24-Dec-13   Merry Christmas 2013
My Border Collies Salika, 13 years old and Chica, 10 years old, wish you all a very Merry Christmas. They have put up with a lot over the last 9 years since we came to Thailand. The tropical climate instead of the walks in the woods during cold winters in England, France or Holland, the hot walks in the garden or swimming in the pool instead of agility and sheepherding in England, the company of temple-dogs patients recovering in our home, the patient waiting for me to come back from the temples and many more changes in their life. I love my dogs and thank them for accepting whatever came to them. They have had Christmas in many different countries and they have given us that all important feeling of belonging to our own dogs. Temple-dogs only belong to us partly but we are giving them whatever we can. Thank you all for helping us to do just that.
A lot more news to come. In the meantime....Have a great Christmas!
Photo-1 Salika & Chica wishing you and the temple-dogs a great X-mas. Photo-2 Nod Thanking them on behalf of the temple-dogs.

 18-Dec-13   Neuterings to stop those puppies.
It was not that long ago that Spark & Light were tiny puppies when they were dumped with Mummy Laska. Since then Laska was neutered and yesterday Spark & Light were done as well, together with Clemmie, another young Mum who arrived with her puppies. (photo of Clemmie will follow). Fran and I took them to Kasetsart for their second bloodtest, as they all failed their first one. Clemmie was still a borderline case but luckily the vet agreed to neuter her anyway. All three are well and back where they came from in the temple, whether they like it or not. Clemmie in the enclosure, the sisters with Mum near the market. It is a wonderful project, which Kasetsart run. They neuter for free, providing the dog is healthy. So we only pay for the bloodtest. Sadly almost every temple-dog suffers from blood-parasites, so we often end up having to pay for 2 bloodtests, after treating them with Doxy for a week or two. In the end we get a healty, neutered dog, so for them it is worth it. For us it is a hassle. Thank goodness for the kind donations we receive to help cover the cost of sterilising.
My hope is that one day the number of puppies coming to the temples will eventually decrease so we avoid scenes like the one on Photo-2. The worst thing to me is that we cannot avoid losing so many due to illness, accidents or even attacks by the bigger dogs. Very few actually get adopted.
Photo-1 Neutered for life. Photo-2 Scenes we try to get rid of.

 17-Dec-13   Wat Na Huay :   The best news of the month.
Q has gone to his new home! I received a phonecall from someone called Sairung (which means Rainbow in Thai) and she said she had seen his photograph in the Huahin Today newspaper - thanks to Brigitte - and she knew this was to be her dog. Amazing. She came to see him, all the way from Chaam. And Q saw her and it was love at first sight. She was hugging him and he was licking her all over. I told her that he needed just one more operation to remove two pins from his leg. The bones were healing perfectly but his knee-joint had gone very stiff and the muscles very weak. His leg is much shorter than the other ones but the surgeon says that he will be walking on it again, with exercise and physiotherapy. Nothing put off Sairung. She was determined to have him. And with all the confidence of the young she told me that she will teach him to walk again on his bad leg. I admire her so much. Of all the dogs in Thailand she chose our Q, because she loved the look in his eyes. So she came to collect him and it hurt a little to see him go so happily. He had been at my house for weeks. I shall keep in contact with them of course and hope to be able to tell you many more wonderful news items about Q and Sairung.
Photo-1 & Photo-2 Sairung and Q starting a new life together.

 10-Dec-13   Fran was like a rock while I was away again last month.
I was abroad again, for the 3rd time this year. Fran took over all the responsibilities for the dogs at Wat Wang Pong, with the help of Mandy & Brian. It must have been tough, with so many new puppies. So much rain, it never seemed to stop. During the floods two healthy puppies drowned, right outside the house of a monk. We thought they were safe in a deserted room inside the enclosure, but nobody cared to check on them during the night. It has haunted me ever since and I am sure Fran must have had sleepless nights worrying. Then there were the visits to the vet with 2 dogs who had deep slash-wounds on their sides, looking suspiciously like knife-wounds. I know some of the marketstall owners detest the dogs. Fran also took our last un-neutered female, Chillypepper to be done. She lives on the fringes and is now enjoying life, never having to watch out for randy males again. Next it is the turn of the 6 months old pups.
Sadly our dear Mary has fallen ill once more, same symptoms as before, bleeding from the mouth, diagnosed as a dangerous case of blood parasites. She recovered twice before. Will she survive this time. We treat her with meds in the temple, so she can be near her Mum. They absolutely love each other.
With so many new puppies dumped, our dog population had risen to over 100. Lyn and I took a litter of 6 to a remote temple up in the hills where they are accepted and taken care of by a kind monk. Lyn visits them regularly and helps to buy them food. They are thriving in that wonderful natural environment. Another litter of 9 together with the Mum was taken in by the nun at Wat Woody, together with a second litter. The nun receives food, meds and financial help in return. And this was only Wat Wang Pong. More news to come about Wat Na Huay with the same problem.
Photo-1 Our rock with our lunatic dog, Tatters, another example of a tattered dog recovered with love and care. He only stops barking hysterically when you pick him up. Photo-2 Our Mary.

 09-Dec-13   Lady!
One day I shall get the right words to tell the beautiful story about Lady. She has now gone over that rainbowbridge and we are not sad that she has left us. She lived a life to the full and she ended it in comfort, being loved and well looked after in the luxury of a safe home, thanks to Claudia. Claudia took her home and promised to keep her until the end of her days and that is exactly what she did. Even if you do not know Claudia or Lady, you must know how special it is to take in an old stray dog and look after her for the rest of her life.
We first saw Lady in Wat Wang Pong, when she was already old and dumped at the wat. She was very strongminded but kind. She stood her ground when attacked, she always got food, she never bothered anyone, she found her place under the stone benches and accepted her fate. We all loved her and helped to feed her that extra little titbit. She loved us in return and never failed to wag her tail when she saw us.
Then one day she fell ill with a dreadful infection of the womb, called pyometra and after a long time of recovery at my own home, she had to return to the temple. That was cruel and I decided to put out a plea. Miracles do happen, because Claudia, whom I had not seen for a very long time, read my appeal. She rang and said she would take Lady. It was wonderful, she was looked after and finally got her own home and an owner, who even took her out in the car for fun and allowed her to sit on the sofa. Eventually old age caught up with Lady and she was finally put to rest after dying peacefully in the presence of Claudia. A beautiful end to her life and a happy memory for all who knew her. Your spirit will make others happy, Lady.
Photo-1 Claudia and Lady Photo-2 Lady in the beginning

 04-Dec-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Donations, donations, donations!
You may think, here she goes again, begging, begging, begging. But no, this time it was people giving, giving, giving. A fantastic contribution from Ron and Geraldine, friends of Fran.
Another contribution from Khun Eek towards the recovery of Q and any possible further medical expenses.
And our first contribution from Pisa, Max and his Dad, who have promised us a share of their income from their business. Please see their details on our page Dog Friends.
I give the task of thanking all these generous people to our twin-girls Spark and Light, who are ready for neutering.
Photo-1&2 Spark & Light going for their bloodtest before the op.

 01-Dec-13   Wat Na Huay :   Two brothers, Harley and Q go different ways.
Harley and Q lived with their brothers and sisters and their Mum at Wat Na Huay, where they were, of course, .....dumped. It was harsh, dangerous and they could never feel safe. Although their Big Black Mama loved them, she could not take care of them all. One puppy was killed by a car, one brother was injured and has a permanent limp and Harley was always timid and therefore never able to get enough food. He fell ill and also had an eye infection. Q was a very healthy boy, lively and playful. But he was hit by a vehicle and left with a multiple fractured leg, internal injuries and in agony. He needed a very expensive operation and thanks to the generosity of people he had the surgery, after a long period of recuperation to gain strength. He is now recovering from the op, but he will always walk with a limp and can never return to the temple. Would it not be nice if he could also get a new home like his brother Harley, who was adopted by kind volunteers who decided to keep him after giving him his medical treatment. Thank you Silvana and Helmi. You gave the ultimate to a Thai temple-dog, A HOME.
Photo 1-Q after his op. For info pls phone 0813843701 Thail. Photo 2-Harley with his new owners.

 01-Dec-13   Roadie.
Thanks to the dedication of Mandy and Brian, our devoted volunteers, you can see with your own eyes what can be done for an old mangy sick and starving dog, totally neglected by his owners, but treated by true doglovers with patience and common sense. Roadie was really in a terrible state and he is still not there yet, but the change is amazing and he knows it. He shows a great spirit and a strong will to recover. Not far to go, boy. We are all cheering for you.
Photo 1-The new Roadie, Photo 2-The old Roadie

 14-Nov-13   Our Very Special Friend Hilda from Europe
This does need a special mention. Hilda from Holland has once again given us a very generous amount as she has been doing for several years now. I have decided to use it towards neutering again, like before. There are now no more adult females left that we can catch for neutering, but the puppies are growing so fast and it will soon be their turn. A great feeling to know that we will be safe in the near future with your help, Hilda. A very sincere apology for not thanking you earlier, but I simply had not noticed. Is that not awful. Please forgive me. The honour of thanking you goes to the neutered dogs.
Photo-1 One of the lucky ones. Photo-2 Being comforted while coming out of anaesthetic, our Big Black Mama with a friend.

 14-Nov-13   Q had his operation, more visitors and further kind donations.
Little Q had his operation and is back at my home recovering. It was a very delicate operation and the specialist told me that it is by no means certain that his leg will fully recover. He needs complete cage rest and will visit the Kasetsart for quite a few more check-ups. He remains so trusting and happy after all that pain and suffering. I must find him a loving home!
Again the support has been wonderful. Our new dog-friends Silvana and Helmi contributed to this expensive surgery and they also brought some good friends who were equally generous.
Photo-1 Silvana & Helmi who even took the brother of Q home while he is on medication. They named him Harley and he is great. Photo-2 With their friends while visiting.

 14-Nov-13   10 Dogs Neutered by the Pranburi Tessaban!
A great day for the dogs. All 10 dogs who were neutered by the tessaban are well and have now started the best part of their life...NO MORE PUPPIES FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. We took Keri, Carla and Laska from Wat Wang Pong, Moon, Big Black Mama and Bella from Wat Na Huay and three more lucky girls from Wat Woody. The tessaban vets did a wonderful job again and thanks to Khun Khemika from the tessaban office we got a reasonable price per dog. It was noted that the conditions were basic and maybe not as sterile as in a hospital but these vets have a lot of experience and they knew what to do to keep our dogs alive. We have checked on them regularly and they are all doing fine.
All this of course, would not have been possible without the help of people who contributed. On behalf of the 10 neutered dogs I would like to thank the following people, Mandy and Brian, the Headmonk at Wat Na Huay, the Headnun at Wat Na Huay, Khun Moi and Lyn.
Photo-1 two friends coming out of anaesthesia. Photo-2 Two of the vets doing their job.

 09-Nov-13   Wat Na Huay :   Q was in a hit and run accident.
Little Q, one of 6 puppies, left with their adorable, caring, healthy, loud mum called Big Black Mama., at the back entrance to Wat Na Huay. She looked after her children so well. They are all friendly and playful. Their health was excellent but life in the temple is tough and slowly they began to show signs of this. I put them on Doxy and vitamins. But I could do nothing about a hit and run, which left Q with a badly broken leg and internal bruising. He has been in agony. The whole hospital heard him scream when they examined him and took the x-ray. He came back to my house to grow strong for the operation. Now he is ready and it will happen on Wednesday, 13 November. The cost will be 6000 Baht. The alternative is to have the leg amputated. I cannot live with that. He is such a wonderful puppy and I want to give him a chance. But if you can spare any money to help towards the op, please contact me. Adoption would be fantastic as he will always have trouble living in the temple from now on. As you can see, he is a great little boy.

 03-Nov-13   Children & Dogs, Dogs & Children
In an ideal world they would just grow up together and learn to accept each other naturally. But sadly too many children are taught that dogs are dangerous and to be feared, just because the adults are afraid of them. We all know that dogs sense fear and in turn become aggressive to show their dominance. The result is they get beaten with sticks, have stones thrown at them, get kicked or abused in other ways. The children grow up and as adults they become worse as they can now show their dominance and animal cruelty has started again.
Only a doglover understands that the easiest way to teach children how to befriend a dog is to be kind to them, to speak to them in a friendly voice, to be patient while they get to know you and to accept a dog as he is and not force him to be friendly if he is not ready. Look at these two pictures of children, who love dogs naturally, have no fear of them and get their total trust in return. Please help to teach all children that dogs can be friends!

 01-Nov-13   Wat Na Huay :   A visit from a new volunteer, a donation and new babies dumped.
Silvana from Switzerland came to visit the dogs in both temples and she clearly enjoyed helping to feed them, medicate the puppies and to more importantly give them some cuddles. She has promised to come back as a volunteer and we are so grateful for that.
I bumped into Khun Moy, the kind Thai lady who brought in Dengmai (she has been adopted since) to save her from death on the roads by constantly being chased away from homes.She has donated regularly, but I had not seen her for a while. We had a long chat and she kindly donated money towards the dogs with the promise of more to come.
Yes, it happened again, two of the smallest puppies ever were dumped at Wat Na Huay, so vulnerable, so delicate, so bewildered and still so amazingly brave and trusting. The honour of thanking Silvana for coming and Khun Moi for her contribution goes to these 2 tiny tots.
Photo 1-The new puppies, Photo2-Silvana meeting temple-dogs

 01-Nov-13   Puppies on the hill.
All 6 are fat and look well, although they have fleas. Lyn has been up regularly and she joined me again last time. The monk is going away for 10 days from 15 Nov. and I was wondering if there are any volunteers who could go and check on them once or twice. Beautiful scenery up there, a bit of a bumpy road, but a trip worth making. The monk is concerned about the puppies being mistreated if they start wandering around searching for food. Further down the hill live non-doglovers who reportedly hit dogs with sticks, chase them away with their catapult and stones and worse still, have poisoned dogs. The puppies live in completely natural surroundings and are safe, providing they do not come down the hill. Please ring me for more information at 0813843701, if you can help.
Photo 1-two of the puppies growing up, Photo 2-the monk with his own dog Tauhoo

 31-Oct-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Goodbye Greenspot
I do not want to write sad words about Greenspot. She deserves only good and gentle words, just like she was in life, good and gentle and quiet, but happy, I am sure, for most of her life. I have known her from day one, when I first set foot in Wat Wang Pong. She lived with Khun Ut at the coffeeshop-end, as we call it. He looked after a pack of dogs, of which only a few are still alive. Greenspot was one of the old-timers. She had to put up with many changes as people came and went so many times. She just loved her own place, a good treat and for someone to stroke her. I am glad I could give her that through her life. In the end she was relocated to Burmah-land where she seemed safe and happy during her final months. No dogs attacked her, she had food and shelter. Why then, I ask myself, did we not notice in time that she fell ill. She only stopped eating for two days. We all fed her, the Thai lady, Fran, the monk, Mandy and I. Fran alerted me first and two days later Fran took her to Kasetsart where they established that she was a very sick dog. Fran kindly took her home and made her as comfortable as possible. She fell asleep. She never woke up. It was almost as if she thought she could stop fighting for life now that someone else would do it for her. Maybe she was just tired because of her old age. Maybe she did not want to go back to the temple again. But she deserved such a peaceful end in safe surroundings being cared for by someone who loved her. I want all our dogs to die that way, when their time comes. Greenspot is the blond girl in the back on the picture. She was beautiful as a younger dog. Some of her old friends who outlive her are Kiew on Photo-1 with the bandage and Soey on Photo-2

 16-Oct-13   Wat Na Huay :   A visit from Dr. Phong of Kasetsart and other news.
Despite his incredibly busy schedule, being the head surgeon and specialist on broken bones, Dr. Phong still found time to come and see Billy who has been limping around with a dangling leg for some weeks now and his brother Crafty has exactly the same condition. I am trying to find out how this happened and am told it is not from dogfights or being hit by a car or motorbike, but simply being hurt by a stone, fired by a monk with a catapult (Thai style I am afraid), when they chased his chickens. This is a serious problem in Thailand and you will not hear anybody blaming the person who injures or even poisons a chicken-chasing dog in this rural area. I have had discussions about it with the police and the headmonks. The result is that we are advised to use education about cruelty to animals. A huge problem and a delicate subject for a foreigner to raise. We have achieved some better understanding with some individuals through the monks. I just hope that Billy and Crafty will be able to use their badly injured legs again. Dr. Phong put them on medication and we hope the bones will heal naturally.
At Wat Na Huay we still have 3 healthy vaccinated puppies from Moon, their mother and 6 healthy puppies from Big Black Mama, plus 2 very shy pups from a new mother dumped, which makes a total of 11 unwanted beautiful puppies.
We made our monthly rounds with Ivermectin to treat parasites like fleas and ticks etc. Claudia helped at Wat Na Huay and Fran, Mandy and Bryan were there for the dogs at Wat Wang Pong. All went well. We had a few injuries but nothing we could not treat ourselves. Only Blackie had a slash on her side and had to be stitched up. Some bad fights between Killer and Micky (and to think they ganged up on Fred before he was moved to Burmahland) and in the enclosure we saw Cissy and Burmah having a go at each other. Fred and Porgy, with the help of Dylan, are also regular fighters. But this must be accepted in a dog-world, I suppose.
Some new dogs on the horizon, still making friends and sadly one or two dogs have disappeared. May they have found themselves a better place.
Photo-1 Bryan and Mandy Photo-2 A puppy-poster put up by our new Dog Friends, Pisa, Max and Jan. Please check out their websites under the heading Dog Friends

 16-Oct-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Not all puppy news is bad.
Last week we re-homed 8 puppies from Wat Wang Pong. The brother and sister of Shirley, for whom I put an appeal out on 25th September, were both taken by a lady-worker from the temple. I personally know her and can vouch for her dedication to the temple-dogs. It was a lucky break, especially for the brother, who had been taken by a policeman a few days earlier and was dumped back in the temple 2 days later. The monk was very annoyed by it as nobody informed him. The reason why is also mind-boggling. The policeman told me that the puppy did not play with his dog! What experience has he got with dogs to expect a new puppy in the house to immediately perform as he wishes without training. Especially a temple-puppy, who was probably never in a home before.
The 6 other puppies were adopted by a monk, who lives all by himself on top of a hill, in a small temple and is kind to dogs. I only saw 3 adult dogs in his temple and the puppies are thriving after 2 days. We will assist with food and medication regularly. I thank Lyn again and my friends Luukdee and Aam, who helped to give them a bath and transfer them to their new home. It is so important to reduce the numbers at Wat Wang Pong, where we now have close to 100 adult dogs. Lyn and a Thai manfriend accompanied me to ask for the approval of the monk. Lyn also donated 2000 Baht towards the puppies, part of which was spent on food and new collars. May they live a happy life. The environment is beautiful. On one side you look in the direction of Burmah in the distance, on the other side lies the Thai coastline. Thanking all these kind people who were involved in their move, is one of the puppies on Photo-1 and we all thank the Lonely Monk who took them in on Photo-2.

 15-Oct-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Crystal
Sometimes a sad loss affects me more deeply. Crystal was a single little puppy dumped with a litter of 6 healthy pups, but she was alone and sick. She was so skinny and tired that I took her home. I tried and so did she, but she could not fight anymore after she was given the wrong dose of medicine by somebody in error. The vet said she would survive if she was strong enough. She did not stand a chance. On that day I kept her with me the whole time and I gave her all the love I could. In the evening she just fell asleep while lying next to me on her blanket on a cushion in the big chair. She did not wake up again. My mini-Mary, I am sorry. Photo-1 Crystal, Photo-2 She lost her fight.

 25-Sep-13   Adoptions adoptions adoptions wanted
Another reminder of our search for new homes for our friends, the temple-dogs. Do these puppies not appeal to anybody?
photo-1 Nobody. photo-2 Nobody and her sister Who-am-I

 25-Sep-13   Lovely to see visitors, a rare treat for those unseen ones.
Pisa, Max and Jan saw them all, the 7 mangy new puppies, who are doing so well. One of them disappeared again though. I fear the worst, after three days and with the constant rain, he does not stand a chance of survival on his own without food and shelter. I always tell myself that someone took him home. The alternative is too horrible to imagine.
And they saw Fred with the hugely swollen testicles after being attacked again. Fran and I moved him to Burmah-land, away from his tormentors, only to have to face two new ones. I did ask the monks to leave Porgy outside the enclosure until Fred is better, but they do not listen or help in these matters and I fear that Fred is just as frightened now. I hate it that I cannot find a safe place for him.
They saw Blackie who was treated for a deep slash in her side,most likely by a machete. Fran took her to the vet and she had to have stitches under anaesthesia. Some people really hate dogs.
Then they saw the mother with her 6 mangy pups, just dumped outside the back entrance of Wat Na Huay, without a place to hide. Sofar they are surviving, but one of the pups was already killed by a car. These careless, selfish people do not even try to find a safe place when they cruelly dump their unwanted dogs in any old temple. It would take 5 minutes to talk to the monks or the nuns and come to some sort of agreement where to put these dogs. But they cowardly leave them, in the night, when nobody is around and run. Sometimes the dogs have to struggle out of the sack they were dumped in, in an unknown, hostile environment, bewildered, frightened and often hungry. And our temples are so full, because the word has gone round that they get looked after in our temples. We can only look after so many. The more dogs, the less the individual attention for each dog. We need a plan to relocate a number of them, but I do not know of a single place. Please help if you know of shelters that take more dogs in. So you understand how important it is to have visitors like Jan, who took a puppy home and Pisa and Max who love dogs and promised to put up posters for us and think of plans to raise money.
photo-1 Jan with Shirley Temple. photo-2 Pisa, Max and Jan at Wat Na Huay, giving the dogs some extra care.

 25-Sep-13   A visit full of promise and an adoption as a bonus.
Three wonderful visitors, Pisa, Max and Jan, came last Sunday to see the dogs at both temples. I gave them the full tour and tried to tell them as much as possible about each dog. They must have seen over 100 dogs and I admire their stamina and patience. I also thank them for their interest. The result is that they are looking into ways of assisting us with fundraising and adoptions. They started off by adopting a puppy from Wat Wang Pong. It was a tough decision which one to take, one from Wat Na Huay or the little black girl from Wang Pong. It was to be the black one and she is now Shirley (Temple) and lives with her new family and Figo, her new best friend.
photo-1 Shirley by her new swimming pool. photo-2 The un-chosen one, left behind.

 20-Sep-13   Puppy news and a volunteer visit.
A misunderstanding about a date meant an extra visit from Claudia. She helped to vaccinate the 3 remaining puppies of Moon at Wat Na Huay and to deworm the 6 who were dumped at the back entrance with their mum. Then we went to Wang Pong where we spent time with the 7 tiny new puppies. Against all odds, they are still alive and well thanks to everybody, workers, monks, and all of us. The smallest one disappeared for 2 nights but was found by the monk in the long grass in the corner of the enclosure. What a lovely surprise. He has now taken her into his house until she gets stronger. Amazing how a tiny little puppy, who should still be drinking from the mother, can survive for 2 days without food, water, or care. She must have been terrified.
photo-1 just a puppy, photo-2 and another one.

 20-Sep-13   Donations and a very important neutering
A very important neutering while I was away. Fran managed to catch Mink, who was in season and took her to the local vet, who did the job. It was just in time. She is now very angry with Fran and will not go near her, but that will not last. Well done, Fran and thanks!
Two donations! Elle from Huahin gave us a very generous donation and Sally from Dubai gave us yet another one. I cannot tell you what this means to us, neuterings, medicine, visits to the vet. It just helps so much. The job of thanking you both on behalf of the dogs goes to Allie, who knows what it was like to be a temple-dog and to Mehmai, who still is a temple-dog.
photo-1 Allie, photo-2 Mehmai

 16-Sep-13   Wat Wang Pong :   News from Wat Wang Pong.
The new enclosure is now ready. We call it Burmahland as that is where Burmah lives. Several dogs have been transferred already and they have settled well. But the worrying thing is that 7 tiny puppies have also been put there by the workers. They are in a sad state, no mother, skin problems, weak and frightened and I can only hope they do not carry one of the dreaded diseases like parvo or distemper. We are all trying to make them better. In total we now have 25 new puppies in both temples. That time of year!
Fran and Mandy, together with husband Bryan, are now the regular Wang Pong volunteers, so I can concentrate more on the Wat Na Huay dogs until they are ok again. We have three mothers with puppies there. In Wang Pong the market-pups are thriving. Let us hope for some more adoptions. It will soon be time for the monthly anti-parasite treatment, in fact we are late this month and some new dogs still need to be neutered. We have had some injuries and put more dogs on doxy, but on the whole they are well and happy. The poisonings at Wat Na Huay seem to have stopped. It was tragic to hear that Girl-on-steps was also poisoned. She never did anyone any harm and spent most of her life sitting on those steps.
I, like before, did not need to worry about the dogs, while I was away on yet another trip. My thanks to Fran, Mandy and Bryan once again.
photo-1 Fran with Tatters who escaped from the new enclosure. photo-2 Burmah, the queen of Burmah-land.

 16-Sep-13   Wat Na Huay :   A dream come true!
Remember my urgent appeal of 9th August. Guinness was attacked AGAIN, I asked Brigitte to help with pictures and posters AGAIN and when she came with a photographer friend and saw poor Guinness, she just adopted our temple-dog AGAIN. Just like she took Allie. She is really wonderful. She also has another rescue-dog called Sumo and all three have accepted each other, with Guinness absolutely adoring Allie. I think Brigitte is an angel to dogs. But she did ask me to NEVER AGAIN let her adopt a dog.
photo 1 Allie&Guinness, an item photo 2 Sumo loves Brigitte, Brigitte loves Sumo

 30-Aug-13   Good and Bad
After the tragic loss of Dennis I really needed a boost for the heart. I got it. A few weeks ago I reported that Bear had gone missing while I was away. I remember the monks asking me where Bear was. I asked how I should know as I was away. Yesterday, when I least expected it, I saw him coming out of a house behind the temple while feeding Smile and Maple. I could not believe my eyes, but it was him. We recognized each other. I wonder why he went there. See gallery for picture of handsome Bear at Wang Pong.
But it was sad to be told that Honey, after all these years had died of old age. I believe she fell ill and did not get better. She was already there when I first visited Wat Wang Pong. May her lovely calm spirit return in an even better dog.
And bad news in Wat Na Huay when the Headmonk told me that a second poisoning by somebody from outside the temple had taken place. This time it was Salt&Pepper. He was a gorgeous, healthy, very happy boy, far too young to leave this world. What did he do to deserve this. You were a special boy and I still feel you jumping up at me, greedy for food and a bit of loving. I always gave it to you.
As there were absolutely no reactions whatsoever to my appeal for adoption of Guinness, I had to put him back in the temple. He manages, I suppose, but he still gets bullied. He still limps but I have also seen him playing around with the three new puppies that were dumped there, so maybe he can be happy and get stronger all the time.
Photo-1 Salt&Pepper Photo-2 Guinness back at the temple

 30-Aug-13   Vaccinations and other things.
Spark and Light, two white sisters in the market had their first vaccination, were dewormed and treated against parasites. Mama Laska is ready for neutering soon. 3 Puppies at Wat Woody also had their first vaccination.
I found a tiny black and white puppy on the side of the road, standing next to an enormous rubbish-bin which she could not get into because it was so high. This was such a pathetic sight that I stopped. I do not normally stop for every puppy I see on the side of the road, I promise. I put her in a safe place and fed her and told her to go back to her brothers and sisters or her mummy. The next day she was in the same place. So no family. I took her in the car and did what I never do, brought her into the temple. One more dog! I asked the monks if she could stay for three days until I could take her to Wat Woody. When I wanted to take her, the monk said no, because he was keeping her. She now wears a lovely orange collar and barks at everything that moves from the verandah of his hut.
The fencing was taken down, so the enclosure is gone. A new enclosure has now been put up next-door in Burmah-land. We are in the process of moving the dogs to their new territory. I like to do it slowly so we can see which dogs do not fit in. Those will have to stay outside like Amber and his gang.
A few injuries, Flo had a deep angry wound on her backside, recovered after a course of antibiotics. Spotty-dad bleeding from his penis again, back on antibiotics and visit to the vet. Leberwurst burst abscess on his leg, poor old boy again on antibiotics and so on.
Photo-1 Linda, Photo-2 Rosie

 30-Aug-13   7 More Neuterings.
We had 7 more dogs neutered in August thanks to the special neutering project at Kasetsart Hospital. They have helped us tremendously and saved us a fortune. The 7 were Linda, her sister Dindin, Rosie, her sister Daisy and Checkers at Wat Na Huay, Millie and Mouse at Wat Wang Pong. They must have a bloodtest before they are approved by Kasetsart. All were ok. Checkers was actually done by the vet in Pranburi, as she was an emergency case, having mated with old Bully, the rascal, so she had to be neutered the same day. No time for bloodtests. They are all well, so this was a great relief. All costs at Wat Na Huay were paid for by the Headmonk. May he stay forever. A regular Thai lady volunteer donated towards Millie for which we are very grateful of course.
Still to be neutered are Keri, who has to go for a second bloodtest as her platelets were too low, Moon, Laska and Lovely when their puppies are old enough, Mink and a few fringe-dogs if we can catch them.
Photo-1 Checkers, Photo-2 Millie

 26-Aug-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Today I feel so angry.
Yes, I feel so angry, so upset, so sad and I cannot deal with it. A monk told me that Dennis was killed by a car, again right in front of the monks premises, while he was fast asleep in the place where he was at home for such a long time, where he felt safe and trusted the people around him. How can one idiot drive over a sleeping dog in the middle of the day in bright sunshine, especially when he is as big as Dennis. This must be deliberate, one more dog-hater who thinks there are too many. But inside the temple walls! Can you believe it. Dennis was loved by all who knew him. I only stroked his lovely head two days ago, looked into his trusting eyes as if I knew it was a goodbye. But I did not! And I would give anything to have him back. He belonged to us and he was taken away by an evil person without a conscience. And a monk told me that Thai people do not approve of drivers who hit and kill dogs! Why did they not stop him. It is not even a road, just an open area in front of the little huts where dogs sleep, people walk and where we park when visiting the dogs. Oh Dennis, what were you dreaming of when you left us so unexpectedly. What great memories you have given us. Thank you. Our friend Brigitte called you George Clooney because you were so handsome. We will miss you so very much.

 09-Aug-13   Wat Na Huay :   URGENT APPEAL FOR A HOME

 09-Aug-13   Treating over 100 dogs in 3 temples against parasites.
Yes, it was that time again. Fran, Mandy, Bryan and I treated the dogs at Wat Wang Pong (only a few left undone). It was a big job as usual, but with the four of us, it was quick and easy and fun.
With Claudia we treated the worst cases at Wat Woody and Claudia donated a huge amount of food and money to the nun for taking in two of her rescue dogs.
Siri helped me to treat all the dogs at Wat Na Huay as before and there were no problems there either, just more dogs.
Thank you to all volunteers for your help and devotion. I will not forget to ask you again next month!
photo-1 spotted at wat woody, a rare species. photo-2 more dogs at wat na huay

 09-Aug-13   Neuterings and another farewell.
Millie from Wat Wang Pong, Rosie, Daisy and Checkers from Wat Na Huay were all four successfully neutered and I have to admit, some only just in time. The Headmonk himself gave us a substantial donation to help pay for the neuterings and we are very grateful for that. Only three more urgent cases left and then we can have a rest for a while.
Our little Lisa who was due to be neutered as well has suddenly and unexpectedly been found dead, lying next to the water tower. Nobody knows how she died and maybe it is better that way. She was very special to me. I wrote a little story about her. It should have been a book.
photo-1 Daisy after her op. photo-2 Lovely Little Lisa

 29-Jul-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Neuterings, donations and other news.
One of the Wang Pong dogs now living at Wat Woody, Ridge from the enclosure and 5xMum at the coffee-shop end have been neutered. All went well but two of them must be put on doxy and bloodboosters as soon as the wounds have healed, because they are anaemic. This happens often. So many dogs suffer from blood-parasites.
We have had several donations, thankfully, towards the operation for Guinness and his broken leg. He had his op yesterday and is now recovering at my home still, before going back to Wat Na Huay. I so fear for his future. We thank the Head-nun at Wat Na Huay, Lyn who adopted Molly and her friend Khun Eek for their kindness and generosity. I also bought some puppy milk for the 9 new puppies at Wat Na Huay and more medicines. Another gift was a large bag of food from Angy. Thank you for your kindness.
The honour of thanking you all goes to Tiny, our new puppy on photo-1 and to Baby-1 and Baby-2 from Wat Na Huay on photo-2

 29-Jul-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Missing dogs and another loss.
The worst thing to me is when a dog goes missing. To know that a dog has died is awful but you can grieve for him and it is definite. But I cannot stop thinking about a dog when he has gone missing. Where is Bear, where is Scruffy, where is Beauty? I miss them, Fran misses them, the market lady and no doubt others miss them too. We never knew this about each other but now that they are gone, I realize how many people care for these dogs. We all ask each other where they are, who has seen them, but there are no reports of them having been seen, alive or dead. How can three big dogs disappear into thin air after years of living happily at the temple. I can cling to hope and think of the stories about Special and Twiggy. They both disappeared for months. Special was found living in the carpark of Tesco-Lotus and Twiggy had just crossed the road to a house opposite the temple where she has been looked after by the Thai lady tenant ever since. I wait and hope.
Then we lost yet another lovely little dog because of a careless driver. This happened inside the monks quarters where people park. The dogs love to sleep under the cars where they feel safe and protected against the sun. It only takes a second to look underneath your car to see if there is a dog lying there. They always get out when a car starts moving. Is it really so difficult to wait until they are safe. Apparently it is. This is how little Panda died. Everybody loved her, she was still a puppy, not yet neutered and workers, monks and regular visitors like ourselves loved that dog because she loved us. Why why why?
photo 1-missing Bear, photo 2-a puppy like Panda

 25-Jul-13   Wat Na Huay :   First visit to Wat Na Huay after I came back from holiday!
Listen to this! Luckily Claudia accompanied me, as I could not have handled this alone and might have gone straight back to Brazil after that visit. Fist stop Twiggy. She was ok, but her very old friend and companion was in a dreadful state. He was actually dying, lying under a sheet of plastic, in his own filth mixed with rainwater, which he tried to drink, covered in sores and open wounds full of maggots, fleas, ticks, the lot. When we were asked to look at him, we thought he was already dead, the smell was awful. He could no longer move, let alone get up. We took him to the local vet, who would not put him to sleep, but gave him medicine for three days to see if he might show signs of recovery. We cleaned him up, took him to my home and made him comfortable. I gave him water and soft food by syringe. He lived for two more days. Just before he died, I had cleaned his wound, wiped him down, fed him and made him comfortable so he could go to sleep. A little while later he fell asleep....forever. I was so happy for him. Goodbye Granddad.
After having dealt with Granddad, we did go into the temple at last and as soon as they saw us, a monk came running up and asked me to come and see this poor little boy-dog, who had been hit by a car. He was sooooo sad, he could not move, but dragged himself around a bit, he was filthy and in pain, his backleg and his backside severely swollen. This time I took him to Kasetsart Hospital where they deal with broken bones in an expert way. I was afraid he might be paralysed and ready to ask the vet to let him go. But apart from being diagnosed with a broken leg, a broken pelvis, an infected wound full of maggots and severe blood parasites, he would recover, the vet said. So patient no.2 came to my house that day. I am glad to report that Guinness is now recovering well and gathering strength before surgery to mend his broken leg. He will sadly have to go back to the temple, but I am hoping that the Headmonk will now take extra care of him after this ordeal. Guinness is only 6 months old and all on his own. He was found inside the temple grounds as a young puppy. If you look into his eyes, would you not want to adopt him?
The last news item at Wat Na Huay is embarrassing for me. The Headnun came up to me and said, almost happily, that I was wrong because not all females had been neutered as I always claimed. I said of course they were. She said that I was definitely mistaken as Moon had just given birth to 9 healthy puppies a few days earlier. I could not believe it, checked all my records and can indeed not find any of Moon having been neutered. This has not happened in 9 years in neither of the temples. So funny. Now we have 9 new puppies born in the temple. It was my golden rule never to let that happen again. So there you are, we all make mistakes. Great home-coming to Wat Na Huay.
photo-1 Guinness photo-2 Naughty Moon

 15-Jul-13   Wat Wang Pong :   The sad loss of our dear Silver.
Silver was with us for a long time. She was a beautiful silver-grey temple-dog, who grew up with us in her quiet, wise but happy manner. She always watched her step, knew when to back off and carefully chose her friends. Too often we would watch her standing at the back of the pack, ready to avoid trouble. She has had a few health problems but we cured her each time. I found her lying near the crematorium, just as if she was asleep. She had no visible injuries, but had been bleeding from the mouth. We think she was hit by a car or motorbike. People were not kind to her, but in this case I can proudly say that she had us to give her love and affection. She was always happy to see us and we will miss her beautiful presence. Bye my darling. Thank you for being our friend.
Photo 1, Silver being beautiful. Photo 2 Silver when she made friends with Chedi-mum

 15-Jul-13   Wat Wang Pong :   All dogs are happy.
I have now seen just about every dog inside the compound walls of Wat Wang Pong. I have met Mandy and Bryan who have become regular volunteers. We are so lucky! I managed to see most of the dogs outside the walls. We had a near-adoption of Harry, but at three months he is already too big. People want puppies! And we have spotted two tiny new girl-puppies with their Mum in the market. Mum is black and the girls are snow-white.

 13-Jul-13   Hi, I am back.
All the reports about Wat Wang Pong, Wat Na Huay and Wat Huay Saleng Pan, where many of our puppies stay, have been great. Thanks to Fran, Mandy, Claudia, Mehchee and no doubt others. Wonderful to know one is not needed. While on holiday, the only remarkable thing about dogs that I noted, was this man who would bring his group of dogs outside his compound onto the pavement of a very busy road (and Brazilian drivers are lunatics) where they would play and frolic around as if they were in a field and they never set foot onto the road. He claims he looks after 56 dogs and has obviously trained them well.