07-Jun-13   Wat Na Huay :   The latest at Wat Na Huay before I go.
With the help of Claudia and Fran we treated 40 dogs against parasites. What a rowdy bunch. The atmosphere at Na Huay is so different from Wang Pong. I distributed 20kg bags of food amongst the temples to give them a top-up for while I am away. Today and yesterday I said goodbye to all of them and I can only hope to see them back when I return. It is so sad that Mama Noi has disappeared soon after her neutering. I asked around, but nobody knows anything of course. She is a healthy young dog so I trust that she may have found her own way. But she loved her children and they always ran around playing wildly. So tragic, these disappearances without a trace.
We had a new addition to the pack, quite the opposite from Mama-Noi. A beagle look-a-like, a very old boy, injured, very afraid and incontinent. We call him Bagle. It is unbelievable how people can dump such sad old sick dogs in such a hostile evironment. It brings back memories of George at Wang Pong, who was a similar case. When I am back, I shall take Bagle to the vet. If he can wait that long. And I must take Twiggy, who went missing for so long and then turned up again. She is ok but it is worrying that she is fitting more than ever now.
Photo-1 Old Bagle. Photo-2 Mama Noi who has gone missing. I miss her so.

 07-Jun-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Bits and Pieces of News before I go on holiday.
The 5 puppies under the house were taken away by a worker and relocated to Wat Woody. But the mother was left behind. Cruel and unkind. It serves them right that she now howls all night for her puppies and keeps everyone awake at Wat Wang Pong. The nun at Wat Woody looks after them, they were dewormed and had their first vaccination. Sadly, we cannot catch the mother to let her join her pups. I decided that it would be safer to take the little ones by the wall, Louisa and Foxie, to Wat Woody as well. Less traffic there. We, of course, gave the nun an incentive.
I took Topaz, the shy little sister of Ruby for neutering with the help of the kind foodstall-lady from the corner, who caught her for me.
Lisa, Harry, Hong, Louisa and Foxie had their booster shots.
Rug is ill, with some bacterial infection. Fran is very concerned as she declared him her hero, when he chased away the man who flashed for her. Clever Rug. I am glad to say he is already on the mend. A new clinic with a lady-vet has opened up in Pranburi and we let her treat Rug. Sofar so good. Fran will be taking care of all our Wat Wang Pong dogs and a few more, while I am away on holiday. Do not know how to thank her. But at least I know that she loves them all. I said goodbye to all of them yesterday.
Photo-1 Ruby and her friend on the corner. Photo-2 Feeding my friends

 24-May-13   General News Updates
I took Pat-a-cake from Wat Woody and Ruby with the lame backleg, who lives outside the Wat Wang Pong wall, for neutering. They are both ok.
I took Lisa, Harry, Louisa and Foxie for their first vaccination.
Two new dogs in the enclosure. One is absolutely fine, young and healthy, with a beautiful ridgeback, hence the name Ridge. The other one is a poodle-look-alike but looks a mess, hence the name Tatters. He has bite-wounds, and suffers from mange, but we are getting him better, you will see. A new young male was brought in by an ex-monk, who found him in a market, took pity on him because his eyes had gone blind, he said. I immediately put him on doxy, as I have seen several cases of blood-parasites before, when the eyes turned opaque. After just over a week of doxy his eyes were completely clear again and he now happily wanders around, seeing things like before. The monk even thanked me for making him see again. He must think I have special powers. What a wonderful drug, Doxycycline. May he indeed live a happy life, our new boy Micky.
We have met the 5 new puppies with the mum, who live under the little house by the lake. Two of them seemed a bit weak but they are all doing ok. They will soon be dewormed and vaccinated. They have already been treated against parasites and are given daily vitamins.
Visited Wat Woody with Dennis and David to see their puppy Tongdeng again. She is thriving and they gave the nun more food and money to thank her for the good care. See previous news updates about Tongdeng.
Two dogloving ladies from Capetown who are here on holiday, read about the temple-dogs, contacted me and took me to a place on the road to Pranburi Forest, where they had seen a pack of wild dogs who live in the swamps. One had bad mange and a male has a severe case of papillomas around the mouth. I shall check on them once a week and give medicine, but I don't think that will be enough. Sadly I can do no more. It is too far away and I have no volunteer who would help in such cases. We are too busy in the temples.
Another example of such cases is one of my original pineapple dogs. She was blowdarted and neutered years ago, together with her mum. Mum disappeared but daughter still lives on the side of the road not far from my home. She must have had an accident as her backleg is now completely lame and it looks like a bad break. She still cannot be caught. So I take her food every day at 5pm until she looks more used to her condition. Maybe one day I can blowdart her again. But it may be too late for an operation.
Photo-1 Foxie & Harry trying to get to the holy water. Photo-2 The kind Thai lady who assists us looking after these two tiny newly dumped little girls.

 23-May-13   Wat Wang Pong :   A Record Day
Today Claudia, our friend and volunteer, Fran and I treated 76 dogs with Dectomax against parasites in 3 1/2 hours. Claudia injected the majority in her quick and efficient way. Fran did the ones who would not be held, putting medicine in the food and I just watched, hahaha. It was a record for us and very satisfactory. The ones we did not see today will be treated in the next few days. Only a few left, apart from the fringe-dogs who live outside the grounds.
Photo-1 Claudia after the job was done. Photo-2 Bear was one of the 76.

 20-May-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Wonderful news: 9 new puppies dumped .......... just joking!
Apart from Hong, Keri and Panda, our big pups, we now have 4 more near the wall in the far corner of the grounds and 5 more near the lake with a mum. So much for the threat of being reborn as a dog for dumping pets. All these remaining puppies, who knows how many there were originally, appear to be ok. The corner ones have been vaccinated once, all have been dewormed, are on multi-vitamins and treated against fleas and ticks. Some are not strong yet, but we are trying to improve their condition. Believe it or not, they are all up for adoption. Herewith two of the healthy ones, Photo-1 is Lisa, Photo-2 is Louisa.

 14-May-13   Neuterings, vaccinations, new puppies and a loss.
Volunteer and friend Michael helped me to take two dogs from Wat Na Huay for neutering, Mama Noi and Jettie.
Fran took the three enclosure puppies for vaccinations, Hong, Keri and Panda. Sadly the little sister of Hong fell ill with severe internal infections. The vets tried to save her but it was too late. I had asked Lyn to take care of her for a few days but she died that day. It was not fair on Lyn to ask her to look after a sick temple-dog. She had never done that before. A cruel first. I am sorry, Lyn.
As for new puppies and dogs dumped, they are numerous. Two new dogs in the enclosure, 4 new puppies inside the wall, unprotected and in danger, two are only tiny. Another one had already died. These four are still ok and have been named Lisa, Harry, Louisa and Foxie by my sister-in-law Carole. I also spotted a mother and pups in the distance near the lake, but they live under a house so hopefully they are cared for.
For those of you who can read Thai, I urge you to read the poem on the photograph. It reads something like this,
Little puppies and kittens are sweet but when they grow bigger, people dump them at the temple and this is evil. The dogs do not like it, nor do the monks and those who live in the temple. People who commit such a sin, will be hounded by evil for the rest of their lives and they will be reborn as dogs themselves. Interesting.
The Thai Poem, photo-1, Patches of Wang Pong, who is forever tormented by other males. Please give him a home, he is gentle and kind, photo-2

 14-May-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Volunteers and visitors
I am finally walking without crutches again, but still not quite mobile. Because of this I asked some volunteers to help clean up the mini-enclosure. Guy did a brilliant job helping to fill up holes, wash bowls etc. and he hardly complained when Fred lifted his leg against his white trousers. He promised to come back. Lynn also helped that day with Fran and myself doing the usual, feeding, medicating, giving them love and stopping them from fighting. The mini enclosure is now so tidy and clean with the new pallets as beds, that all the dogs have moved out to the large enclosure where they have mud and long grass to mess around in, so much more fun and so much for our effort.
Then I had a visit from Anne and Maureen who run a dog shelter in Chiengmai and they took me on a 2 hour journey, which would normally take half an hour to find some mangy dogs they had seen on the road to Sam Roy Yod. We took the long way via Kuiburi where we stopped for coffee on the beach and when we finally managed to find the spot where they had seen the dogs, there were no dogs. I have been back since but no sign of them. It was hilarious and I enjoyed meeting new dog-friends.
The third great visit was from Brigitte, who adopted Allie, bringing with her two new friends Patti, the photographer and James, a journalist. Patti took some fantastic pictures of the dogs and we are now on her website www.pjwebbphoto.com. They visited all three temples, Wat Wang Pong, Wat Woody or Wat Huay Saleng Pan and my oldest temple Wat Na Huay. I look forward to seeing the rest of her photographs. The main reason for their visit was to try and get Cuddles adopted. We gave her a bath and she looked like a photo-model. The next day she disappeared for almost a week and when I found her again she was filthy and happily showing me her new friends Screamer, a long lost boy and a new red/brown girl. That little threesome now lives inside the temple-wall in the undergrowth. Why do they not behave like we want them to?
One of the most valuable visits was from Claudia to Wat Woody where she helped to inject ALL the dogs with Dectomax against parasites. she did it so quickly and afterwards made a donation to the nun as well. Many thanks for your help, Claudia. I shall ask you again!
Cuddles during her photo-shoot (picture 1) Monkygirl still hoping to be adopted (picture 2)

 14-May-13   Wat Na Huay :   Tragic loss of Champoo and more.
My old friend Champoo who was one of the first dogs I started caring for after I found her as a tiny puppy in the hedge with a dreadful wound on her back full of maggots and infection. She survived beautifully and became healthy, strong and a great character. Everybody who visited Wat Na Huay knew her name. She loved sitting in the waterlilly bowl to cool off. The nuns and I cured her again after a dreadful cut on her leg which had to be stitched. Nothing bothered her. But then she was poisoned! Cruelly, by a human who was afraid of her. What a tragedy. She was at least 8 years old and leaves her brother Sprite behind. Such a happy temple-dog, such an awful end. The nuns then informed me that the two remaining tiny sisters of Toffee also sadly did not make it. Short, tough but happy little lives, cared for but not strong enough to make it in that rough world. Sleep well my friends.
My own boy Lucky also passed away this month. He came to the temples with me every day and I miss him everywhere. He was my boy! This will was from him for all those temple-dogs who need it (photo 1), (Champoo photo 2)

 14-May-13   So much has happened in the last three weeks.
I do not really know where to begin, so I shall start with the list of donations in chronological order. We have been spoilt lately, mainly through the articles in the Huahin Today Newspaper and the Hot Huahin Magazine. Contributions came from Hans from Germany and his Thai ladyfriend Mew, Anne and Maureen from Chiengmai, our volunteer and friend Lyn who donates every month, her friend Copper who promises to visit when she returns to Thailand, Brigitte who brought Patti and James. They made contributions to the Wat Woody dogs, but the great reason for their visit was for Patti to take superb pictures of the dogs which she and James will distribute on the web, together with text about our temple-dogs. And last but not least a donation from Carole who was here on holiday with my brother Robert. She was inspired by what she saw and very appropriately referred to my dog-friends as THE HOLY DOGS. We have also had food donations which are always needed.
For those of you who are interested, herewith an example of what we have spent your money on, a new Dogbox for transport to the vet, Endex tablets against parasites and mange, 5 new pallets for the dogs to sleep on during the rainy season, two neuterings at Wat Na Huay, vet fees for a sick puppy, vaccinations for three healthy puppies and new vaccines to keep in stock.
The honour of thanking you all on behalf of the temple-dogs goes to Dennis (photo 1) and Longlegs (photo 2)

 21-Apr-13   The latest news after Songkran, the Thai New Year.
It has been an emotional roller-coaster for me since my last entry. Every time I had good news, it would be followed by bad news. In brief, we got two more donations from Holland, our faithful friends Hilda and Ied & John, who give us generous donations every year for several years now. I immediately bought more medicines and invested in another huge dogbox for transporting dogs to the vet.
Then I got the sad news that my own dog Lucky is not improving and I shall have to prepare myself for the worst. I do not know how I shall cope. Every single day he comes in the car with me as my guard and companion. Having had to say goodbye to many of my dogfriends, I would hope that I shall understand.
Seeing Twiggy alive again was the most wonderful surprise and that gives one hope again for miracles. I also heard that Sable, feared dead after her operation to be neutered, was taken back to her old home and is recovering well. It makes me wonder if they really dump their old dogs in the temple just to get a free neutering and then take them back again.
A tragic loss was the death of Fly, a very special dog and friend of mine, who came to Thailand with Claudia from Switzerland and together they looked after a pack of rescue dogs in a beautiful partnership. Claudia did not deserve such a loss after all she does for the dogs. One day something will make her realize why this had to happen. A picture of Fly will follow.
To finish this on an up, I had a phonecall from Sean Rosseter who read about us on the website and wanted to donate. He and his wife visited Wat Wang Pong and Fran introduced them to virtually all the dogs. They helped to feed them and donated four 20Kg bags of dogfood and made a wonderful financial contribution. I am so grateful to them and also to Hot Huahin Magazine and Huahin Today Newspaper for their continued coverage of the temple-dogs. The honour of thanking them and my Dutch friends obviously goes to Twiggy.
Photo 1-Twiggy, Photo 2-Claudia with Lady, the last rescue dog she and Fly took in.

 07-Apr-13   Wat Na Huay :   Wonderful news and more.
The wonderful news and great surprise was that Twiggy is not dead after all. She disappeared months ago and I was sure she could not have survived outside the temple, as she suffered from fits, but she has turned up at a house where she is taken care of, opposite the temple. I must go and visit her soon.
I finished medicating against parasites today. But I cannot find Baby I & II, although I believe they have moved out of the compound as they were always chased by the pack after the workers left, so no-one there to protect them. I shall find out. A new volunteer came today, called Guy and he had a good look around, helped to feed and hopefully will come back again. The bad news is that my husband, David, lost his phone in the temple grounds. Such bad luck. My Swedish friend Michael also came and he has promised to help regularly. He got little Toffee adopted by his friend and we thank him for that.
Photo-1, Guy, Luukdee, Michael and David, all my volunteers. Photo-2, Desperate to meet his new toy or playmate Toffee

 07-Apr-13   Wat Na Huay :   A great day!
The little puppy that almost went to Norway, was adopted today. He is now called Toffee and instead of Norway his home will be Thailand where he was born. A lovely Thai family with a nice white male dog, who was so friendly to Toffee and licked him all over when they met, has adopted him and they live close to my house, so I can visit him. My Swedish friend Michael, who is now a volunteer as well, said his friend wanted a puppy and it all happened very quickly. He came and said Toffee looks just like the dog his friend lost so we all took him to his new home. May he have a happy life.
Photo-1, Toffee with Luukdee, my friend, who helped to take care of him and his brothers and sister while at Wat Na Huay. Three healthy brothers left. Photo-2, Toffee with his new family.

 06-Apr-13   And where is my favourite foodbag..............
Who took it? Where is it? What happened to it?
I lost it .........and then I found it again. Naughty dogs.

 06-Apr-13   Wat Wang Pong :   65 Dogs treated against parasites and more donations.
Fran and I did treat 65 dogs with Ivermectin over 2 days. We still have to do 18 dogs. It was hot and hard work, especially since I am still on crutches so poor Fran did most of the walking, carrying and treating. While at the temple, Khun Nu, who works and lives there, suddenly came up and donated 100 Baht. These gestures really make me feel humble, since he is poor, but still cares so much for the dogs. His own dog Cissy is well and he loves her, shares his food with her. He has been at the temple for years. Then we had another generous donation from Lynn who adopted Molly, now Malee. This will go towards neuterings and medicine. The one who has the honour this time of thanking you for these donations is Monky-girl, who lives in a tiny little house on stilts with a monk, who is desperate for her to find a home as he says this is no life for a dog, sitting on wooden steps all day. She is beautiful in looks and in character.
Photo-1 Khun Nu many years ago helping the dogs, as he still does. Photo-2 Monky-girl.

 06-Apr-13   Wat Na Huay :   Volunteers at last.
Thomas and Kine from Norway, came to visit Wat Na Huay. Their dream was to adopt a puppy and take it back to Norway, but it proved to be too expensive for them. The visit so elated them that they got engaged that same evening. The next day they came again, bringing their Danish friends Thomas and Ann, who have only just got married while on holiday. These four delightful young people helped to take 7 puppies to the vet for vaccinations. Afterwards they fed them and as a special treat they donated top-quality puppy food for the 4 tiny ones. I promised to try and find homes for them and I would like to give the honour of thanking them and wishing them happy lives, to the little puppy that almost made it to Norway.
The boy with the dark nose held by Thomas in the blue shirt was the chosen one in photo-1. His fiancee Kine with the pups in photo-2.

 06-Apr-13   Before and after Tongdeng, what a lucky girl.
I normally do not show before and after photographs as I hate to see sick or injured dogs, but this one is amazing. The little girl was found by David and Denis outside in their road, rejected by her Mum. She was in a mess. They contacted me, I negotiated with Mehchee from Wat Huay Saleng Pan, David and Denis agreed to give her a very generous donation and she suddenly had a home. Look at her now, just over a month it took. A bit of special care. You can all do that for a homeless dog! We visited Tongdeng a few days ago and David and Denis were truly amazed. They once again donated food, medicine and cash. I believe they will visit her regularly from now on.
Photo 1 The little puppy metamorphosis Photo 2 The nun with 2 more of her rescued puppies

 01-Apr-13   Information about the Website.
Last month we had over 5000 visitors. That is the highest number we have ever had. The number is going up each month and it has almost doubled in the last 3 months. May it be to our advantage. Thank you for reading about the temple-dogs.
Here are some of the dogs you read about. Photo-1, Salt&Pepper, Photo-2, Linda talking to Mummy Noi

 01-Apr-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Update.
So Champagne was at last well enough for her operation. Fran took her to Kasetsart and I picked her up that same afternoon. To our great surprise the surgeon Dr. Phong, said that her bones had started to fuse together, so he did not have to do the operation to set the bone. He only cut off a sharp piece of bone and left the bone to heal by itself. That was clever bandaging! The big bonus was that he neutered her at the same time and that instead of 5000 Baht, as quoted, we only had to pay 2000 Baht.
Photo 1-Champagne showing off her neat green bandage that worked so well. Photo 2-Champagne celebrating St. Patrick

 31-Mar-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Neutering out in the open.
Fran, David and I took 4 dogs, Cuddles, Mehmai, Macy and Sable for neutering by the Tessaban. Vets from the livestock department in Pranburi did the job. They were the same vets who did the job before. But this time it was a frightening experience, not only for us but particularly for the dogs. It was held in an open field where they had a promotion day for the local industries. There were so many people, cars, stalls and very noisy loudspeakers. There was dust and the scenes were chaotic. Free hairdressing was held next to the neutering tables. Can you imagine the hygiene or the lack of it. However, they have all survived. It took so long and they kept injecting them with more anaesthetic. It took Sable and Macy 3 days to fully wake up. If they had not survived, I would have been so guilty. I chose to take them there because it was free. But maybe we should all feel a little bit guilty and just give a small amount of money towards neutering. If we take them to the vet it would cost 600 Baht per dog. It is not a large amount of money, but we saved 2400 Baht this way and almost lost 2 dogs. Is that worth it? Fran says Never Again. Please support us.

 31-Mar-13   Wat Na Huay :   End of March update
Both puppy brothers, Crafty and Billy, who were so ill, recovered well and are now back at the temple, playing with their mum, their sisters and their friends. If they have to stay there, may they be happy and well. It was worrying to hear the vet say that they were so weak because of malnutrition! I just have to keep an eye on them and see they get fed properly and that they will not be bullied by the big dogs.
Last saturday we managed to treat 34 dogs with Ivermectin against parasites etc. My faithful friend and volunteer Siri came along to help me once again. It was a hot day and the satisfaction afterwards was great. Thank you , Siri. You are great.
5 tiny new puppies were dumped at Wat Na Huay and they are being cared for by the nuns and my young friends Luukdee and Ahm while on holiday from school.
David, my husband, helped to take 8 puppies in for their booster shots, 3 from Wat Woody. Crafty, Billy and Checkers still need their booster.
photo 1-oldtimer Iteeya, photo 2-oldtimer Namwan

 18-Mar-13   Good and bad news.
The good news is that we seem to get more exposure. Apart from ads of our dogs for adoption in the Huahin Today newspaper, they are also printing an article about temple-dogs.com in their April issue. Then we were chosen as one of three dog-charities by the magazine Hot Huahin who also wrote about us and printed pictures of our dogs up for adoption. I have further been allowed to advertise dogs on the website of the Dutch Society in Huahin and Chaam. I just wish I could say that it has already made a difference but sofar nothing.
The bad news is that I heard that the dogs I wrote about on the Army Base, where they were locked up in wooden cages without light and living in their own filth were set free, as they were falling ill and one female even died. But since then I was told that 4 or 5 of them have been shot by the soldiers. I am disgusted with the total lack of compassion towards these homeless dogs, especially if you know how vast the lands owned by the army are. To finish their miserable life in such a cruel way may seem a blessing, but I cannot accept it.
The two pictures are again of Cuddles, who is waiting for somebody.........

 18-Mar-13   Wat Na Huay :   Na Huay news
Caroline who made the nice posters for us, came to take pictures of the 4 remaining puppies for another adoption poster. Sadly little Crafty is seriously ill and back at my house trying to recover and his brother Billy must have had a knock on his back which has paralysed his backlegs. Hopefully it is only temporary if I can believe our local vet. They will both go to Kasetsart Hospital for a second opinion. Nothing worse than seeing a suffering sick or injured puppy. Photo 1 is Crafty, photo 2 is Billy

 18-Mar-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Wang Pong news
The remaining 4 market puppies were moved to the large enclosure, where they seem to have settled safely. A young monk has taken them into his care.
Champagne was found with a broken leg, a costly affair. She is now in the small enclosure recovering, together with Paloma who is still poorly. They do not like each other though. We just hope that Champagne may have the same luck as her sister Goldie and find a new home
New puppies dumped inside the wall on the far corner. Never ending and so irresponsible to keep bringing them in. To avoid any more being born, we have to take 6 more females to be neutered. Free neutering postponed to 22 March.
Lynn, who adopted Molly, told me that Molly finally has gained her complete trust and actually started playing with her. I am so happy for her. Lynn also has been very generous to our dogs again. She made a donation and on top of that gave us another contribution to be used towards the treatment of Champagne. It is the turn of Cuddles to thank Lynn on behalf of the dogs, photo 1. photo 2 is Allie together with Brigitte who is crazy about her and vice versa.

 06-Mar-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Updates Wat Wang Pong
First of all, the reports about our latest adopted dogs are great. Lady is thriving at her new home and seems to rule the household. Wonderful job, Claudia. And Allie has completely settled down with Brigitte in her new home. It makes me feel so grateful, especially since Allie was very ill when she left the temple and she still has not quite recovered yet, but a bit of loving can cure a lot and a lot of loving is heaven. Thank you, Brigitte.
Fran and I managed to treat many more dogs with Ivermectin, still a number to be done. Even the three red puppies and 3 adult dogs on the corner outside have been treated, including Dogmai, one of the oldest Wang Pong dogs. Those are the good stories. Sadly Paloma is still not well but we give her meds every day if possible. She has many papillomas around her mouth and also a leg injury. Dr. Phong will have a look at her this week when he next visits. Then I am still looking for Kiew, another old dog. And a new female was seen inside the wall. In the market Fran found a brand new litter of five tiny puppies. She has helped to look after them and her son Steve and girlfriend Keri have visited as well (see photo 2).
I was phoned by the Tessaban, who informed me that they will hold another free neutering clinic on 20th March in Pranburi. I shall help to take some 10 dogs from the Tanarat Army Base, with Khun Lampai (a Thai lady who feeds dogs in the area daily) who took me to show these poor dogs as they are at present locked in wooden sheds which are completely boarded up without any light, day and night until they are neutered. I was told that they can no longer run around freely on the base to avoid more puppies. Why could they not put them in a proper pen. It is so cruel. I just hope they will still be alive in 2 weeks time. Can anybody help with the transport on that day???

 06-Mar-13   Donations!
We received a very generous donation from a friend in Holland, part of which was spent on the puppy vaccines which was a great help. Thank you, Karin.
Dr. Phong gave us a 20kg bag of catfood which I then donated to Wat Huay Saleng Pan, where the nun looks after many many cats.
The two to thank these generous people on behalf of all the temple-dogs and cats are Billy (photo 1) and Lass (photo 2)

 06-Mar-13   Wat Na Huay :   Updates at Wat Na Huay
My number one volunteer at the moment is still my husband. He drives me around and helps with the dogs. His special interest is the new litter of puppies. Two seem to have been adopted, but we still have three boys and two girls left. Checkers and her sisters are also still waiting!
Dr. Phong visited Wat Na Huay this time, dewormed the new ones and vaccinated 10 puppies, including an outsider, who was brought in by a dog-loving foreigner. He and his friend made a kind donation, which went to Mehchee, the nun at Wat Huay Saleng Pan, who has taken the puppy under her care. She now looks after quite a few puppies for us. We forgot to vaccinate one puppy, so she will be done next time. Many of the dogs were treated with Ivermectin against parasites. Still quite a few to go though. I need a volunteer for Wat Na Huay. Condition of the dogs is good.
On that day we also had a visit from Brigitte and her colleague from the Huahin Today newspaper, who took pictures and videos of the puppies mainly. We had quite a circus, as the nun had come along too with 2 puppies. An article about us will be printed in the April issue and this month saw an appeal for adoption of Allie in an ad.
Photo 1 Crafty, a boy Photo 2 Bruno, his brother.

 24-Feb-13   Well, you can believe it or not....only good news!
Yes, it has been a dreamlike time. All is quiet again at Wat Wang Pong and Fran and I can hardly believe it, but we have found all our temple-friends back again, some of them a bit out of place, but all looking well. A few dogs have not been seen yet, to be fair, like Bear and Paloma, but we have no reason to believe they have come to any harm, so we stay positive.
Apart from Molly, Coldie, Pumpkin & the black puppy, we have had two more wonderful adoptions in the last month. After my appeal for Lady, I received an email from a friend from the past, Claudia, who used to volunteer for us and now she has given Lady a home for the rest of her life. I cannot tell you how happy I am. Who would have expected a 14-year old temple-dog to find a home in this country.
We then had a visit from Brigitte, who wanted to adopt a dog and write an article about the temple-dogs in a local newspaper. So what can I say but thank you, thank you and thank you again, when she chose my beloved Allie to be her companion for life. I feel so relieved.
We also had another generous donation, once again, from Geraldine and Ron and this time I give the important task of thanking them on behalf of the dogs to Checkers, our gorgeous puppy from Wat Na Huay.
Photo 1 Claudia and Lady, so happy together. Photo 2 Checkers

 17-Feb-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Lady
Lady was dumped at Wat Wang Pong some 2 years ago, already old then. The vet guesses she is now about 14 years old. She was in a bad state, awful skin problems, infected eyes, bad ears and no teeth. Everyone took pity on her and she was fed by many. Nobody gave her much longer to live. But she proved to be a strong character. She stubbornly pushed her way in when there was food distributed, she ignored all unfriendly dogs and made her home under a stone seat in the sand, where you could find her almost daily. She learned to recognize the sound of the car and would come running up for food and when satisfied, she would return to sleep under her seat. We never had her neutered because she was too old for an operation. So how horrified was I when one day, I saw that Puuan, our most macho male, was mating with this old dog. Her tummy became huge and everybody thought she was pregnant. But things did not look right and I asked Dr. Phong to take a look at her during one of his visits. He confirmed my suspicions and said she was not pregnant at all. He brought his portable ultrasound equipment during a further visit and established that she had a horrible infection of the uterus. Too old for an operation, she was put on many different pills and I brought her home where she could recover in relative peace. It took a very long time as she was severely anaemic. But now she is clear of infections, her skin is recovering beautifully, her eyes and ears are better. She has a huge appetite, but what makes me so happy is to see that she is so happy. So you would say, why not keep her then. Not an option, as she has already been bitten by three of my dogs. They do not tolerate intruders. One attack resulted in Lady having to have a stitch in the corner of her eye. That is no life for her. Put her back in the temple? But she is too old to be neutered so what if Puuan does the same again. She is about the only female left in the temple who has still got the scent of female hormones. So what can I do? When you read this story, could you please help by asking anybody if he or she is willing to give a sweet little old lady-dog a safe home during the final part of her life. I would be so grateful. Contact me if you can help Lady.
Photographs of Lady recovered at my home and Lady when she was living in the temple.

 17-Feb-13   Wat Na Huay :   Dr. Phong at Wat Na Huay.
Dr. Phong visited Wat Na Huay and was wonderful once again. He helped to inject all those who needed it most with Ivermectin, dewormed all the new puppies, a litter of 7 and put one bigger puppy on a course of Doxy. She already improved after just 2 days. On the whole the dogs there look fine, but we have to finish treating the rest against parasites. We have 11 puppies available for adoption at Wat Na Huay, in all sizes, colours and sexes. Two of the puppies on the photographs.

 09-Feb-13   Chinese New Year!
Today is the last day of the Dragon, tomorrow is the first day of the Snake. What will you bring us and the dogs, Dear Snake? On the whole you were good to us, Dear Dragon. During your final days you brought us adoptions, another visit from Dr. Phong, the great surgeon from Kasetsart and a donation from Sue in Oman, who still sponsors little Bella in Bang Sapan. Mehchee, the nun from Wat Woody, agreed to look after our 5 remaining puppies until all the festivities at Wang Pong are over. But I must mention the disappearance of the 5 red puppies on the corner outside the grounds. It saddens me so much, as the three friendly ones were strong and healthy and had their first vaccination. Now they have all gone, nobody knows what happened to them, as usual.
Adopted by this lovely family on photo-2 were Pumpkin and Tengmo, a little black boy recently dumped with a brother and sister. Pumpkin is the luckiest girl in the world as she very narrowly escaped being squashed by a huge lorry in the morning. The tyre hit her but she bounced off. And in the afternoon she was adopted....how lucky can you get. Fran is clearly going to miss her, photo-1
Dr. Phong was all over the place, vaccinating, taking stitches out, examining cats, injecting ivermectin and trying to improve his English at the same time. What an unlikely team of volunteers on that day, a veterinary surgeon, my husband, a nun, Fran and I. But it worked brilliantly!

 30-Jan-13   A special volunteer, a neutering and more.
A fanatic Tottenham Hotspur fan, hence his headgear, he still finds time to drive me to the temples and help feed the dogs or even take them to the hospital when necessary, while I am still on crutches. Admittedly, he drives at four times the speed I usually keep, so I see my special friends only in a flash, but at least I can still visit them. He has helped to buy medicines, feed puppies, transfer dogs from one temple to another, picked up dogs for treatment, etc. as if he has been a volunteer for years. The dogs and I truly thank you David, my husband!
We have had another adoption. Fran has confirmed that Goldie was given a home by her friend Kevin and his wife and she is totally happy with her new friends. Good luck, little Goldie and thanks to Fran for nursing her at home.
We also had another neutering. Lovely Allie was the latest and she has recovered well. But she still would love a new home. She is such a clever girl and would adjust easily to new surroundings. In the meantime we are constantly dreading the approaching Chinese New Year celebrations and the 9-day special event at Wat Wang Pong with the huge number of people, fireworks and traffic upsetting the dogs. We are bound to find some dogs missing afterwards. The only good thing is that there will be plenty of food. I beg the stars at night to look after our temple-dogs. Please do the same, if you care. Photo-1 my husband, a special volunteer. Photo-2 lovely Allie

 23-Jan-13   Wat Wang Pong :   Patients.
Fran managed, on her own, to treat about half the Wang Pong dogs with Ivermectin and while visiting she also took pity on Goldie who had by then lost all movement in her legs. She was taken to Kasetsart Hospital and diagnosed with a combination of blood parasites and toxins. Fran took her home as she needed daily meds and exercises. That was a FIRST for Fran, to take a patient home. Goldie (or Coldie as the Thais call her) is recovering beautifully and has probably got a new home when she finishes her medication. Photo 1 is Goldie
Another patient is old Lady who has been suffering from an infection of the uterus, but needs to grow strong before surgery. She is very old and I have decided to treat her at my home. She suffers from severe blood parasites, a skin disease and an ear infection as well. It will take a few weeks. After her operation to sterilise her she will go back to the temple unless somebody could give this dear old girl a home! Please see Gallery for pictures of Lady.
Two other patients are Tiny and Boxer. Both little brothers were found lying in the sand suffering from severe mange, starvation, fever, etc. and probably left to die. They were treated and are now cared for by the nun at Wat Woody. They are fully vaccinated, dewormed and treated against parasites. Their fur is growing back and they are really high spirited and ready for adoption. Photo 2 - Tiny and Boxer, two brothers loved by the nun.

 23-Jan-13   Wat Na Huay :   Visiting Wat Na Huay with Siri
Since I still am not allowed to put weight on my right leg, I was really grateful for Siri helping me feeding the dogs. On top of that she donated two large bags of food. Thank you so much, Siri! It was fun to see them back again, the puppies are now running around freely and as far as I was able to see, there were no dogs in trouble. Even Peace seems to have joined a group of friends and is no longer a loner hiding in a large rusty storage tin.
Photo 1-a big and a small puppy. Photo 2-Moon, who settled down so well in Wat Na Huay.

 23-Jan-13   High time for updates
So what happened since my hip-replacement operation. Quite a lot. We have had an adoption thanks to the wonderful posters Caroline made for us and a food donation from Siri, who helps at Wat Na Huay. We had another visit from our wonderful veterinary surgeon Dr. Phong, from Kasetsart Hospital. We have had to see all 4 puppies of a litter die one after another which left the mother searching for her babies. We have had remarkable recoveries and Fran and I have new patients in our homes. It was great to see all the dogs back again, even if I can only see them on crutches for the time being. Wonderful dogs of Wat Na Huay, Wat Wang Pong and Wat Woody, I am so glad to be back! Thanks to Fran for coping on her own again. I think she needs a break now.
On Photo 1 you see Dr. Phong who helped to take stitches out, vaccinate 5 more puppies and examined Silver and Long-John. What a great man, who gives us his time for free despite his busy schedule in the hospital. This was his third visit.
On Photo 2 we see our beloved Molly who has been with us for a year, going to a new home with Lynn who will be her new friend and take care of her. Thank you Lynn for giving a temple-dog a home!

 06-Jan-13   Wat Wang Pong :   One of the worst days of my life.
I shall just go through the facts, but not my feelings. Tomorrow I have to go to hospital for a hip-operation and shall be more or less inactive for up to 3 months. When I arrived at Wat Wang Pong this morning, I found that one of the Andrex puppies could not walk. The nun informed me that she had probably been beaten by one of the workers. She asked me to take her to the vet. When I left the compound I looked in my mirror and saw a black dog being hit by a speeding car. She died as I stroked her, while looking at me in disbelief. I do not even know who it was. I could not recognize her in death. Maybe it was Jet or maybe it was Blackie.
When I went to check on the newborn puppies, I found the smallest one dead, just lying in that room. Yesterday she was still eating and walking around. I fear for her siblings. I could not take more sad news, so went home. Forgive me if I left a dog suffering. Please help Fran during the following weeks until I am able to do my work again.
Yesterday I was at Wat Na Huay and all was well. The neutered girls Hettie and Coco are fine, we did treat quite a few dogs with Ivermectin and I took Lady and Boxer to Kasetsart Hospital. Lady had more ultrasound and a bloodtest. She has anaemia and cannot have surgery on her uterus until she is stronger. Boxer has a hip-injury, he had an x-ray, but he also has a blood-infection and needs to get stronger before further treatment. The nun from Wat Woody has agreed to take care of him and his brother Tiny. That is about the only good news. Thankfully the nun will be there every day to help prepare for a big Buddhist temple celebration. At least one more person to help Fran look after the dogs. I really had wished to be in a better frame of mind before going to hospital.
Photo 1-Jet Photo 2-Blackie

 06-Jan-13   Wat Wang Pong :   A Belated Thank You.
On behalf of all the dogs and those who care for them, Gloria and Geraldine would like to thank Gloria and Geraldine for their kind and generous donations. Geraldine and Ron gave us a huge bag of food and Gloria Holmes gave us a much appreciated sum of money.
Photo-1 Gloria Photo-2 Geraldine