30-Dec-12   Happy 2013!
This will be my last entry for the year. A really big Happy New Year to all the readers, all the friends, all those who made donations and all those who helped in the temples. Our last donation was a generous gift from my own doctor. Unfortunately, I believe, there is a problem with the Paypal system on my Contribution Page. I do apologize. The webmaster is working on it. If you contact me by email, I can give you alternative ways to help us. Thank you for trying.
The honour of thanking you all and sending you our best wishes goes to these two beautiful dogs who are the living proof that temple-dogs can be happy and healthy.
Photo-1 is Bear, Photo-2 is Just a Happy Temple-Dog

 30-Dec-12   The Lucky Ones and the Unlucky Ones
We are the lucky ones for having had another visit from the Kasetsart vet. He once again examined several dogs, vaccinated 5 more puppies and checked if Lady was pregnant with his portable ultrasound. She is not, but needs treatment for an infection of the uterus. Bronwyn has a broken leg but it is healing satisfactorily and he decided against surgery. Plenty calcium and good care. The headmonk has agreed to the neutering of all male dogs in the temple. So plenty to do in the new year.
The unlucky ones, I suppose, are the numerous little puppies that were dumped everywhere, 6 at Wat Na Huay, 5 living on the roadside under a sala outside Wat Wang Pong, 2 gorgeoous girls left over from the andrex litter in the middle of the temple grounds and the 4 in the market area, the 2 new mangy ones and the 2 left from another litter. They are all well and have been vaccinated, except for the Na Huay puppies. 4 Puppies born to a healthy mother inside the compound are thriving.
Another sad case is Billie who is sick and her two friends are missing. They were chased out of an abandoned room where they lived safely and they are now wandering around outside trying to find a new safe place. Billie is not well and terrified.
Photo-1 an unlucky puppy fated to stay in the temple Photo-2 A lucky dog who was rescued

Wishing all our readers and all our friends a lovely Christmas and may all your wishes come true. The temple-dogs.
Photo-1 A Christmas wish. To sit in the cool water staring out over the ocean in the distance, far away from danger and undisturbed. Every dog deserves that. Photo-2 To be on holiday with your loved one, sitting in an infinity pool, together but all alone.

 23-Dec-12   Disturbing News.
Although I was not there to witness it, I heard the terrible news that over 200 dogs in Pranburi were picked up by the Government Livestock Dept. and transported to the Kanchanaburi dogpound. Anyone who has followed the stories about the dogmeat trade must have read about these centres where the rescued dogs are taken. From all accounts the dogs enter a place of horror. There are too many dogs, not enough food, the sick ones and the weak ones do not make it and the rest are locked up, living in fear and distress. There are vets, cleaners, carers, food etc. but far too few for the large number of dogs. Some 200 Pranburi dogs were taken there upon request of a family who could no longer care for their dogs because of financial reasons and threatened to kill them. Another 20 dogs were removed from Wat Huay Saleng Pan upon request of the head-monk. I cannot go into details why, for obvious reasons, but the nun who always looked after these dogs is completely devastated. She is trying to get the dogs out of that place in Kanchanaburi and I can assure you that I shall do everything to help. Sadly one of the dogs taken is Annie, a dog I helped to rehome from Huahin into that temple. I want them back in the temple, where they belong!
photo-1 A temple where they love dogs. photo-2 Free neutering by Soi Dog at Wat Huay Saleng Pan

 16-Dec-12   Wat Na Huay :   A better place where they are safe.
The experience of knowing and losing Wiggy has made a huge impact on me. He died a long time ago, poisoned by thieves, for doing what he was supposed to do, guarding the temple-grounds. The thieves got away with temple valuables and Wiggy was found dead behind the chedi close to where he lived. He was an incredible dog, loved by all who knew him, perfect in looks and behaviour. He had style and was proud. He was healthy and clever. He was full of life. Everybody was sad when he died. Then we got Twiggy, who was related to him. She was adopted when very young because she was sick. She was returned to Wat Na Huay when her owner could no longer keep her. Twiggy was so different from her uncle Wiggy. She was small and sweet and shy and not very strong. We all knew that we had to look after her. She was cared for by the head-nun and everybody who knew her. The other dogs could be very cruel to her but she found her own place and was happy. Recently I was told that she had problems with her eyesight. Now she has just disappeared. She sometimes vanished for a day or two and then turned up again. But not this time. The head-nun thinks she could not find her way back, but I believe she was ill and went somewhere to die, as dogs do. I shall miss her delicate looks and gentle manners. I used to pick her up and cuddle her and I remember her so well, even if she was always in the background, too shy to come forward, waiting for her turn. Go well, Twiggy. If you have really left this world, then I hope you will find Wiggy. He will look after you. Photo 1 is Twiggy. Photo 2 is Wiggy

 16-Dec-12   Wat Na Huay :   Monthly treatment against parasites and the loss of Twiggy.
I would like to thank Siri, who once again helped me to give Ivermectin to 36 dogs at Wat Na Huay. Great job, Siri. It is so much easier when we work together. We have a few new faces in Wat Na Huay, mainly little puppies. The sad thing is that I am afraid Twiggy has gone. I have known her for so long and she was always so careful but so friendly and happy to see me. She has had health problems and the head-nun was always the first to look after her. Nobody has seen her now for days and we fear that she is lost. Go and see Wiggy, little one. He will take care of you. She was related to Wiggy, my temple-dog symbol, who is long gone. Herewith two pictures of old-timers who knew her. Photo 1 is Sprite, Photo 2 is Nun-girl

 16-Dec-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Neuterings and vaccinations
The latest to be neutered were Carrie and her Mum Maggie. They are both well. Special thanks go to Karen, the stepdaughter of Fran, who gave us a donation to help cover this expense as she had a particular soft spot for Carrie and her siblings.
We also took 6 puppies for their first vaccination. Still many more to be vaccinated.
photo 1 is Carrie, photo 2 one of the Andrex puppies

 16-Dec-12   Help from the experts!
We had the amazing good fortune that the surgeon from the Kasetsart Hospital and one other vet came to visit Wat Wang Pong, offering to treat the dogs in exchange for some English lessons. They will come on a regular basis, in their free time after work. They also plan to neuter all the males in the temple compound for free and will try and find a sponsor. All our adult females are neutered. They vaccinated the Andrex puppies, examined Mary who has another bout of blood parasites, advised us about medication for Spotty Dad who is bleeding from his penis and will examine him next time for possible tumours. They will bring a portable ultrasound machine to check if Lady is really pregnant and they confirmed that Bronwyn has a broken leg, for which she needs surgery, but not for free. ANY SPONSORS OUT THERE? Fran and I were delighted to meet them and discuss all this in English, thank goodness! Lucky temple-dogs. The pictures are courtesy of Caroline and we thank her for that.
Photo 1. He is getting his point across. Photo 2. The recently renovated main temple at Wat Wang Pong where over 100 dogs have been dumped over the last couple of years.

 04-Dec-12   Wat Wang Pong :   A Phantom Pregnancy and a Wonder Drug.
When I left on 11th November, we all agreed that Coco was pregnant. Everybody knew that Puuan was the father, her nipples were swollen and her tummy was very big. So what happened? When I got back, there was Coco, back to her usual shape, no sign of a big tummy and her teats were definitely not swollen. She is still a young dog, around 6 to 7 months old. Her sister was neutered but we could not catch Coco. She will definitely go to the vet next week, before she fools us again. But with Lady it could be different. She does show the signs, even though she is so old. They all said she could not get pregnant again. She was far too old. I can only hope she will stay healthy. Needless to say that Puuan is the father again.
We have had a problem with papillomas in Wat Wang Pong. It is a virus and quite harmless, but it causes ugly warts on the lips, the tongue or elsewhere around the mouth. I have treated them with immune boosters, large doses of vitamin C and a good diet, but it does take weeks to get rid of them. I spoke to a vet who is a friend about this problem and he told me that he has had amazing results with a dietery supplement given in a capsule, which he wanted me to try. I had three dogs with this problem, Paloma, Patches and Silver. After one day Paloma lost her ugly wart on the mouth, after three days Patches lost his and it had been there for weeks. Now we are waiting for Silver to lose her ugly growth on her mouth as well. It looks like that will be soon. How amazing that such drugs work. I will give more information when I get it.
Lady photo2

 04-Dec-12   New puppies everywhere.
Yes, it does get boring, so many new puppies despite all the neuterings and the signs we put up asking people to stop dumping them. We have had terrible rains in the past few weeks and large areas around were under water. This is usually the time when people leave unwanted puppies in the temple as they think it is the safest place for them. They do not care about the fact that Wat Wang Pong has now got over 100 dogs and that Wat Na Huay has now got over 40 dogs again. We are desperate for help. The two pregnant mothers in the pineapple field are ok, but no sign of their puppies. I fear the worst. We do need people to adopt!
Another desperate case in need of adoption is Blind Boy. He has been in the temple for a long time now and he is still coping, despite being attacked regularly by a pack of males and he is also limping now, which may be due to being hit by a car or motorbike as he really is blind. We have to put the foodbowl under his nose before he notices it. Anyone willing to care for him?
Cuddles photo 1, Blind Boy photo 2

 04-Dec-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Back again from holiday.
I cannot believe it has been more than three weeks since my last news entry. I have already been back for a week and have been incredibly busy with the dogs. First of all I would like to thank Fran (as usual) and Caroline for their help during my absence. Caroline is quite new to the job, but did not mind facing packs of strange dogs all by herself, feeding them, cleaning the enclosure and doing whatever else she did for the dogs. Fran still has to take care of her husband at home as he is not able to walk because of his broken leg and needs her help on a daily basis. Despite all that, she visited the dogs regularly and had to cope with injuries and visits to the vet as well. Like Maple who was attacked and had to have stitches to the face. She may have lost the sight to her eye.
But the sad thing that they had to put up with was the loss of Spottygirl. I loved her so much and wish I could have been there too, just to say farewell to her. She had bitewounds to her neck, needed stitches, was getting better and then disappeared. the monks told me that she died after she developed an abscess in her neck which burst. Nobody really knows where she was during her last two days. She was found on the steps to the monks quarters. I can still see her bouncing up to me and jumping into my arms. She was so lively and bright.
While I was abroad, I received a donation from an old friend which was a much appreciated gesture. I give the honour to Sleepy, one of our many new puppies, to thank Marijke and Charlie for their help.
My darling friend Spottygirl, never to be forgotten, on the left and Sleepy on the right.

 10-Nov-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Dengmai
A one-off special, that is what she is. When we first noticed her in the market area, we could see from a distance that she had recently had puppies. No sign of her puppies. Then a few days later a Thai lady approached me to ask if we could please take in a little dog she had found outside her gate. She was feeding her but could not adopt her because her own dogs would not accept her. The danger was that she kept crossing the road between her house and the temple-grounds. I was not keen, because we already look after some 90 odd dogs, but the promise of a donation and regular food supplies persuaded me. When she brought her in, I immediately realized this was the young dog from the market. Where were her puppies. Probably taken, far too young, from the mother and maybe she was still looking for them. We put her in the mini-enclosure and she was not happy in the beginning and cried a lot, while trying to climb the fence. She did settle down after a while. The lady did come a few times but was clearly upset seeing her fenced in. She did give the money for the neutering and more, plus some bags of food. I took her to be neutered after a few weeks and she is now back in the enclosure, but clearly does not belong there. She is not a temple-dog and gets attacked by the others regularly, even by the males. We must find a home for her, but now I am going abroad for a couple of weeks so I hope she will be ok when I get back and then I can seriously try to get her adopted. In the meantime Fran and Caroline will help to keep an eye on her. I worry about her not eating, as she is so scared of the other dogs and I can only hope that the monk will keep his promise to feed her separately. If anybody would like to adopt this gorgeous young female, please contact me through the website and I can get in touch with you as soon as possible. She has the sweetest character, but is by no means docile.

 09-Nov-12   Wat Na Huay :   New puppies dumped!
Apart from the lonely little boy who has been there for a while, we now have 7 new puppies dumped at Wat Na Huay. This has not happened for a long time, so our steady population of 32 dogs has suddenly increased by a lot, but who knows for how long. Large litters never stay alive altogether. We will try though. the rest of the dogs are fine and the ones on weekly medication for mange are ok. It takes time. The pictures are of the new puppies.

 09-Nov-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Busy times again, but peaceful.
After the celebrations of Ohk Pansa (the end of the fast) and Khatin (food for the people), the temples are quiet again and life returned to normal. We are trying to leave all the dogs in good health before my trip abroad, for Fran to enjoy them.
Sadly I had to take a very sick dog I found lying in the sewage behind the monks bathrooms to the vet and had to have him put to sleep as he was suffering from distemper. I had never seen him before. I cannot get used to it and feel the sadness for a long time.
But what also happened on that day annoys me more than anything. My camera was lost during the time I was helping the sick dog or just before, when I was taking pictures of Spottygirl and Allie, during which time I had to rush to the rescue of Dengmai, who was being attacked by a pack. I absolutely resent having things stolen from me inside the temple. I should not be mentioning this but just want to stress that not all Buddhists follow their religious vows and it is sad to know that we cannot find only good people inside a place of worship, just like anywhere else in the world, be it a mosque or a church. Why can they not commit their sins outside these holy places!?
So thank goodness for our new volunteer Caroline, who came with us last Thursday and took many many photographs of our dogs at Wat Wang Pong, apart from donating a large bag of dry food. The pictures will be a treat to come for all of us. Two of our 8 new puppies at Wat Na Huay are given the honour of thanking Caroline. Our new puppies at Wang Pong will be shown in her pictures.

 01-Nov-12   Thank you all for your kindness.
I would like to give Scary the honour of thanking everybody who contributed to our temple-dogs. Hilda from Holland once again sent us a substantial amount, Frances and Robert Luns gave us another 10 Kg bag of Pedigree food and Khun Moy who asked us to take in Dengmai, has visited several times, paid for two neuterings and gave a large amount of dry food for the dogs. Fran saw a Thai gentleman in a 4x4 who was feeding the dogs in the market area and the dogs seemed to know him. Maybe another regular volunteer. So altogether good news and we start November in an optimistic mood.
Photo 1 is Scary and Photo 2 is Mike with Shoggy and Sasa, who were both adopted by him and now live in Bang Sapan.

 31-Oct-12   Wat Wang Pong :   And a lot more about Wat Wang Pong
Yes, it has been busy again. Fran and I treated 85 dogs with Ivermectin, still 4 to go. But at this moment I can safely say that all 89 dogs we know of, are healthy. It is very very seldom that I can say that. We have had our usual fights between the males and some serious bite-wounds. Leberwurst was one of them. Poor little Boom had a dreadful injury to his testicle and had to be sterilized. I do not do males normally because of the expense but this was urgent.
A thai lady asked if we could take in a very sweet young dog who had obviously had puppies as she was still swollen with milk. The lady feared for the life of the dog on the road and her own dogs attacked her. I took her in, named her Dengmai and she has settled down in the mini-enclosure. She has now been neutered together with Paloma, who lives outside by the gate.
Little Allie and Spottygirl are both very well and living in the monks quarters. I wish somebody would take these lovely puppies. And on the marketside we still have 6 puppies, who are doing well under the special care they receive from Fran. One boy, called Billy, lives inside one of the unused locked-up rooms near the crematorium. Thank goodness we discovered him. One day he will come out!
Photo 1 is Paloma, photo 2 Boom at the bottom, Porgy at the top of the steps.

 31-Oct-12   Wat Na Huay :   End of the month update at Wat Na Huay
Once again, with the help of Siri, we treated all dogs with Ivermectin against parasites. Some suffered quite badly from mange and will be given a weekly tablet for a while. They are Peace, Pete, Mungo and Fit. We also have a new addition to the family, a little male puppy. We have not had a puppy dumped there for a very long time. So we are back to a total of 32 dogs, the same number we had before Sharky died. Let me believe that a little of him came back to us in that little puppy. It makes me feel better, as I miss him. (Picture 1 is Peace, picture 2 is Fit)

It has been ages since we have had a donation and it is even more difficult to get a puppy a home, let alone one of our adult dogs. Please contact me if you are willing to help. I would love to invite you to come and see our temple-dogs. You will be surprised!

 17-Oct-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Had a good spell lately.
A very rare day last week, when I could say to Fran that we did not have one sick dog in the temples, which is remarkable if you think that there are over 120 dogs in Wat Na Huay and Wat Wang Pong together. This assuming that the missing dogs are alive. Everybody says not to tempt fate but why can we not be happy about days like that and announce it to the world. The 3 market pups had their first vaccination, but now we have found another puppy hiding in one of the buildings so he will be next. Make friends first. There are still some dogs to be neutered. I took two black poodle brothers for anti-parasite jabs. They were dumped in terrible condition, but thankfully looked after by one of the workers. I will help to get them back to normal, if I can. And thank goodness that Fran is back. She was forced to take a few weeks break to look after her husband and his broken leg. But things are back to normal. I do not know who is happier, the dogs or Fran. We sadly did not get any of the puppies adopted yet, including Allie who was very ill with a dreadful bout of blood parasites. She went back to the temple today, after recovering at my house, but she seems much happier back at Wang Pong playing with Spotty-girl. Photo-1 unwanted but recovered Allie. Photo-2 Fran back at work!

 17-Oct-12   Wat Wang Pong :   No news was good news, but not anymore.
No, it may not mean anything to anybody else but I have known these two temple-dogs for years and they have both died very recently, probably from blood parasites. Bonnie (photo 1) was first a Wang Pong dog and then moved to Wat Petchravudh where she was happy and loved, particularly by a monk. She was pretty and sweet and lived and died a temple-dog. Pinky (photo 2) had a terrible start in life. We found her badly injured and suffering from terrible mange in one of the chedis in Wang Pong, absolutely terrified. In time we cured her and she came to really trust us. She was adopted by Khun Nu who works at the temple and he has truly loved her. Now only her sister Cissy remains. It is lovely remembering them.

 02-Oct-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Puppies galore! And other news.
And it is October now. Still rainy season, usually a worrying time. Dogs fall ill, but we have been lucky this year and manage to cope with our own meds mainly, although we have seen some of our friends die and others disappear, like our beloved George and little Louis. We will never say goodbye until we know for sure. A few new dogs have been seen but they have not necessarily settled in the temple yet. Only the puppies will remain until adopted. Allie and Spottygirl on photo 1 & 2 are just two more little girls ready for adoption. The number of dogs is forever increasing.
Lovely news from Verity in Bang Sapan. For those of you who remember Shoggy with the broken leg, she has finally been adopted and gone to a nice new home together with her little friend Sasa. If you care, please watch the video on www.headrockdogs.org. So that was a happy ending for one of our puppies. May they live a long and happy life in Bang Sapan with Jack.

 01-Oct-12   Wat Wang Pong :   8 More female puppies wanting a home.
Yes, 8 more little girls, unwanted, dumped in an over-full temple where we care for more than 90 dogs. These 2 were in a litter of 5 and as always, the only boy went to a good home with John and Khun Kanya in Chaam. But what about his 4 sisters? They are still healthy and fat, but in the tough conditions they live in, this will soon change. Apart from them we have 4 other girls, not related who suffer the same fate. Please see their pictures in the gallery. Oh, what a tragedy. Neuter, neuter, neuter is the only answer, to avoid puppies suffering.

 22-Sep-12   Free Neutering by SOI DOG FOUNDATION in Pranburi
They brought a whole team from Bangkok and sterilised many dogs and cats in Wat Woody or Wat Huay Saleng Pan. Khun Nongfa had organized it all and Khun Kharn led the team. They were wonderful and very professional. Quite a different approach from the Tessaban vets who really work with live-stock mainly. Their blowdart team came along as well and they tried to get at least some of my wild pack in the pineapple field near the Pranburi Hospital. They did hit one dog with a dart but sadly they could not find her in the undergrowth. I am afraid that pack will keep growing. All I can do is feed them regularly. They are too timid. My last dog, Bronwyn, who lives outside the temple, was neutered by Soi Dog and is recovering well. Thank you Soi Dog!

Picture 1 of the Soi Dog team at work. Picture 2 of Bronwyn after the job was done.

 22-Sep-12   A Lot Can Happen In One Week
Yes, all sorts of things. Unimaginable sadness when I found little Cleo dead. And that after I had taken her for her weekly calcium injections for a month and she was showing signs of improvement. I hate the fact that nobody in the temple cared a damn. A poor little helpless paralysed puppy, who was probably being attacked by one of the bigger dogs again and tried to escape underneath the fence. She was half buried and stuck under the fence with her teeth bared in a growl and her little frightened eyes bulging. Her tongue was swollen and dark red. Maybe she suffocated. Her little body was perfect when I pulled her out. I cannot even imagine her fear. AND NOBODY NOTICED. The pen is underneath the quarters of the monks. Shame on them. Then total surprise when I found Mo, who had been missing for almost a week and was so ill when last seen. I thought she was dead when i found her. I took her to a vet who said she had the symptoms, which were a result of distemper, which had damaged her brain. She still eats well and wags her tail, but her eyes are clogged up and she has almost lost control over her legs, staggering around and falling over and barely able to get up. I am putting her on Vitamin-B-complex to help the brain, but if she stays alive she will always be this way, just like Bella was and Long and the dog of the old lady. Nevertheless they all stayed alive and improved. Picture 1 of dear little Cleo, picture 2 of Long, who lived as the proof of a fighting spirit and overcame an illness that is often fatal.

 14-Sep-12   Wat Na Huay :   Woody doing her Irish dancing steps, with Cleo wishing she could.
Woody is still going strong, together with Jenny, Annie and Sweety, although Annie suffers from chronic mange. They were all adopted at Wat Woody for various reasons and it is great to know that they settled down so well and are happy. Cleo is our paralysed baby at Wat Wang Pong. She is the sister of Allie and the vet thinks she has a spinal injury after being shaken by a big dog. She is being treated with weekly injections and may have to undergo further tests. At present she lives in the mini-enclosure with her sister Allie and some other dogs. She eats well, can make a lot of noise and seems happy, but she can not get up, so an impossible future for a temple-dog. If you carry her, she kicks her legs wildly. I do not know if she will ever impove. Picture 1 of Woody dancing, picture 2 of little Cleo at Wang Pong

 14-Sep-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Blondie & Longface done!
Blondie and Longface done, but Blondie is an exceptional case, as the vet said that he could not find any reproductive organs to remove. The first records I have of her go back to November last year and I have absolutely no way of telling whether she was already neutered. She is so young that I can hardly imagine it. I have heard of two other dogs like her. One came in season much later and was then sterilised and the other never came in season. We will keep an eye on Blondie. Has anybody got more info on this phenomenon? I would love to hear from you. Picture 1 of Longface, picture 2 of Blondie and puppy Allie.

 14-Sep-12   Free Neutering by the Tessaban.
Yesterday was a big day again in Pranburi. Free neutering by the Tessaban, this time at Wat Huay Saleng Pan, or Wat Woody as we called it. I took my two remaining un-neutered females from Wat Wang Pong, Blondie and Longface. They are both well. The sister of Longface keeps hiding so She may well get pregnant. We keep trying to catch her. I heard they neutered some 25 dogs at Wat Woody and many cats as well. Thank you Pranburi! Pictures of the vets in action

 13-Sep-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Experiences with temple dogs.
There is always something happening in the temple. I love driving into the compound and during the first few moments I can imagine coming into a surreal atmosphere of peace and quiet, but then... boom! They hear the car and within seconds you can only hear barking, snapping, howling and I know where I am once again. After greeting, stroking and petting them, I immediately start looking for something unusual, like an injured or sick dog, a new one or a missing one, whatever. This month we had it all. A sick puppy was handed to me and I took her to Kasetsart Hospital where after she was given oxygen, an IV-drip, hot blankets and emergency treatment, she was then sadly diagnosed with distemper. Her breathing had been so laboured, her whole body was heaving with every breath and the vet and I agreed that it was not fair to let her suffer anymore. It was a relief to see her little body lying quietly and peacefully after we let her go. Then George had been missing for a week. Fran and I searched for him everywhere, all round the area, I asked everybody I know but nothing. A bad feeling. Fran was optimistic and thought he might have gone after a bitch in season. And more than a week later there he was, back in his old spot, looking totally finished and with an exhausted look in his stride, not wanting food or attention for a day. He is completely back to normal now. Funny old George. I hope you enjoyed your little holiday. But another female I had never been able to touch was now pregnant and missing. She was a fringe-dog and the workers told me she was not eating. I looked for days but could not get near her. They confirmed that they found her body in the temple grounds. What can we do if they do not want to be helped. Poor girl, I had called her Silk-alike as she so looked like Silk. The new puppies in the market are healthy, for a change. May they have a lucky life and get adopted. They are called Harry, Carry, Hetty and Spotty-girl. Photos of the girls.

 13-Sep-12   Wat Na Huay :   A sad loss, Sharky is gone.
She found me under a plastic chair-A lonely puppy in the rain-Bewildered, scared coz no one cared-I was dumped in a temple lane-But then she made that place my home-I grew strong and healthy in no time-Had lots of fun with the temple gang-Had fights and arguments too-But I was wise and knew my friends-Made sure where I could safely go-My life was tough and good but short-I was a Temple-Dog, you know! Photos of Sharky having fun and being happy

 13-Sep-12   A lot can happen in two weeks.
Yes, sofar it has been a busy month already and we are not even halfway through September. First of all, all the dogs in both temples were given Ivermectin again against parasites. It is so important, as I can see how easily the dogs can get blood parasites. At the moment we are treating about half a dozen dogs at Wang Pong with Doxy, but I am glad to say that they are all improving. Mo is probably the worst, she is very thin, her eyes are not right and she walks with difficulty, but she eats very well. I treated 30 dogs at Wat Na Huay with the help of our casual volunteer and friend Siri and at Wat Wang Pong Fran and I treated more than 70 dogs over a couple of days. It feels good when you finish the job. The 4 new puppies in the market had their first vaccination and Annie in the enclosure had her booster. Her paralysed sister Cleo is not ready yet. I must take her for further tests. She is not getting up, but she eats well and cries loudly for attention. When I pick her up her legs kick wildly so there is movement. Picture 1 is Harry, the only boy puppy and picture 2 is Super-Allie.

 30-Aug-12   Wat Wang Pong :   One more neutering, a dozen more puppies and plenty of expenses.
Yes, it has been an expensive month. No free neuterings and new supplies of medicine bought. Little Scary, Picture 1, was the latest who was done. She is also fine, like Sally and Molly and they are all back in the enclosure, waiting to be adopted. And yes, there are about 12 new puppies in all, dumped all over the compound. It is so difficult to oversee when people keep taking a puppy, just for a while, until they get bored with their new toy and dump it once again. It is also dangerous as they can spread diseases without being treated. Why will they not learn. Maybe they do, but slowly. We just struggle on. Fran also had huge medical expenses. One of her worst experiences was finding an unknown dog in a hole in the ground and when she went close to it, she discovered that the whole backside had been crushed. She took the dog to the vet and decided to do the kindest thing for the dog. Did somebody really leave a dog in that condition in the temple? It could not have walked there and it was unknown to us. How bad can you get. They could have left the suffering animal at the vet instead. Fran had to pay a fortune.

 30-Aug-12   Wat Wang Pong :   End of August updates
Here we have had some very bad luck. After the loss of my beloved Deng, we had to accept two more casualties from traffic accidents. Gorgeous Angel, who had lived such a happy fun-filled but far too short life, was hit by a motorbike and died with Fran holding him in her arms. How awful. He must have felt loved right until the end. His poor Mum Maple is still looking for him. It was tragic. Another great loss was Caesar who was killed by a car. He was the strongest and healthiest of the three and his sisters, Cleo and Allie will miss him so much. They loved to play with each other, even if Cleo is semi-paralysed. Life is not fair. On the pictures you see Angel and his Mum Maple.

 30-Aug-12   Wat Na Huay :   End of August updates
I start with the good news. We had visitors from Huahin and they brought a big bag of food, which the dogs loved. They did not deserve it really, as they behaved very badly and scared the people with their noise and their fights. Particularly Monster misbehaved, as usual. They commented on how well-fed the dogs looked. Another couple I should still thank were Siri and Craig who fed the packs a couple of times while I was on holiday. As you can see on the picture, some dogs know how to say thank you. Monster is the other one who is really very grateful for your kindness despite his bad manners and he would like to be the one to offer you his thanks on behalf of all the Wat Na Huay dogs.

 17-Aug-12   Gin and Deng.
Gin and Deng have both died. It means a lot to me. I knew Gin from the time I first started helping shelter dogs, almost 8 years ago. First she was with Dawn in Huahin at her shelter, then she moved to Wang Pong where she was looked after by various people including myself and she made many friends. Please read her story about meeting an old friend under Stories. She developed tumours and during her final months she needed extra care. Verity in Bang Sapan, who also knew her from the days in Huahin, happily agreed to take her, so Gin ended her days near the beach which she loved so much. Farewell, dear Gin and go and find Rocky. Deng was another very dear friend of mine. Please read her story under Stories about how I found her. She ended her life too suddenly but at least I saw her every time I went to the temple, near the coffeeshop and she visited me many times at the car for a cuddle and some biscuits. It still seems unreal that she is gone. She was healthy and loved sleeping on the side of the road which was to be her fatal habit. I have no confirmation of her death but she was hit by a car, I was told and now she is just no longer there so I must accept. Goodbye Deng, it was lovely knowing you and your babies.

 17-Aug-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Two more neuterings
Molly and Sally from the enclosure have reached that age of 6 months and they were both neutered. It cost 500 Baht for each dog and they are doing fine. The two tiny new puppies at the mini-temple had their first vaccination. But the little girl Cleo has a real problem with her legs. She seems to flop through them. The vet gave her a calcium injection and we are just watching her. Her brother Caesar is great. Our aim is to have them all end up like Moon, who has settled in so well at Wat Na Huay after being moved from a dangerous road in Wang Pong with her sickly puppies. Her surviving pups were all adopted, she was neutered and is now healthy and happy. She had been a terrified nervous wreck and it is just so lovely to see her now.

 17-Aug-12   Mystery of the number of graves.
My euphoria upon my return did not last long. When I lastly visited the enclosure, the monk informed me that three dogs were very ill and that he buried some ten dogs during the month I was away. That was shocking news. But when I checked the names, I found all the dogs alive and well apart from Monky-boy and Capone's brother who both lived with another monk. To lose those two hurt a lot. Fran already told me that little Dancer had died, but no other dogs are confirmed dead. I can only assume that the monks brought in new dogs who fell ill. Missing are Toffee and Bronwyn, but I suspect they have gone hiding as they were in season. We still hope they will return. The sick dogs, Black&White boy, Silk and Scared Black Pup are all on antibiotics and vitamin-c and recovering well.

 10-Aug-12   Wat Wang Pong :   While I was away....
I was so worried that we were going to have an outbreak of distemper at Wang Pong after I left, when one little puppy died, but I rather think that it was a wrong diagnosis by the vet, as I cannot imagine that the puppies that were not yet vaccinated, would not catch it. Sadly we lost one more puppy in the enclosure, most likely from blood parasites. Her name was Dancer (brown puppy on picture). She was born with a deformed leg and was weak from the beginning. I thought she pulled through. I had several emails while on holiday, from people asking for help with sick or dumped animals. Unfortunately I could only tell them where to take them for treatment. I shall follow up. The lovely vet Aline agreed to put six packs of my greeting cards in her shop, so we will get some money from Brazil! I still have some cards left. Anyone interested, please phone me at 081 384 3701. A pack of 6 cards(all individual pictures of our temple-dogs) costs 250 Baht.

 10-Aug-12   Back from holiday.
I had a great holiday in Brazil and I did not even touch a dog in Rio. But I saw many, always on a leash and no strays in the city. So many petshops and veterinary clinics. No dogs allowed on their famous beaches. Glad to hear from the local vet there (see picture)that she also uses ivermectin and doxy all the time. Very happy to be home again though. Visited Wang Pong today and apart from the enclosure, I saw all the dogs outside. Fran did a brilliant job looking after so many for a whole month. Nobody volunteered to help, but she did get a generous donation from her stepdaughter Karen and two large bags of dogfood from her friend Anita. Many many thanks to you both. We are thinking of you, Anita, and wish you strength. I send you a cuddle from each of our dogs, as you know how much that can mean when you are sad. This time the honour goes to Soey to thank you for your kindness. When I left she when was badly injured and had all the skin on her backside scraped off raw and could hardly walk, but she seems to have recovered very well. The dogs look well, happy and healthy. Next time I will go for 6 months, as they do not seem to need me!

 07-Jul-12   De-ticked, de-flead, de-liced etc.
The dogs at both temples were treated against parasites, just before I go on holiday. The majority was treated with Ivermectin, given orally. We did 32 dogs at Wat Na Huay and 75 at Wang Pong. Still to be done 13 at Wang Pong and 1 at Na Huay, if we can find them. Wishing everybody good luck while I am away and hoping that the puppy at Wang Pong with distemper will recover and has not spread this awful disease to any of the other dogs, but I fear the worst. Peace in the enclosure with Shiny now looking beautiful, after recovering from mange.

 05-Jul-12   Contributions at last!
First of all from Sue in Oman, who sponsors little Bella. Bella is doing really well in Bang Sapan where she is still looked after by Verity and Thep. Thank you, Sue, for giving to our dogs as well. Our second donation came from - and I am almost embarrassed to say so - Fran. She already does so much for the dogs that I feel very very grateful to her for contributing in cash as well. The three dogs who have the honour of thanking them on behalf of all their friends are Monky-girl, Toffee and Blind Boy. (See Gallery for info)

 03-Jul-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Latest neuterings.
Yes, it comes round quickly. We had a bit of a break after the tessaban helped us to neuter the last adult females in April. They only do this once a year. Now the pups have grown up and the females are ready for neutering. This usually means another dent in our financial reserves, which are zero at the moment. One single neutering costs 500 Baht (after discount from the local vet) which is our biggest regular medical expense, but also the most necessary as our ultimate aim is No More Puppies Born In Or Around The Temples. In Wat Na Huay we have had no puppies born for over 4 years and in Wat Wang Pong not for over 2 years. We only find puppies dumped! Silver Sister and Geek from outside the temple are the latest lucky ones.

 03-Jul-12   Anyone willing to help for one month?
Fran will be on her own for one month, solely in charge, but with the help of several Thai ladies and the monks who feed regularly. But she will be responsible for medication if necessary, food top-ups and most importantly, a regular cuddle, while I am going on holiday to visit my daughter and family in Brazil. Is there anyone out there who would be willing to help Fran with this rewarding job during the next 5 weeks, even if it is only a few times. Please contact me through the Contact Me page, so I can pass on your details to her. You will enjoy it! All our dogs are friendly!

 02-Jul-12   Facelift
As you may have noticed, we have introduced a few slight changes to the website to make it more up to date and to hopefully make it a bit more pleasant to the eye, with the option to show more photographs in the news zone. The new dogs in the banner are Smartie and George. I hope you like the website and welcome any suggestions for further improvement. Please let me know through my Contact Me page.