool, away from the crowds and without danger.

Twiggy, relation of Wiggy, our symbol of the temple-dogs. Now they have both gone.

This cannot be a temple-dog! Surely she is too beautiful. But she really is. She is very shy.

Puck, a gentle girl, who came on her own and stayed on her own.

Bully is our oldest resident temple-dog. He was already there when I first visited so he must be at least 8 years old. He is tough, has bouts of mange and lost most of his teeth. A very special dog, definitely a leader. The nuns protect him because he protects them

Moon came originally from Wat Wang Pong with her pups. They have all gone and she has settled down well, but is still lonely. She also had a phantom pregnancy. It must be that time of year.

Believe it or not, Sprite is the brother of Champoo. He is enormous.

Champoo was found in the hedge as a tiny puppy with a ghastly wound full of maggots. This is her some 7 years later

Little brown puppy.

What will our future bring?

Big puppy, little puppy. Big puppy is so happy with his new friends. Finally someone to bully and to play with. He has been there a little longer and was very lonely and scared.

New puppies, puppies, puppies.

New puppy. 7 new puppies were dumped. Did not happen for a long time at Wat Na Huay

Shoggy, at last wanted by somebody, with her friend Sasa and their new master Mike in Bang Sapan.

Free Neutering by Soi Dog in Pranburi

Woody practising her dancing steps.

Free neutering by Tessaban at Wat Huay Saleng Pan on 14 Sept. 2012 under the trees in the open air.

Neutering by Tessaban at Wat Huay Saleng Pan on 14 Sept. 2012

Peace, a darling, who always hides because she is shy. I once found her hidden in a large tin and also under an upside down boat. She suffers from chronic mange. But she is so loving.

Big, a female from one area and Kitchendam, a male from the other side, love each other. Both are longterm residents and I know them well.

Moon, who has settled down happily after being transferred from Wat Wang Pong to Wat Na Huay. Her surviving babies were adopted and she was neutered.

Lovely Aline, one of the veterinarians in Rio, Brazil, where I have just been on holiday.

Totally recovered and ready to face the world

She recovered so well

Unwanted before surgery

Poor little Unwanted

No Name, that is her name

This cute little puppy is still up for adoption. she is healthy, friendly, lovely, young and unwanted. Maybe somebody will fall in love with her.

Jessica with puppy she may adopt.

Luukdee, our assistant vet

Luukdee as a veterinary assistant

pineapple dog. she is pregnant and only about 7 months old. her mother is pregnant too. i cannot catch them. we tried to blowdart them twice but failed.

pineapple dogs. cannot catch them. new puppies all the time. opposite hospital pranburi.

Khalok, from the beach

Temple Dogs

FIT, we will get you 100% right again, my boy. With those eyes you need a perfect body.

TWIGGY, an old-timer, although she does not look it.

The latest neutering. We call her Our New Girl!

Puck, a little puppy.

Do not touch our nun!

Dirk and Tengkwa, our wonderful new volunteers

Iteeya is special as she was always with Lulu, who was so bullied that she moved away and eventually disappeared. Iteeya has found herself a new safe place in the temple and is a careful but happy little dog.

Twiggy, one of my best friends at Wat Na Huay. She was related to Wiggy our symbol for all temple-dogs. See the likeness on the photographs.

One of the nuns with a pup. It is not that scary, really, to hold a puppy.

Greeting cards.

Phra Sombat at Wat Petchravudh, who is helping to look after the 4 puppies of Wat Wang Pong until they are big enough to go back. Conditions at Wang Pong are much tougher for young dogs, mainly because there are so many.

Cruelty will get you back!

I cannot walk anymore, after I was beaten with a stick.

Cauliflower. No words needed, just thoughts.

huggie who lived a happy life until the end, which was cruel, by poisoning. may her spirit hug us as her name suggests.


puppy adopted from wat na huay

khob and her sister were the last two pups left un-neutered at wnh. they have now been done and khob remains at the temple, while her sister was adopted

dogs belonging to margot doing their daily exercise

luukdee loves chompoo

champoo injured

Honey is a beautiful very friendly dog at Wat Petchravud (where Claudia is in charge)

A puppy from Wat Woody

Our ultimate aim! Two puppies adopted by a happy new owner.

the wat na huay gang

what fun, jabbing the dogs

wat woody

woody the wanderer

one of the 5 pups. he was lucky and is adopted

Thanks to you all. See News.

dog ambulance leaving. See storie

Calendar 2011

cool sharky on his bike

bick 2010

In the market.

so she came back and look how much better she is. ...

one of the happiest days at the temples. she is a ...

Molly recovering in her bathroom. She has since di...

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molly after one week in hospital

this is molly on the day we managed to catch her

Red is one of the many pups who were originally lo..

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see dogs wanting a home

see dogs wanting a home



khun jack with his dogs







Poppy’s sister

Adopted by someone



† Honey & Pong (Pingpong’s Mum & sister)


Rusty, remembered with love

Pete & sister 2


Olé & Mini

Pete & sister 1


entrance to Wat Na Huay