22-Dec-11   And nothing but good news.
Yes, it does seem unreal. What a week it has been, with new volunteers, another donation, successful neuterings and now 6 adoptions. Today we took 8 delicious smelling puppies, after Tengkwa gave them all a bath, to a local reputable market in Pranburi. 6 of them have now got a new owner and a home. I gave each of them my phone-number and they all promised to contact me if they have a problem with their puppy. All live in the same area as i do, so i can try and keep track of our little friends. It is after all our ultimate aim to give the dogs a home, even if we shall miss them.

 22-Dec-11   Another donation.
Thank you Anneke and Onno from Amsterdam for your generous donation. What a lovely Christmas present for the dogs. We will use the money wisely and we hope you will visit them soon. Thanks again for helping doggies like these. But I have to sadly mention that at Wat Woody two of the 5 puppies we transferred from Wat Wang Pong we failed to help. They tragically died from an illness. One was adopted and the remaining two were also ill, but i was just in time to save them with antibiotics and multi-vitamins. i came too late for the others, the two weaker ones of the litter. One of that litter of 6 we could not catch and she is now running around at Wat Wang Pong with all the other puppies and seems very well. The nun at Wat Woody also took a single boy from Wang Pong and I just hope he will not catch anything there. He is a gorgeous fluffy black and white little boy.

 22-Dec-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Three more neuterings, to avoid puppies like these little darlings.
Three more females at Wat Wang Pong were ready for neutering. Little Tulley, only about 6 months old, from the enclosure and Ling, the monk-girl, also from the enclosure. I was alerted about a new girl on the corner outside the temple-wall, who was in season. She was difficult to catch but we got her at last and she is a beautiful white female who was dumped on the road. We call her Sweetie. The local vet would not treat her because of his religious beliefs, so she had to go to Huahin which cost more but it was well worth it. All three dogs are fine and back where they came from. Thank you again, Hilda. Wish them luck for a carefree future.

 22-Dec-11   New Volunteers
This month has been good to us. We have two new wonderful volunteers, Dirk and Tengkwa. One of the first major things they did was to help at Wat Na Huay with the anti-parasite meds. We treated all the dogs except two of the regular ones. The dogs were rowdy as usual, but happy to see us again.

 13-Dec-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Big and small, young and old.
We feed them all, of course. It is a fun-time but we have to be watchful to stop the bullies bullying and to make sure the shy ones get their share. Afterwards is play-time and a chance for a cuddle. They all love their one-to-one moment of attention. It is sad to have to say that Fa did not survive her illness. She came out of hospital after 5 days and lived for 3 more days at the home of the Thai lady who loves dogs, behind the temple. She just would not eat and despite all the tests, the vet could not say what was wrong with her. The lady wanted her to die at her place. We believe she had damaged her stomach by eating something poisonous as she could not keep anything down and stopped eating. When we found her, her tongue was black. I had known Fa for a long time, a gentle, friendly and playful dog, but with a delicate health. I am still looking for a photograph of her.

 13-Dec-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Puppies come and go
Yesterday the local vet came to vaccinate 15 puppies in the puppy pen at Wat Wang Pong. His services were free. I bought 50 combined vaccines with the donation money. Thank you for your contributions. Of the 17 puppies we lost two. More puppies were dumped in different areas and some were taken home by, hopefully, kind people. Others disappeared like Greystone, M&M and Star. That is upsetting but still preferable to finding their little bodies lying on the ground. I also relocated 5 new brothers and sisters to Wat Woody, with a large bag of food and a present for the nun. They are much safer there. In Wang Pong they have their puppy-pen but can dig themselves out or ignorant people let them out. At least they have security and they usually sleep there after feeding. We are still waiting for the 3 or 4 promised adoptions to take place. All in all, the puppies are surviving until now, despite the cold weather that has set in and the dangers everywhere. They are so adorable and all we can try is to give them a happy and healthy life, no matter how short it may be in some cases.

 01-Dec-11   Donations again.
Once again we want to thank Hilda from the bottom of our hearts for yet another generous donation. You have been so kind. We will never forget. You are now our official sterilisation guardian. The next two will go in for neutering in a week or so. Thanks again! And a further kind donation from David, my husband, who agreed to test the contribution-page as we have had some people complaining that their attempts to use Paypal failed. I am glad to say that it does work. Please follow the instructions and fill in your credit card details with care. Alternatively, you may prefer to send a donation to my private bank account, which I would e-mail to you upon request. I am already so happy that you read my website and are interested in the temple-dogs. Thank you for that.

 01-Dec-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Mama had to go.
But all the money in the world could not save Raven, the mother of 8 puppies who was dumped in this condition, with another two litters of motherless pups. She was mum to all of them and in the end that just proved to be too much. We fed her milk and bread, rice and chicken, biscuits and tinned food. She ate it all. The Thai ladies gave her rice as well, because everybody felt sorry for her. She was so friendly and loved us all. But she was not putting on weight, even if she seemed a bit stronger. Then one day she stopped eating and just stood there shivering with foam on the lips. The vet thinks she ate something bad and her weak system just could not cope with yet another problem. She was on a saline drip, had various injections, but in the evening she was barely conscious and in the morning he told me she had passed away. The day before I had held her head in my hands and looked into her trusting eyes, while I talked to her. Personally, I like to say that she was ready to go, when she realized that her babies could feed themselves and were taken care of by us. She had been a good mum and in memory of her we shall try to keep all 17 puppies healthy for as long as they live. Raven is buried in the temple grounds, so her spirit can guide the puppies.

 01-Dec-11   A celebration of their lives!
No need to remember the end, just the fun and laughter she gave us. Lovely, loud, lively, living her short life to the full. That was Bambam.

 29-Nov-11   Wat Na Huay :   Wat Na Huay is always lovely.
After all the stress at the other temple, it is just bliss and pure relief to visit Wat Na Huay. I love being there with all my friends, even if they are boisterous and over-excited when I visit. I treated 6 of them against parasites and just played with them, gave them some loving and biscuits and everyone was happy. May it last for a long time. My oldest temple-dog friends.

 29-Nov-11   Wat Wang Pong :   End of November updates
So we have come to another month-end. A busy month it was. We have almost finished the monthly treatment against parasites with Endex-4000. I personally would prefer to treat them every 3 weeks as they do not stay tick-free for a month, but since we have started using this medicine only 2 months ago, maybe it needs a build-up in their system. We have had endless problems with various people in the temple about the puppies. They had to be moved to 5 different locations, but now they are roaming around all over the place with their secure area right in the centre of the compound. Only guardian angels can protect them now against accidents or fights. Wish them luck! It is already a miracle that all 17 are still alive and well. We have had promises from farangs (foreigners in Thai) to adopt and we are anxiously awaiting their arrivals at the temple to come and choose their future pets. As soon as I know, I will announce it on the website in capital letters with exclamation marks and pictures. What a Christmas present that would be to the Temple-dogs.

 29-Nov-11   A celebration of their lives!
Sooty, Smartie, Greystone, Bambam, M&M, Star, Handsome. I do not say that you have gone missing, I do not say that you died. I do not say if you were ill or hit by a car or just found a new home elsewhere. All I say is that I miss you and am so very glad to have known you all. A picture of each of you will appear on the website daily in the news column. Today I remember Greystone, Chedi-mum surely misses you, old boy. But I am helping her to accept.

 29-Nov-11   Donations!
A very big THANK YOU from all the dogs, Fran & me to Louise Burfield and Kevin Dwyer for their generous donations. Some of the money has already gone to a 50 kg bag of rice, a 20 kg bag of dry food and a large bag of cat-food. We do not look after the cats as a rule, but the situation in Wat Wang Pong became so bad that we had to assist the last remaining dog-loving monk with extra food. Since so many monks left the temple, he could not cope with the large number of dogs and cats and virtually no food. He told me that some 30 cats would come and sit on the wall every evening, crying for food. The dogs in the enclosure were also suffering badly and continuously fighting each other. Since Fran and I have been spending so much time on the 17 puppies and the other packs outside the enclosure, it became impossible to feed all of them every day. We can now relax a little thanks to the donations and the assistance of the remaining handful of monks and a little old Thai lady, who lives in a shack behind the temple. They make sure the dogs get food every day in the enclosure and near the market area. We give them a top-up and check on their health. Other Thais also come and distribute food, but not on a reliable regular basis.

 22-Nov-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Smartie, goodbye!
Sad sad sad. Smartie, the daughter of M&M who disappeared just when she was ready to start enjoying life, after being neutered and finally in good health with only two puppies of her last litter surviving. Cowboy was the other one, a white boy who had the GOOD LUCK -if i may say so- to fall ill, so he ended up at my house. His sister Smartie looked so healthy and strong and beautiful, was so full of mischief and fun. Why did she have to succumb to this dreadful disease blood parasites, which is the curse of all temple-grounds and is caused by tick-bite. It only took a few days. I found her, after missing her for only a couple of days and then it was already too late. She had stopped eating, her gums and her tongue were yellowish white. I took her to Kasetsart hospital, already knew the treatment and the vet already knew she was going to die. She was at my house for two days and passed away last night. We buried her in our garden, so her spirit can be close to her brother. She did not deserve this, especially since she was treated with Endex-4000 less than a month ago, to prevent ticks and other parasites. Apparently it just takes that one infected tick and in Wat Wang Pong they keep cattle grazing, which brings in these ticks. I shall miss her so much.

 17-Nov-11   Wat Wang Pong :   17 puppies dumped
these 17 puppies, probably from 3 different litters -one with mother- are still surviving. we have had to move them 5 times because of complaints. they are now in a safe area in an enclosure, but they already dig themselves out, so i fear they will be kicked out again. no-one wants them, they get fed and cared for by fran, myself, and occasionally some thai ladies who bring rice. it is a daily routine of hard work, feeding, cleaning, cuddling, chasing and putting them back in their pen. and worrying about diseases. that is why i have not updated the website for so long. apart from that, the temple-dogs in general are well. too many fights in the monks enclosure, but things are getting back to normal, now that the pansa-period is over and the rains have finished. i suppose we are lucky that pranburi did not get flooded.

 01-Nov-11   Dogs wanting a home.
Please check it out in the section Dogs wanting a home. I have added a few more. We really would love to have some of our adorable younger dogs to be adopted, so they do not have to adapt to the harsh conditions in the temple. The older dogs have managed to adjust and are coping, but the younger ones are so vulnerable. This little girl Queen is one of them.

 01-Nov-11   Malee is a symbol of good luck.
This is Bambi/Malee in her beautiful new home. One gone, 90 left behind. Yes, that is the tragic fact in Wat Wang Pong. Over the last two days we treated 67 dogs in Wang Pong against parasites with the meds that were donated by the Kasetsart Hospital. Together with the newly dumped dogs we now have close to 90 dogs in that temple alone. It is getting out of hand, but we will never give up. Not a puppy has been born there for almost a year! So please keep DONATING, so we can keep neutering.

 01-Nov-11   Wat Wang Pong :   cutie!
it is not your fault, cutie. you did not ask to be left at the temple. we will try and save you. and on the other side in the market area another 2 mothers with 4 puppies between them. and a beautiful red and white male came along with all that lot as well.

 01-Nov-11   too many puppies again.
some of the 14 puppies we are helping to feed. they have shelter, a pen and a place to sleep, play and relieve themselves. how many will make it. i dare not get close to them for fear of losing them. i dread the diseases and all the other dangers lurking in the temple-grounds.

 01-Nov-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Please do not cry.
Please do not cry. We are trying to save her. She was left at the temple about 5 days ago, not alone, oh no. With her were at least 14 puppies. No doubt some of them are her own, but how anyone can put puppies from another litter together with a dog in such condition is plain animal cruelty. They all try to suckle and she lets them get that drop of milk from her. She has hardly got the strength to walk and I truly do not know if she will make it. We give her food, milk, porridge and vitamins. We can only hope for the best. She is the sweetest dog and trusts us completely. Please let her live. That is my wish.

 28-Oct-11   And more free meds from Verity.
We were given free testkits for heartworm, bloodboosters and meds against certain bacterial infections by Verity. Bella is doing very well and looks totally at home in her Bang Sapan environment. While Verity, Thep and I were having a well-deserved drink in the evening, we heard puppy cries in the dark, coming from the beach, so we went on a rescue mission and found 6 tiny little puppies dumped on the road near the beach. Have people really no feelings. They were terrified. Amongst all this generally good news, I do not want to forget the sadness I felt when I saw a beautiful big white dog with dark patches lying dead on the side of the road just around the corner from my house. I had fed her occasionally as she looked skinny and was obviously still feeding puppies. I found three of her pups at a house nearby, full of fleas but playful. They did not know their mummy was not coming back. No-one had removed her and no-one was caring for the pups. I must find the owner of the house.

 28-Oct-11   Another lucky break!
I was at the Kasetsart Hospital with my own dogs and I asked the vet if I could get an oral anti-parasite tablet, since I do not inject dogs myself and cannot always get the vet to help. I also find the anti-parasite powder more time-consuming, especially when we treat large numbers of dogs, since you have to measure an amount depending on the weight of the dog and then mix it with some food. with a tablet it is easier and quicker. So how surprised was I, when he handed me a box with 47 strips of 10 tablets each of En-Dex 4000, the exact thing I wanted and it was FREE. A donation. Fran and I immediately treated all 30 dogs at Wat Na Huay the next day. We only missed the monk-dog and one or two fringe-dogs. And we had finished in an hour. A new puppy was dumped at the nuns quarters, but it is well looked after.

 28-Oct-11   Wat Wang Pong :   And then Bambi became Malee.
Yes, that is what happened. When she was adopted by Kanda&Jack, they changed her name to Malee and we all hope that this Malee will have as happy a life as the other Malee in her loving new home with her new friends, the German Shepherd sisters, no matter how long or how short! We also received a very nice financial donation from Jack&Kanda, for which we and the temple-dogs are very grateful.

 28-Oct-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Bambi still at Wat Wang Pong
When Kanda&Jack sadly lost Malee, who was also adopted from Wat Wang Pong, they agreed to adopt a new puppy. I sent them pictures of several pups and then included this one of Bambi, although strictly speaking, she was no longer a puppy. What fantastic news when they phoned me almost immediately to tell me that This Was The One. She reminded them of Malee. They came the next day to collect her. Everyone was delighted. We happily miss you, Bambi!

 15-Oct-11   A visit and a donation!
Frances and Rob Luns visited both temples on 14th October and donated a large 20 kg bag of Pedigree dogfood, a very welcome gift and a treat for our dogs. They may adopt one of our temple-puppies when they move into their new house in Huahin. This may be the lucky one.

 11-Oct-11   Wat Wang Pong :   It never ends.
Last two neuterings were a success. Bella and Darling had their stitches out and can now start to enjoy life. A wonderful discovery. Pinky and her sister Cissy have turned up at the other end of the compound near the monks school. They will get special care again for a long time. Two new adorable puppies found and a fringe-dog had 6 new puppies on the market-side. 1 boy, already adopted and 5 girls. Mum has VG and will get treated as soon as the pups are old enough to eat solids only.

 07-Oct-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Silk & Star
Bad news about Silk & Star, the two sisters who were adopted. The Thai girls who took them had no idea how to look after dogs. When I asked how things were going after three days, she said that one had disappeared and the other one was too frightened to come to the house. I finally managed to get her back with the help of Fran and she is now back at the temple, happy with her friends but withour Star. I feel bad about it as I should have checked out the people who took her. Who knows what happened, she ran up the hill and disappeared into the shrubbery. That was where we found Silk as well. I cannot stop thinking about her.

 29-Sep-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Two more neuterings.
Thanks to Hilda from Holland and her donation, we have been able to neuter two more females. This time we took Bambi from the enclosure who was surely coming into season and a totally unknown little dog with soft poodle-like cream fur. She was actually in the process of mating while other males were fighting her partner. It was a horrific sight. As soon as they were apart, she ran off, but Fran and I managed to find her and thankfully the vet agreed to neuter her at such a late stage. They are both recovering well. We have quite a few injuries from fights but it is all under control. Unfortunately the monks and we do not agree about which dogs should live together inside the enclosure because of the many fights caused by the two aggressors, Alpha and Black Lady. I hope we can come to an agreement.

 29-Sep-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Two sisters adopted together!
When I visited the vet with an injured dog, two Thai young women walked in and asked the vet where they could get a healthy puppy. Here is just the person, he said, pointing at me. I took them straight to Wat Wang Pong and showed them our puppies in the monks enclosure. They immediately pointed at the two white sisters. And luck would have it that one wanted the fluffy one and the other wanted the smooth one, so they took both. I love luck. I took them all the way to their home which is near the hills of Sam Roy Yot, deep into the countryside. They can run up the hill and not meet a car or motorbike, no packs of aggressive dogs, loving owners who feed them and care for them. How great can things be? You deserve a wonderful life, Leo and Sprite, even if your names are a bit funny for two beautiful females.

 21-Sep-11   Wat Wang Pong :   An eventful day at Wang Pong.
Once again, the vet, Fran and I went to treat temple-dogs against parasites. Last week 30 at Wat Na Huay, today we treated 48 dogs at Wat Wang Pong! And we missed some 10 dogs. How can there suddenly be so many healthy dogs in a temple that was once described as the worst place in Thailand for a dog to end up in. I am proud of what we have achieved there. After all the suffering and misery, one can now meet packs of well-fed, playful and happy dogs in that compound. There are far too many of course, as it remains a huge problem to find homes for them. At least we do not see puppies born there anymore. The only pups there are the new ones left by heartless people. Then we saw the cruel side of nature when two adult dogs attacked two newly dumped tiny little kittens. One of them died but fortunately the other one was taken home by a lovely Thai girl. But in exchange she asked me to take an injured crane home to try and save it. She had found the bird and the vet did not have the equipment to treat it. He was shot and the bullet had lodged just above the wing, so it could not fly. I will take it to Kasetsart Hospital to give it the appropriate treatment. In the meantime the bird stays in our aviary with hundreds of budgies and lovebirds and a pond. What a day!

 21-Sep-11   Sad news.
For those of you who read my news updates regularly, you may recall the happy story about Malee, who went to paradise about 6 months ago. She really was a lucky girl to end up with such a nice family in luxurious conditions and with two great canine friends. It was therefore a great shock to receive the news that Malee was sadly killed in a car accident. She did not suffer and was unmarked, I am told, so she must have mercifully died instantly. 6 months or forever, it makes no difference in paradise. She will be missed by those who knew her.

 21-Sep-11   Wat Na Huay :   A big anti-parasite day
On 13th September the three of us - the vet, Fran and I - treated some 30 dogs at Wat Na Huay against parasites, mostly by injecting them with Dectomax and the ones who did not want to be caught had the medicine in their food. They all needed it badly as they are suffering from mange, ticks and other parasites. I am not saying they were neglected but since we encountered no problems in Wat Na Huay for such a long time, we concentrated much more on Wat Wang Pong. We will treat the ones with the worst symptoms after a two week period. The vet was marvellous and provided his services for free. We supplied the medicine, needles, equipment etc. No reports of accidents or deaths. Great relief and a sense of achievement.

 09-Sep-11   Bella with her guardian angels.
You may have read my previous news items about Bella and then you would know that Verity and Thep from Bang Sapan, agreed to look after Bella until we can either find her a new temporary home, or until Sue comes back permanently after three years. Bella was delivered in Bang Sapan this week and she settled down beautifully. Apart from her tremble, she is in good health, loves the sea and the beach, eats well and will soon be neutered. She is only about 6 months old. She has to wait for her second vaccination and then she will be able to mix with the many other rescue dogs Verity and Thep care for. In the meantime she is getting stronger and who knows, the tremble may fade too.

 09-Sep-11   Bella with Sue.
Sue saved Bella from death by taking her home and caring for her until she had to return to Oman. Unfortunately Bella was left with a nervous disorder, which gives her a permanent tremble especially down her backlegs and she is therefore quite weak. She could not go back to the temple like that for her own safety. But who knows what will happen with vitamins and good care. Time will tell. Sue cannot wait until she can take her back, in three years time, when she and her husband will come here for good.

 09-Sep-11   Another donation from Holland.
Another wonderful donation, made by Hilda from Haarlem in Holland. Who said the Dutch are stingy! Thank you, Hilda. We can have at least 8 female dogs neutered thanks to you and I took Xena and Blackie from Wat Wang Pong to be sterilized today.

 09-Sep-11   Greeting Cards are ready!
The greeting cards are ready. They are for sale in packs of 6 blank cards with envelopes at 250 baht per pack. Each pack contains 6 different prints of our temple-dogs and we have twelve printed cards to choose from. Please contact me if you want to make a purchase.

 01-Sep-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Henry adopted!
Cool Henry was taken to his new home by me last night, deep into the countryside, far away from modern dangers and he now lives with a typical rural Thai family, who were really keen to take him. May he live a happy life with them and may they give him the love he deserves. We will miss his wonderful character at Wat Wang Pong. Good luck Henry.

 30-Aug-11   End of August update.
During my last visit to Wat Na Huay I was so happy to see all my old friends happy and well. I was greeted with lots of dirty paws and noise and licks and rewarded them with their favourite biscuits. Some of them look in need of their monthly anti-parasite injection and I hope to take care of that in September. At Wat Wang Pong everything is looking good, but it is definitely crowded. Fran and I are cleaning up the enclosure and I think we are winning the battle against the fleas, but it takes time. We have had heavy rains and with that we usually find some dogs falling ill. We still have some cases with ulcers in and around the mouth, bitewounds, etc. but nothing we cannot cure with medicine. Two more females were neutered and we are now down to only the young dogs under 6 months old, who will be next. No major disasters, thank goodness.

 30-Aug-11   Hard Work.
Unfortunately, through circumstances beyond my control, only Fran and I are now continuing with the care of our temple-dogs. Added to which, I now have two more temples to visit regularly, as I have had to put 4 puppies in Wat Petchravudh, where the monk Phra Sombat agreed to keep an eye on them. As soon as they are strong enough, they will go back to the enclosure in Wat Wang Pong, where they originally came from, but where the conditions were too rough for them. Things there have improved hugely thanks to the hard work and good care of mainly Fran. Furthermore, I have to visit Wat Huay Saleng Pan more frequently as we have a dog called Annie, who was placed there through us and she is gravely ill. This is also the place where the headmonk beat the puppy so badly that he is now paralysed. The nun has had to build a new enclosure for her and the dogs and is begging for assistance with funds. She has to raise a further 40 000 Baht, so anyone willing to contribute, please contact me.

 30-Aug-11   Save Bella!
Verity & Thep, who live in Bang Sapan and run Headrock Dogs, have agreed to look after lucky Bella until we can find her a more permanent home. Sadly Sue has to go back to Oman this week, so we were so lucky to get Bella adopted on a temporary base. Thank you Verity and Thep and may you enjoy her company.

 11-Aug-11   Wat Wang Pong :   And where is M&M?
Is this going to be another fairytale like Special who turned up in the Tesco/Lotus carpark months after she disappeared. Or is this going to be a nightmare like Lulu who vanished and never came back. M&M was finally ready to enjoy the rest of her life, neutered, healthy, looking good and leaving behind her two remaining pups in good health and well looked after. Where did she go. What happened to her. Nobody in the area seems to know. I can only wish for a miracle.
    11-Aug-11   A kind donation
And a kind donation of 1000 Baht from Dr. Aphichart Jirawat and his new bride Ms. Tiwanan Kraboktho towards the building of a fence at the temple where the incident with the paralysed puppy took place, so the nun can keep her dogs and cats safely inside, away from one vicious dog-hating monk. Thank you both!

 11-Aug-11   AWOL, 5 August 2011
A frontpage article in the local weekly magazine called AWOL, about the little puppy that was paralysed after being beaten by a monk! Please look at www.awolonline.net

 11-Aug-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Bambam. Why?
I try so hard to find the words to tell about her. Happy,a little crazy, full of life, energetic, young, cute, loud, fearless, playful, careless, free, so friendly and I thought healthy. We all loved that little smooth-haired dog. What happened to her. How could she suddenly be so ill. Her gums so white, her energy gone, no appetite and separate from the pack, so unusual for little Bambam. She had all her vaccinations, she had regular anti-parasite injections, but still she fell ill. She died while I was stroking her in the car, next to me, on the way to the vet. I do not know why. Little Bambam, we miss you so. Your presence was such fun. I remember your playfights with Silver, your little limp you so bravely ignored after someone, human, car or motorbike must have hit you, your loud funny highpitched bark as you followed the car, the day we had to pick you up and take you back by car because you had followed us into unknown and dangerous territory outside the temple. How sad the temple is without you. Wherever you are, I am sure you make everyone happy there too. You were special!

 02-Aug-11   But this is the worst!
This little boy cannot walk anymore, after he was beaten with a stick. It happened inside the grounds of a temple and was witnessed by 2 people. The guilty person lives there too. We are still trying to establish what damage was done to him. It is disgusting and unacceptable. We are trying to get justice for him. (See stories)

 02-Aug-11   Wat Wang Pong :   How could they.....
Lady we named her and a lady she is, old and mangy, with poor eyesight and no teeth, meant to end her days in comfort in a familiar home with regular meals and a safe place to sleep, but left in the temple grounds in the pouring rain, without food and with no shelter, amongst dogs who do not welcome strangers. How can this really happen. What a world we live in, where one can throw away an old dog like a used paper cup or a tissue. It is sickening. And she trusts us and is so friendly. How can she be, when she was so let down by the human race. It breaks my heart.
    25-Jul-11   Thanks to our team.
I want to give a regular thanks to our helpers Claudia, Fran and a new lady called Sue, who is here for a few months.
Thanks for your time, your help, your numerous donations and for loving the temple-dogs. Sue has taken little Bella from the enclosure back home to make her strong again, but when she leaves Thailand in a while, Bella will have to go back to the temple. SO PLEASE CAN SOMEONE GIVE BELLA A HOME? She is so delicate.

 25-Jul-11   Damdam
Remember Damdam, the puppy with the broken backlegs? He was adopted indeed, by a wonderful Thai lady and her daughter. They live in a nice little house with a pretty garden, surrounded by fields on all sides. His new friends are an old lady-dog and a tiny little lapdog puppy. And Damdam can run around again! Just like a fairytale. So it is not all bad news all the time. I will update the photo.

 25-Jul-11   Wat Na Huay :   Wat Na Huay and Wat Woody
Visited, fed and injected Wat Na Huay doggie-friends. Discovered a male dog from nextdoor coffeeshop in emaciated and very sick state. He always used to come and join us in the days of Mollie, but his cruel owners poisoned Mollie. Naturally I never visited them again and so failed to help their suffering dog. We could only give him some kindness when we found him. Claudia was going to take him home, but on the day we went to collect him, he died. As if he wanted to tell us that it was too late. It makes me feel bad. At Wat Woody we injected some 20 dogs and donated a sack of rice.

 25-Jul-11   Wat Wang Pong :   A bit of this and that.
4 Puppies are trying to survive! See picture. Totti got rid of his ulcers thanks to magic frozen liquid medicine to boost his immune system, will try same on Smartie. 5 More females were neutered succesfully, but one is doubtful as vet claims he found nothing inside, but cannot recall neutering her before.

 16-Jul-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Lucky temple-pup was adopted.
This lucky puppy was given a new home by a kind Swiss couple, Muriele and Gunther, who came to visit Wat Wang Pong and took an almost immediate liking to her, out of all the other dogs in the enclosure. Her brother was left behind, but luckily he will not know what he is missing until it happens to him! We thank them also for their kind donation. Sometimes wonderful things happen. May they make each other very happy and may they enjoy each other forever. Thank you Muriel and Gunther.