28-Jun-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Sad Times
It is that time of year again. Viruses lurking in the heavy air after the rains. And of course the puppies are the most vulnerable. One after another is falling sick. A few recover but more of them die. The saddest thing, to hold a dying puppy in my arms. There are so many of them. We cannot even find them all and when we do, it is often too late. Blood parasites combined with a viral infection, it is hopeless. We treat them regularly against parasites and vaccinate them if they are well enough, but puppies get dumped left, right and centre. People living in the temple compound bring their own puppies in, who in turn bring in diseases. It costs a fortune in medical bills and vet fees. And we are totally out of funds, again that time of year. Adoptions are just not happening, despite all our appeals. Unwanted Shoggy will end up a temple-dog. And the picture of this puppy tells it all, appropriately named Uno, a lone survivor of a litter, wandering around trying to find his place in the vast world of the temple compound. But we will not give up. My golden rule is - No matter how short or how long their life is, we will try and give them a happy one.

 12-Jun-12   Ready for Adoption
'Unwanted' has recovered so well after her operation. She is ready to go! Please adopt this little darling and rename her. She is so playful and friendly, strong and healthy, vaccinated, free of parasites and still so young! You can contact me through the website or phone 0813843701.

 06-Jun-12   Wat Wang Pong :   General news.
Elsa was not adopted after her operation for a broken jaw and was returned to the temple. She was delighted to be back in her familiar territory and we just took extra care to feed her soft foods every day. A bit of extra work but well worth it. She is doing fine. We treated every dog, in total over 90, against parasites. No dogs due for neutering yet, all the puppies are still too young, many new ones unfortunately, but we have a new monk who loves dogs and has helped to clean, cut the grass in the enclosure and feed. More dogs are in the enclosure now and seem very content in their new surroundings, providing they are kept that way.

 06-Jun-12   Wat Na Huay :   Adoptions and other news
Of the four puppies up for adoption, three have found a new home and little Unwanted is recovering at an amazing speed. I took her to Kasetsart to have the stitches out and the bandage off and the vet was delighted with her recovery and could not believe she was already putting weight on her leg after one week. She is still at my house but will have to go back to the temple after two weeks. She has remained a really wonderful happy playful character through it all and she is healthy and ready for adoption. The mother of the adopted puppies, Moon, has settled in well and will remain at Wat Na Huay. She will soon be due for neutering. All dogs at Na Huay were treated against parasites and they are all in high spirits.

 06-Jun-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Capone adopted!
Our wonderful Capone was adopted by a family in Bangkok thanks to Siri, who put a poster up for us. Thank you Siri and thank you Adem for taking our friend, even if he is so nervous still. It was a stressful time for me as I basically sent Capone off into the unknown with people he had never met. It proves once again that there are so many people who want to help and I feel really humble thinking about all these kind persons.

 24-May-12   Wat Na Huay :   Just look at her now!
Still waiting for surgery. Please wish her luck!

 24-May-12   Wat Na Huay :   Poor Little Unwanted
This adorable puppy must be followed by bad luck. First she was dumped, all by herself, in the temple. Then she was virtually adopted by somebody who came all the way from Bangkok and really wanted her but for private reasons could not take her after all. She was left alone again, when her little friends were all taken to new homes and then tragedy struck and she was hit by a car or motorbike because the nuns did not put her in her cage at night. And now she has multiple fractures of her leg and pelvis. She is only about two months old and needs an operation to put a pin in her leg. This will cost thousands of Baht again and I can only ask you to help with contributions towards her op. After Elsa this could not have come at a worse time. She must have the op if she stands a chance to get adopted. Who wants a crippled puppy here. Please please contact me if you can help with a small donation or even better, with her adoption. It means so much to her.

 24-May-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Elsa after her operation.
This is Elsa after she had her jaw wired up together. It was broken and we can only guess how that happened. It cost thousands of baht and I appeal for contributions. But it would be even better if somebody could take her home. She will have great difficulties in the temple if she gets involved in a fight as she cannot bite or if she eats the wrong food. She should only have soft foods and who knows what they find amongst the rubbish. Please contact me if you can help. I shall be eternally grateful.

 18-May-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Poor poor Elsa
Fran discovered Elsa two days ago with a serious problem to her mouth. Today I took her to the hospital and she has a suspected fractured lower jaw. The injury has already gone septic and on top of that she was covered in ticks. She had a bloodtest and cannot have surgery until she has recovered from any illness. We are awaiting the test results so we can start treating her. She is in terrible pain and will have to be put on liquid or soft food. We have to treat her at the temple as the recovery may take weeks and we simply cannot afford to pay for hospitalisation. The surgery may cost up to 10 000 Baht. We appeal for contributions. The picture is of Elsa as she used to be, a healthy, fun-loving mature dog. How did she get so badly injured?

 13-May-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Beauty & The Beast
Angelica came to visit the temple-dogs of Wat Wang Pong together with Fran and her son Tony. She took some wonderful photographs of the dogs during her visit, for which we thank them very much.

 13-May-12   Wat Na Huay :   Unwanted
Why does nobody want me. I am so cute, friendly, healthy, young and unwanted.

 13-May-12   Wat Na Huay :   Visitors and a donation.
Jessica and her family came to visit Wat Na Huay to look at four puppies with the idea of adopting one. She is going to have a serious family discussion about the pros and cons of taking on a dog, which is wise as a dog is a responsibility for life. While they were there, they made a kind donation and we give the honour of thanking them to the puppy she liked so much, temporarily named Cheetah.

 02-May-12   Further titbits, but not unimportant.
I transferred the mother with the 4 puppies from the dangerous roadside near one of the market entrances to the relatively safe backgarden of Wat Na Huay with the approval of the head-nun. What terror I felt when I found the mother had been chased out of the compound by the other dogs who live in packs and she had to desert her children. She still has not come back after three days and probably never will. How will this affect the health of the puppies who were still suckling from her. One has been adopted, one was presumed adopted and the remaining two are living in my puppy-pen. The boy is doing well but the little girl is very weak. I seem to be making a lot of wrong decisions lately. I even managed to hit not one, but two dogs with my car-wheel on the same day. One was Lady and I probably only touched her tail, no mark whatsoever. But the other one was little Blaze who got her backleg under the wheel. It was badly lacerated, but not broken. She is up and about again and running, although with great care. On that same day I planned to take 4 puppies in the car to try and get them adopted, with the help of my friends Luukdee and Ahm, but after the visit to the vet with Blaze there was hardly any time left so that plan will have to be postponed. We started vaccinating the remaining pups and I took 5 puppies last week for their shots.

 02-May-12   Some news to cheer us up........ three donations!
This time it is Molly who has the honour of thanking you for your kind donations on behalf of the temple-dogs. We have had some fantastic support again. Our thanks go to Sue for the bags of food. Then to our faithful fan Ied from Holland who gave us a donation for the third year running! And to Siri, a kind and charitable person who would do anything to find a dog a home, it seems. Thank you for your generosity, Siri.

 02-May-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Alpha
And then we lost Alpha. It makes me cry to think that he is no longer there. The Thais called him I-Peng. He was feared and admired, abused and loved, he was ruthless and sweet. One day we found him limping badly, no doubt from a beating or through careless driving and after that he went downhill. He became thinner and thinner. That had also happened to Cloud and CK over a long period of time and it made them weaker and weaker. It must have been the dreaded blood-parasites if you ask me, even though they were treated regularly. All three had previous health problems or injuries, which may have contributed to their condition. He was not a dog one could just pick up and take to the vet, so we gave him food he liked and put him on antibiotics and bloodboosters. Could the fact that he had been cruelly beaten or that he had been abandoned by the one Thai man who cared for him have anything to do with his decline. Did he give up. He was so proud. I was told that they found him lying near the pond in the corner of the temple-grounds. He chose to die there. Even if we could have cured him, I doubt that we could have made him a better life. He was the King of Wang Pong and a close friend to Fran and myself. On the day before he died he lay down first under her car and then under mine as if to say goodbye. I had fed him his favourite slice of white bread and some chicken and rice. The last we saw of him was Alpha tripping away from us. We will always talk about you, boy. See you, Alpha!

 02-May-12   Sad Updates
I really have not been looking forward to these updates. We have had such upsetting losses and happenings in the last two weeks. Little Jazz died, in the hospital. The vet says he did not realize she was so ill. If he had put her on a drip she would still be alive. This is the sort of explanation we have to put up with. Fran found her lying in a puddle, too weak to get up. We brought her back from so many downs and when she needed the expert, she was let down. Poor little baby, that was all she was. And after all the euphoria about the neutering we had to lose Cloud, the one dog that did not need neutering. I still feel that I made a mistake taking her. She had been so thin for a long time, but she was eating and running around. I am still sure she was ill, but we cannot afford to take every dog for a check-up first. She was so lovely, but had not been with us for long. If only I had known her history. It never stops upsetting me. She woke up after the op and lived for two more days, but refused to eat. I found her in the morning in the hot sun. It was a very very bad moment for me.

 21-Apr-12   We did it! We did it! We did it!
We neutered every adult female in both our temples. We took our last ten dogs over two days, while the Pranburi Tessaban offered free neutering in various locations this month. And yesterday the last ones were done. They have all woken up and are very well. The only unfortunate thing was, that Cloud, our last dog to pick up and the most difficult because she is a big dog and very nervous, was after a long time on the table, diagnosed with having been neutered already! Can you imagine. The poor girl had to go through all that ordeal again and for nothing. I shall spoil her rotten over the next week. She seems a bit dazed by it all, but will hopefully get over it. We did Beck from Wat Na Huay and at Wat Wang Pong we did New Girl, Evelyn, Cloud (for nothing), Shiny, White-Socks, Blaze, G-2, Maple and last but not least our strong little Jet. I have not felt so relieved for ages. Fran was in the middle of it all and I could not have organized it without her. She knows how much it means to the dogs and us. Now the only thing that remains is to find homes for some 20 puppies. Ha ha ha. We just start the cycle all over again. But this is the first time that both temples have no females that can come into season.

 21-Apr-12   Wat Na Huay :   My friend Luukdee assists the vets during neutering.
I have known her for 7 years. She is now 13 and lives at Wat Na Huay. She is at a boarding school, sponsored by HRH The King, in Huahin, but at present on holiday at Wat Na Huay. During the neutering by the Tessaban she came with us and was a great help to all. She caught dogs, carried dogs, she assisted the vets with cleaning, washing, handing them instruments etc. She was even allowed under supervision to administer an injection. What I found incredible was that she was so fascinated by the operations. I personally cannot stand the sight of blood, but she stood right next to the vet while he sliced open the abdomen and removed these bloody body parts and stitched them up again. Maybe she will become a famous Thai vet.

 21-Apr-12   Boy-monks with Domino
During Songkran it is custom in Thailand to send your sons to do a short spell in the wat as a monk. I have seen quite a few boy-monks in the temples over the last two weeks. For me it was quite a surprise to see how they get on with the temple-dogs. In Wat Na Huay they were so interested and helpful when I went to feed the dogs. And in Wat Wang Pong these two little guys even adopted their own puppies while they are there. I know where the pups come from and if the boys cannot take them home when they leave the monkhood, I will put them back with the mother. In the meantime I try to teach them as much as I can and maybe a small thing or two will be remembered by them in future when they take care of other dogs. One thing is for sure, they really love those puppies and the two doggies are not coming to any harm. Socializing between dogs and children is the basis of improvement in animal care in this country. Stop the fear of dogs, stop the beating with sticks, the throwing of stones, start touching the dogs and caring for them. I see how much fun these kids get from them and vice versa. But it is not only good news. On Friday 13th April, Songkran Day, I took 6 puppies to Paknam Pran market together with my friends Michael and Pan. 4 were from Wang Pong and 2 were theirs. Not one puppy was taken. That is always a hurtful experience to find that your puppy is not wanted, let alone 6. And since then I have also heard that his adopted brown puppy was poisoned by the neighbouring farmer. This practice is still so widely used in this country. It is plain cruelty and I wish that pain onto the one who inflicts it.

 06-Apr-12   Wat Wang Pong :   A huge achievement.
On 29th March Fran, Gini, Bryan and I treated 77 dogs against parasites at Wat Wang Pong. Nurse Gini did all the injections and the few dogs we could not hold, were given a pill. What an achievement in one day. Thank you Gini and Bryan. They were only visiting Thailand on holiday. Thank you Fran, for persuading them.

 27-Mar-12   From damnation to salvation.
After the success story of Khalok and her puppies, I was contacted by somebody else in Kao Khalok. Same story. He rescued a female from the beach, she got pregnant, had 9 puppies, they tried hard to find homes but were left with 3 puppies. They were threatened by the neighbour and I promised to take them to Wat Huay Saleng Pan and leave them with the nun. But on the way to the temple, when we got to the vet for vaccinations first, the vet told us about the bad reputation of the temple as some incidents had taken place which involved severe cruelty towards animals. The nun had already told me about this and she is constantly worried about her cats and dogs. It suddenly did not seem such a good idea to dump them there, but what else could we do. Our temples are overfull. Then a miracle took place when a friend of the assisstant to the vet was told about these three beautiful, healthy, clean and good-natured pups and he just agreed to adopt all three of them. What a lovely day. We were all so happy, the dogs and the people. What a wonderful world this can be. I was so worried and had visions of these innocent puppies having to fight against a territorial pack of hungry temple-dogs and of them being covered in fleas and ticks in no time at all, when they were so clean. I do thank fate sometimes.

 27-Mar-12   Titbits
Good news is that at Wat Na Huay, Sister-II turned up again after many many weeks of absence. I wonder where she has been.
And Dogmai is still living opposite Wat Wang Pong. I was so happy to see them both. Dogmai is one of my original Wang Pong friends, together with Scruffy and Do, who actually chased her out of the temple. Clever girl for finding herself a home. She does look like an old lady now, but is very well. It also gives me such hope for those I am missing like Totty, Popeye, Sala and others. Another group of dogs in a pineapple field opposite the Pranburi Hospital is in desperate need of getting caught. They are pregnant all the time and I cannot touch them. Has anybody got some advice about how to catch them. We tried blowdarting twice without success. I am so afraid they will get poisoned. Several pups were already killed on the road. The girl on the picture is only about 7 months old and pregnant. So is her mother. Unfortunately they are very shy.

 27-Mar-12   Wat Wang Pong :   More neuterings, vaccinations & puppies dumped
Yes, that is the normal routine. Sweet Mum, White Mum and No-Tail were all neutered and are fine. Although we do get a discount from the local vet and we had a 100 Baht donation from a Thai lady who feeds No-Tail near the market, we still spend a fortune on sterilization, 500 Baht per female. We do not even think about neutering the males unless they have specific problems. If anyone is prepared to pay for one dog to be neutered , please contact me. See the Contributions page. It would be such a great help. We also vaccinated another 6 puppies. No adoptions this month in either temple, sadly, but I intend to try another visit to a market with some of our healthy and gorgeous-looking puppies. We did have a new lot dumped. They look good too, but are not ready for adoption yet. On the picture you see Jet, not yet neutered but very keen to get adopted. Please!

 08-Mar-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Old Dennis & George
Old Dennis is doing well and still believes he is the temple stud and tough boy despite his age. Sadly for him all the females have been safely neutered and because of that the males luckily are not so aggressive towards each other anymore. May he live on for a long time as our biggest dog in the temple. As a contrast we found this absolutely disgusting looking dog dumped some weeks ago. He had not a hair on his body, his backlegs were so bent that he could not stand up straight, most probably because he was kept in a cage too small for him for months on end. He is blind in both eyes and his skin was one complete mess of cracked dried up blood and puss from severe mange. His nails were so long (another proof of his confinement) that the vet had to cut off almost an inch of each nail. He is still on medication, we gave him a bath and fed him as much as he wanted, which is a lot. He is so much better and despite his ordeal he is the most affectionate animal ever. He cries when he sees us and nibbles our feet and our hands. He is friendly and mixes well with the others. And unlike Dennis, he is tiny. His name is George. On the picture he is already much improved. Note the difference in size with Dennis in the background.

 08-Mar-12   Donations and Neuterings
While I was in England, I received some donations from friends. We, the temple-dogs, thank Sue and Jane from the bottom of our hearts with our tails wagging furiously! In return we donated a 20 Kg bag of dogfood to the monks for our enclosure dogs. Since my return we took little Silk for neutering together with Khalok. Both are well. Fran took three new sickly puppies under her wing and after some veterinary care they are now back in the temple and thriving.

 08-Mar-12   Kao Khalok
Between Verity and ourselves we helped to find homes for a lovely little lady called Khalok and her two puppies, after vaccinating them. Their owner Paul took care of them after rescuing Khalok from the beach. He left Thailand, but made sure that his dogs were in good hands before he left. Khalok was also neutered and went to his Thai neighbour and the two puppies went to his Thai friend. Paul gave us a donation to help with expenses. Good luck to all concerned.

 08-Mar-12   Two weeks absent.
I was away for two weeks in U.K. for family reasons. So glad to be back. Nobody missed me! Fran had everything under control. Almost all the dogs are well in both temples, but my friend Totty is missing. The enclosure dogs are looking well and the place is clean. Only Alpha is desperately thin and still limping. A visit to the hospital necessary.

 13-Feb-12   Gin moves to Bang Sapan.
After Gin developed a growth on her side, which is clearly visible on the photograph, I discussed her with Verity in Bang Sapan and explained that I cannot afford to treat a dog for cancer, as it involves operations and chemo, which is very expensive. Since Gin originally came from a dog charity in Huahin which closed down, Verity very kindly agreed to take in Gin as she took over all the left-over dogs from that charity. She also looks after Bella. Please see previous news items. Apart from paying for all the medical expenses for Gin, she promised to keep her there for the rest of her life. Gin loves the beach and the sea, so she could not be happier in the final stages of her life. I took her for a walk on the beach and saw her happiness.

 13-Feb-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Wang Pong News
All dogs at Wang Pong were treated against parasites. Fran and I did the job together. It was hard work as there are close to 90 dogs spread all over the grounds. We were frustrated by the lack of assistance in that temple. The enclosure gates have now been locked and we can only enter the large pen through the puppy-pen, which is very inconvenient. The puppy-pen was filthy with puppy poo and food all mixed up. Dogs were chasing and killing chickens inside the enclosure. One of the reasons for keeping the dogs fenced in was to stop them killing chickens. Why were these poor chickens not removed from the enclosure. After complaining and threatening to stop all help from our side, a change took place and the puppy-pen is swept clean, the food bowls are washed and there is regular food. We only hope they will keep it up. Sadly 5 tiny new puppies have been dumped again. No mother so the danger of low immmunity as they are far too young to be removed from the mother.

 09-Feb-12   Wat Na Huay :   The relationship between humans and dogs at Wat Na Huay.
The monks and the nuns, the workers and the visitors, the dogs from the different packs, they all accept each other, under the superb wise and gentle but firm guidance of the head-monk. I love going there, because it always makes me feel better. The nuns once told me that they protect the dogs, so the dogs will protect them in return. What a simple truth, as shown on this picture.

 09-Feb-12   Wat Na Huay :   PUCK
Puck was left at Wat Na Huay around Christmas-time as a tiny little puppy and she was all alone. She will be neutered when she is about 6 months old. She settled down so well and is healthy and happy, thanks to the good care she receives from the nuns and all the other dog-loving people in Wat Na Huay.

 09-Feb-12   Wat Na Huay :   Latest neutering.
Our New Girl was the last one who had not been neutered. She came to Wat Na Huay a few months ago, a lovely dog and she was neutered today. The boys will not be pleased.

 09-Feb-12   Wat Na Huay :   Fit
Fit is one such example of a dog with persistent mange. We will try and get your body perfect, my boy, to match your lovely eyes.

 09-Feb-12   Wat Na Huay :   Monthly anti-parasite treatment!
It was that time again. At Wat Na Huay, where things are so tranquil, I treated all 30 dogs without a fuss. Some dogs need more frequent treatments, as they show persistent signs of mange.

 08-Feb-12   Wat Wang Pong :   PLEASE ADOPT G2
This puppy is just so special. Green eyes, brave and fearless, left all alone, playful but careful, very intelligent, but the best part of her is that she loves to roll in the mud. She is just never clean. Fran is her favourite, but we all love her. Please adopt G2.

 31-Jan-12   Wat Wang Pong :   Dogs gone missing!
Popeye has gone missing. I find that the most difficult thing to accept, simply because I start imagining the worst, like with Sala. Popeye was always so small and so scared of the other dogs. She used to hide in the drains. She had only one eye as the other had to be removed when it got infected. She loved Fran and was always so happy to see us. What could have happened to her. Maybe it was the fireworks during Chinese New Year that made her run. Maybe I will find her one day, like I found Special, Greystone and Chedimum. I wish for her and Sala to find a better place. May luck go with them.

 31-Jan-12   Wat Wang Pong :   End of January 2012 update.
The biggest news is that we now have the new enclosure and the puppy enclosure operating. We have 12 puppies and two feeding mums in the puppy pen and at times we get visitors like the dad of one litter and Shiny, who is one of our original pups. In the large enclosure we have many dogs, some of which really do not belong there as they get involved in fights or just because they are so frightened of other dogs. It will take time to sort this out. On the whole they seem to accept their fate. they have shelter, a very large grassy area and get fed regularly.

 31-Jan-12   Vintage Charity and more donations.
We received a generous donation from Verity and Headrock Dogs, one of the oldest dog charities in Huahin, but now located in Bang Sapan. Thank you Verity. We will use it for the neutering of a stray female in Pranburi. She and her three pups were looked after by an expat who has to leave Thailand and I have agreed to place them in Wat Woody where they will be cared for by the dog-loving nun. It is extremely difficult to find a place for a dog who is left behind. So once again I would like to stress how unkind it is to give a dog a home only temporarily. The argument that the dog has had at least some good care does not make up for the awful change in his life when he is turned into a streetdog again. Further donations were received from Kimberley Fisher in Brazil and Sue Barrett in UK. Thank you Kimberley and Sue for your kindness to our temple-dogs. Woof woof!

 23-Jan-12   Wat Na Huay :   Some more news
I visited Wat Na Huay twice over the holiday season and apart from missing Sister I, the darker of the two sisters, all the dogs were well. What a blessing. Further good news is that I finally found Chedimum again, just opposite the main entrance of Wat Wang Pong, down a soi outside the home of a Thai man who said he fed her every day. She was together with Silver and they were both great. Alpha has been wounded again, presumably after a fight and his whole face was swollen. He was cured with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. How many times more, Alpha?

 23-Jan-12   More puppy news.
We have 4 puppies left of our original pack. Two new fluffy brothers on the coffeeshop side, two new skinny mothers dumped on the market side, one with 6 pups and the other with 5, which takes our total of puppies back up to 17. Not a joke. We sadly found one puppy dead in our puppy enclosure. It must have been there for quite some time and it is terrible that nobody noticed this sick little puppy and it had to die there all alone. We have had the other fat black brother adopted by a very nice Thai man who came to visit the temple.

 23-Jan-12   Neuterings and more.
We took Sala and Queen to the vet for neutering and then a terrible thing happened. As I opened the back of my car, Sala jumped out and ran off. She first ran up the main road and was actually hit by a pick-up, but not badly injured. We chased her with the help of bypassers, but she was so frightened and disappeared into a compound, ran right through their garden and out at the back, where it was impossible to follow as it was thick jungle going down to the river. I have been back looking for her every day for a whole week. I even put food down under the bushes, but nothing. She was coming into season, so I was hoping to see a group of male dogs hanging around her. Oh, I feel so guilty. It was so stupid not to put her on a lead or in a dogbox, especially since I knew she was a frightened little dog. It will take a long time for me to get over this. I keep thinking of her at night. She was never outside the temple compound and now she has to fend for herself and in her condition. I do not know what to do. I shall keep looking for her. Her sister Bella and her brother Rug are both fine and looked after. Sala, please find your way back! We took Mini-moo for neutering instead and both she and Queen are well. Poor Sala!

 18-Jan-12   Coco sadly did not make it.
Little Coco was the smallest of all. She was so cute and was immediately adopted by a lovely girl. Then her father phoned me a few days later to say she was sick and could he bring her back. I took her straight to the Kasetsart Hospital where they tried everything, but she was diagnosed with the serious strain of blood parasites, called Babesia. She was not able to take the strong injection needed, as she was already too weak and two days later she died in my garden. It was tragic to see her suffer like that and possibly a relief for her to let go. She is buried in my garden. May she rest in peace. Such a lovely puppy with beautiful eyes.

 18-Jan-12   A weird incident!
When we took the puppies to market for adoption, after Tengkwa had bathed them, Dirk had put new collars on them and we had sprayed them against fleas and ticks, we were missing this little boy when we left the temple. We searched but no luck. After putting all the dogs in our mobile enclosure when we got to the market, a young boy came to tell me that there was a dog under the car. Would you believe that this puppy was sitting on the spare tyre under the car and had travelled all the way like that without coming to any harm. I had to call him Mad Max after that. He was not adopted, however, but after I put him back in the temple, he just disappeared and was never seen again. I can only assume that somebody loved him and took him home. He was such a clever boy and with that kind of luck, I hope he will keep an angel on his shoulder throughout his life. It was nice knowing you, Mad Max. Good luck!

 18-Jan-12   More updates
A lot has happened since my last entry. First of all thanks to my mother (Oma) for her kind donation to the dogs. Then Tengkwa, Dirk and I took another carload of puppies to the market on 9th Jan and 9 being the lucky number in Thailand, we had 8 puppies adopted that day. Again I have taken all contact numbers. One family took 2 brothers and an old lady took our fat black boy as she wanted a playmate for her first puppy from the last lot. I was particularly happy about Robby being taken by a lovely young woman, as he had been a special patient at my house for quite a while. Please see our gallery.

 07-Jan-12   Wat Wang Pong :   A miracle to end the year 2011.
The year 2011 ended with a miracle. Greystone turned up at the post office on the Tanarat military base. What a wonderful feeling that was, when I saw him again. And the new year started with new puppies dumped, so we happily continue with our mission. Thanks to all for your help.

 07-Jan-12   HAPPY 2012
A new beginning of a year, a new beginning of a life and a new beginning of a cycle. I believe it is not too late to still wish you a very happy new year. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a good New Year celebration. We all had a busy time over this period with family and friends, but never neglected our canine friends, the temple-dogs. With one or two injuries, new puppies dumped and a few dogs not seen for a few days, we have to be grateful that in general, the dogs are well and happy. The fireworks over New Year were upsetting as usual, but all things pass. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the best and thank you again for showing interest in the dogs by reading our website.