30-Jun-11   Chedimum
Somebody owned her once. She was one of the 7 with Greystone, who were dumped so callously. 5 of her friends died. Then she fell pregnant. She had her 3 puppies inside a chedi. So dark, so frightening, so lonely. Luckily she was found. Ignorant people took 2 of her puppies away, far too young. Damdam was her last one. But careless people broke his little legs when they drove over him. He is now recovering, visits his mum regularly, but will go to a new home and Chedimum is waiting to be neutered. Then she can return to Greystone in the hope of living the rest of their lives in peace. We will care for them, while we can. Nobody wants to adopt 2 adult dogs together and they must not be separated!

 30-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Greystone before his oildip.
This is his natural colour.

 30-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Thai way of treatment against fleas, ticks, lice
Greystone (formerly Old Grey) was and is doing so well after we blowdarted him and managed to give him his shots. He eats well, loves his milk!, comes outside and has turned into a happy old boy. So it was a huge shock to me when I found him one morning, covered in black oil from head to toe. I could not understand what had happened. After asking around I was told that this is the way many Thais treat their dogs against skin problems. Apparently his previous owner, who had dumped him there, came to visit and treated him this way. One wonders why he does not take his dogs home with him. 5 of the 7 he left there have since died. We are determined to keep Greystone and Chedimum alive and well.

 30-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   End of June updates continued.
Cowboy is making a brilliant recovery at my house, where he will stay. Damdam is now in his third week with his broken backlegs bandaged, also at my home. He is doing very well and hopefully, if the x-ray shows no complications after week three, he will go to a new home, a Thai family in this area.

 30-Jun-11   Monthly anti-parasite treatment!
At wat Na huay only 3 severe cases of mange, Peace, Mungo and Fit. At Wat Wang Pong we treated 48 dogs against parasites, most of them were injected by Claudia with Dectomax and the rest were given Ivomectin in their food by Fran and myself. A great success and that while Claudia was so ill before she went into hospital. Thank goodness she is back.

 30-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   End of June updates
Many many thanks to Claudia and Fran for their kind donations of 1000 baht each, towards the spraying of the compound. Inside the enclosure we lost 3 more dogs. 1 puppy killed by Alpha, 1 presumed killed by Alpha and a brown male, who had been ill but was too shy to let us near him for treatment. Alpha attacked several other males, so the theory of neutering a male to make him more placid is rubbish, in my opinion. We saw the same with Bully at Wat Na Huay. Totty doing really well on the immune system booster meds. He has lost so many of the ulcers and the Kasetsart vets have put him on a further course to try and avoid surgery on the tongue.

 15-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Pest Control
Yes, it was done. The whole area which is now fenced off was sprayed against fleas, ticks and other bugs. First the buildings and the concreted areas and then the large area of grassland behind. Some of the monks are suspicious of the chemical, but they used a product which is entirely safe for animals and humans. So let us hope they will see a difference after a few weeks. The cost was 3000 Baht and we were given a discount of 1000 Baht by the company C.S.S.G. Pest Control Service, for which we are extremely grateful of course. If anyone is in a position to donate part of the remaining 2000 Baht, we would really appreciate such an offer. Please visit the Contributions page where you can make a donation.

 15-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   and yet another farewell
Greeneyes was too beautiful, but never healthy. She suffered from blood parasites with the same symptoms as Tumtum. It came back three times. Twice we could cure her, but the last time it was too much. She also had jaundice. I will think of her wagging her tail in happiness when she saw me, even when she was so ill. Bye beautiful Greeneyes.

 15-Jun-11   Cauliflower
It means nothing to those who did not know him. But it hurts those who did know him. We actually loved him. Little Cauliflower was his name because of his ear. He was so often hurt. I wish i could have helped him more. Go and play with your friends, my boy and enjoy never feeling pain again. See you, little one. You were here for me at least and you were very special to me. Now you need not be afraid anymore. I shall remember your shiny little eyes and treasure that memory.

 03-Jun-11   Sunshine
i was called out to go and see a dog that was hit by a car on the road outside the temple. she had a broken pelvis, a dislocated hip and a torn knee ligament. she was treated at the kasetsart hospital and is now recovering at my house. the operation was expensive but was paid for by the hospital foundation which was a blessing. when she can walk again, she will live in the eclosure with the monks, as we cannot find a home for her. the only good thing about this case is that i suspect her to be the mother of vanilla. she was away for months at the clinic of khun pym in ratchaburi where she was treated against vg. i do not recognize her because she looks so well, but the locals tell me that she is the dog i took away to be cured. i now treat her as my long lost friend.

 03-Jun-11   Old Grey first dog to be blowdarted by Claudia!
Old Grey was the first one to be blowdarted. We had a bit of a scare, as it took him so long to wake up again. This could be due to the fact that we might have used a bit of an overdose, but i put it down to the fact that he was in general poor health. We managed to cut his fur, inject him against parasites and checked him over. He is now doing well and eating properly.

 03-Jun-11   Wat Wang Pong :   End of May update continued
Popeye had surgery to remove her eye. Success! Alpha was neutered to make him less aggressive. Monks paid. Spottie Dad had a deep cut on his leg stitched. Cowboy (previously called One) doing well at my house, recovering from mange. White/brown girl at monks neutered. Red-Girl market neutered. Totty only one left with bad mouth ulcers. Will remove by surgery when finances improve. All dogs treated against parasites with help of Claudia and Fran. All new dogs and pups generally in good condition.

 01-Jun-11   Sadness at Wat Petchravudh, Huahin
It has happened again, the thing we dread probably most of all, poisoning of our beloved dogs. In this case they were three happy healthy dogs, who were special friends of Claudia. She takes care of all the dogs at Petchravudh and is proud of the fact that they are healthy and happy because of regular care, good food and loving attention. So why did anybody want to cruelly torture and kill Patch, Huggie and Tengkwa by poisoning. They NEVER did any harm, they were just living the life of a temple-dog with courage and accepting their fate with charm. i knew them well and cannot imagine the rest of the pack without them. only buddhists can help to get rid of these evil people by teaching their own. until then the dogs must suffer and we have to see it.

 31-May-11   Wat Wang Pong :   end of may update
a lot happened in may at wat wang pong. good and bad. a good thing is that the monks have built a fence right along the width of the compound. inside are the little houses where the monks sleep, a huge grassy area for the dogs. they cut the grass and feed them at the back under a big tree against the wall. although some of the dogs still move backwards and forwards from the enclosure to outside the compound, they do go back in when it is feeding time. it gives such a comfortable feeling to know that they are safe from cars, motorbikes, drunks and cruel or ignorant people with sticks and stones and other dangers. they get fed and have shelter from the rain or the heat. we only have to check that the area is kept clean, the dogs fed and that they always have fresh water. occasional fights happen, expecially the young ones are vulnerable but this can happen outside as well where nobody will help to protect them. at least inside there are some real dogloving monks.

 31-May-11   Wat Na Huay :   end of may update
all wat na huay dogs are in good shape. a few cases of stubborn mange, but we treated them twice this month. the sister of khob was returned to the temple. the person who adopted her did not want her anymore, after just two weeks! i reckon she is better off at wat na huay. chompoo doing well, wound recovered beautifully.

 12-May-11   General news flashes.
We have a new volunteer, Fran from UK. She helped to treat most of the dogs at Wat Na Huay with ivomectin powder in their food on May 7. We also visited Wat Woody and treated Jenny with ivomectin. One of the three chedi puppies at WWP has already been taken. He was far too young!!! We try to tell people but it takes time to teach them. May he be happy, poor little thing. Petch-5 team very well at Petchravudh.

 12-May-11   More neutering but more pups dumped as well.
Mini-Ruby and Sugar at Wat Petchravudh were neutered. Tumtum and Allie (daughter of Alice) at Wat Wang Pong were neutered. 4 Gorgeous new pups were dumped in the market at Wang Pong. But we will never give up!

 12-May-11   Wat Na Huay :   final neutering at wat na huay for now!
khob and her sister were the last two females remaining, who were not neutered. they were both sterilised on may 4. khob remains at the temple, while her sister was adopted.

 12-May-11   visit to margot in bangkok
claudia and i visited margot, the founder of scad, to find out more about blowdarting. claudia has ordered the equipment from germany and with all the advice and practice, i trust to see her blowdart her first dog next week. what a brilliant achievement that will be. after a nice and informative chat with margot and a really good italian lunch, we returned home. it was great to see her incredible variety of dogs in her own lovely home and garden. but for me the highlight was to see her dogs doing their daily exercise on the treadmill. that was definitely a first for me.

 12-May-11   Wat Na Huay :   donation from mehchee!
the head-nun at wat na huay donated 2000 baht towards the temple-dogs after chompoo was treated. so these dogs do have friends, as you can see on the photograph.

 12-May-11   Wat Na Huay :   chompoo got hurt
chompoo is one of the veteran dogs at wat na huay. she absolutely adores to play in water. no-one knows how she got her ugly gash. it had to be stitched twice as she opened it up after the first attempt. it is healing nicely now, despite the fact that she did get it wet again several times. naughty girl!

 07-May-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Tribute to CK
CK, you were. The sadness is. I see you. Wishing is a waste of time, but one does. I gave you some comfort, we connected, did we not, boy! You lived this life well. Brave boy. It was good to know you. Fare well, CK. See you!

 24-Apr-11   The Petcha-5 Team
My famous five, who moved from Wat Wang Pong to Wat Petcharavud and hopefully, but surely, to a better life. They are Bonnie, the oldest, Sugar, Mini-Ruby, Micky and last but not least, our beloved Cauliflower. All five were in one way or another being bullied at Wang Pong. They were regularly bitten and suffered from injuries or were too shy to get their share of food they always had to fight for. Now they are in a much less crowded temple, where they get loving care from the monk and regular check-ups by Claudia. What a great change for them. Please look at their pictures in the Wang Pong gallery, so you can get to know them.

 24-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   CK very ill!
CK is my friend. Look how handsome he was. If you saw him now, you would be shocked. He has been at my home now for almost 2 weeks. He has, of course, blood parasites and some other infection. He is skin and bones, has not eaten for days, but only drinks a lot of water. He was just beginning to recover from mange and now this. It is so difficult to diagnose blood parasites. It seems to be always too late when you notice it. I am not sure if he will make it. He is not an easy dog to treat. I accept whatever happens.

 24-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   More news from Wang Pong.
Tiktok and Speckles (photos will follow) were neutered at the hospital of dr. nui and are recovering well. Speckles was one of the dogs with ulcers around the mouth but the vet removed them during the op. She looks lovely again. A new volunteer, Carol from UK, came to visit when Claudia and I injected several dogs at Wang Pong with dectomax. Sadly she is going back home soon. We also delivered a sack of rice at Wat Woody, which was a gift from Claudia. Injected a few dogs with mange there, like my little Jenny.

 24-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Updates
Yes, a lot is happening. Upon advice from the Kasetsart vet, I am now treating all the dogs with doxy for one month. I do it in sections, starting with the largest group in the middle (approx. 25 dogs), then the market-dogs and the dogs in the monks quarters last. One, the white pup, had his second injection against blood parasites and is doing brilliantly. Now i have to find him a new home. His sister Two has remained strong and little Xena looks like new after bad mange. Mum is now called M&M which stands for mangy mum, obviously. But she also looks great again. Soon to be neutered!

 18-Apr-11   second donation from Ied!
ied from holland sent us another kind donation. the dogs and i cannot thank her enough. we will use it carefully and will let you know what it was spent on. wooff wooff xxx Wiggy on the photograph is the symbol of our website.

 13-Apr-11   Ulcers in and around the mouth.
6 dogs have now come down with these ulcers, on the lips, on the tongue, all around the mouth. the internet tells me they are harmless and will disappear in time. let us hope so. it is due to the fact that their immune system is low. i am now trying to improve that by giving them more nutrituous food and daily medicine for two weeks, but to give concentrated treatment to one group of dogs obviously means neglecting other dogs. totty is one of the dogs suffering from ulcers. I seriously appeal for volunteers in the area of Pranburi. Please help if you can, just once or twice a month would be great. Claudia is the only one who helps me once a week.

 13-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Tictac also gone
The same symptoms as Putsi, same background, same age, same end. The autopsy on Putsi showed it was not poisoning. They both became lethargic, had pale gums and this awful clotting blood in the mouth. On the day i took them to the hospital they were still eating! Three days later they were dead. What is this strain of blood parasites. If anyone knows, please tell me! Poor little Putsi, poor little Tictac.

 05-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Dad on guard?
It looks like Dad is guarding the entrance to the small mausoleum, where his black female friend has given birth to 3 puppies. They were always together after they were dumped at the temple. Both are very shy and this is the reason why she had pups in the temple compound, which is totally against the rules! All females must be neutered. But nobody could catch her. Since she lost all her other friends in the group she was dumped with, I would like to make an exception just this once. Let her feel that some of her friends have come back to her, reborn in her babies. After this I will have her neutered. Wait for the photograph of Mum and pups, when they come out.

 05-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Mama with her precious babies
When she was dumped she was starved, mangy and had 6 puppies to feed. No wonder they were weak. Sure enough, one after the other died, especially during the terrible cold spell. Now she has a son and a daughter left and if fate is kind, they will grow up, Mum will be neutered and all will be well. I will try and help to keep them healthy.

 05-Apr-11   Wat Claudia day
Today Claudia and I treated all the dogs at her temple, Wat Petchravud in Huahin. There are only 20 dogs in that temple, but they are healthy and well-fed. It is a pleasure to go somewhere, where you can count on the loving care of the monks, who help to catch and hold the dogs without fear. They feed them and look after them and you do not really need to worry about them. It was an easy day for a change. Great work, Claudia. You can be proud.

 05-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Was it a mistake?
I took Putsi and Jenny from Wang Pong to Wat Huay Salengpan (Wat Woody) because i thought they would be better looked after there. Did i do wrong. She only lived there for a few days and now she is dead. I found her bleeding from the mouth 3 days ago, the nun told me a day later to come and get her. She still managed to get up and wag her tail in greeting. I took her to the hospital, severe blood parasites, bleeding from the organs, low temperature, anaemia and even possible bleeding from toxins in the body. That was the diagnosis. How could she be dead that same night. I so much wanted her to have a better chance. Maybe all i did, was to send her to her death. Why do i always feel so guilty. It is much easier to say nevermind and that she will be re-born in a better life. I really want to believe that. Please may Jenny prove that i was right to transfer them. Look at Woody. She is happy after moving there.

 01-Apr-11   Wat Na Huay :   dectomax day
also dectomax day at na huay. treated 7 dogs, who suffered worst. but on the whole the na huay dogs are very well and did not suffer from the cold as much as the wang pong babies. thank you claudia for your help!

 01-Apr-11   Wat Wang Pong :   no april fools
we have had terribly cold weather for days, totally out of order in march, april. the dogs suffered, especially the puppies. one more white puppy left us. mum has now got only 2 left but she is getting stronger. and the black survivor of the deserted pack, (she lives with the sheepdog-like male), had puppies in a small mausoleum, which humans cannot enter. trust her. then claudia and i took jenny and putsi to wat woody, after jenny and elsa chased chickens at wang pong. they are settling in. gave nun 500 baht to help with food. we left old elsa back in the market area. today dectomax day. treated the worst cases. See Elsa with her black socks on against the cold.

 01-Apr-11   contributions
the dogs and i would like to thank jan for his kind contribution. wooff xxx

 26-Mar-11   Contribute-Button
Please may I draw your attention to the fact that we now have a Contribute-Button on the Contributions-page which makes donating so much easier and quicker. Thank you for your attention.

 25-Mar-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Malee (previously known as Ruby) goes to paradise!
Dumped as a puppy, survived distemper epidemic, fought for scraps with her little temple-friends, neutered at a young age for her own protection, came down with bad blood parasites, got paralysed and was near death, treated by Kasetsart University vets, made a miraculous recovery, stayed at my home until ....... she was adopted by Khanda and Jack, who live in a beautiful home with a large garden and took her in lovingly. She was accepted by their two German Shepherd sisters as a friend. Every living being in the world would like to go to paradise. Malee made it. You deserve it, girl. Think of your friends you left behind in the temple. I will help to look after them. Be happy.

 25-Mar-11   donations
the dogs and i would like to thank david for his kind donation.xxx wooff. the dogs and i would like to thank karin for her kind donation.xxx wooff.

 19-Mar-11   Our Ultimate Success!
Two puppies, found on the roadside, adopted by a happy new owner! Britt & Sam found a litter of puppies, looked after them, took them to the temple and after showing the poster with their pictures, these two lucky ones were chosen. They now live somewhere on a farm in Pranburi.

 15-Mar-11   Wat Wang Pong :   new patients at home
i took ruby and tictac to kasetsart hospital. tictac was limping badly, presumably hit by a car or motorbike. diagnosis - badly bruised but not broken. put on meds. but ruby was serious. became paralysed in backlegs. diagnosis - severe blood parasites, on doxy and blood booster. both at my home. tictac got better soon and is back at the temple. ruby got worse, back to hospital. worried about brain damage and neurological problems. put on more pills to help her neurological system. was not looking good, but after 10 days she started eating again and is now walking better every day. a miracle. if only someone could take her home. my own dogs do not tolerate her. i keep trying for a new home for her.

 15-Mar-11   Wat Wang Pong :   news items
Alice was neutered and apparently only just in time. she might have been pregnant already. she is doing fine. We finished treating all dogs with anti-parasite medicine for this month. CK on new meds for his skin condition. Bonnie being treated for infected bitewound inside hindleg. Big swelling but going down. New mum with 6 puppies near monk entrance, doing well, pups treated against fleas etc and dewormed. 3 older pups found and injected with dectomax but disappeared again.

 02-Mar-11   Wat Na Huay :   wat na huay day
claudia, britt, sam and i managed to treat all the regular dogs, except for one, against parasites. great feeling. thanks britt and sam, for the tablets for those dogs we cannot hold. they get a tablet in the food.

 02-Mar-11   Wat Na Huay :   the team at work
it is such fun injecting dogs!

 02-Mar-11   snow-white, a fairy tale
two little puppies found on the road, one was white and one was brown. one was friendly and one was scared. one was adopted and one was killed by a train. how can two little lives start so closely and end so differently. good luck little white one. goodbye little brown one.

 19-Feb-11   Wat Wang Pong :   5 dogs neutered in wang pong in feb.
floppy, jade, jenny, jill and ruby were neutered in february at dogchance. may they live happily ever after.

 19-Feb-11   Wat Wang Pong :   sad times again
G and F died, the little pup of lame mum died and vanilla has disappeared. too much. G and F were supposed to be looked after by some thais while i was away, but they did not even feed them as far as i could see. particularly upsetting as they chose to look after the dogs when i offered to take them. lack of education again, i suppose as it certainly was not lack of love. the mother has now lost all her pups and is afraid of me, possibly because i took her last baby away to my home to die in comfort. at least we managed to give her a dectomax jab. as for vanilla, all my dreams of creating a reunion with mum after her return from ratchaburi where she made a full recovery from vg, have gone up in smoke. i cannot see mum anymore either. but my secret hope is that mother and son did find each other and have found a new home together as i have not seen their bodies. hope is a balm.

 19-Feb-11   wat woody
officially wat huay saleng pan in pranburi, where woody lives now. sam and britt came along to see how claudia and i (mo has left) work with the dogs. new dogs, so many injections. we managed about 20 dogs for the first time with dectomax, deworming puppies and helping the nun with food. this will not become a regular temple. thanks to britt and sam for their interest.

 28-Jan-11   Wat Na Huay :   End of the month news at wat na huay
i had not visited for quite some time because of all the new puppies at wang pong. in general all the dogs are well. claudia, mo and i managed to inject the ones who needed it most, with dectomax but we have not finished. from the 5 dumped puppies, one was adopted, one killed by a car and we vaccinated the three left. very sad to hear that the only remaining boy was killed by a car the next day. what does it take to check under a car to make sure all is clear, before driving off. other very worrying news is that i cannot find lulu and poppy. i hope for a miracle like with special, as no-one can confirm that they were killed.

 28-Jan-11   Woody moves again
Little woody, who came originally from wat na huay and was adopted by claudia, had to be relocated as she did not get on with her other dogs. i found a place for her in a new temple, wat huay saleng pan, also in pranburi. she seems to have settled down very well and a nun takes personal care of her. i visited her today and she wagged her tail.

 28-Jan-11   Wat Wang Pong :   End of the month news at wang pong
One fringe puppy neutered at huahin hospital. No neutering by pym this month. All dogs injected with dectomax against fleas, ticks etc. this month. Tumtum, puppy with swollen tummy back to kasetsart hospital, treated against another strain of blood parasites, recovering beautifully, now living at thai family near wang pong railway station. Some puppies died during the cold season, but now there are no dangerously sick dogs left, for the time being. New mother with litter dumped in the market.

 13-Jan-11   Donations over the Christmas period
I have had quite a few donations during the festive season from family and friends and I would like to thank Onno and Anneke for buying 10 more calendars (improved version), Kimberley and Urs for buying 4 calendars, Mrs. Hester Pas for buying 1 calendar plus a large cash donation.

 13-Jan-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Cookie
I was called to go and see Cookie, who was lifeless, had a gaping infected hole where her eye was and was covered in parasites. I took her to hospital. She had severe blood parasites and was a very sick dog. She made an amazing recovery and if you are interested, you should read about her treatment in Stories section. She is now back home outside the temple wall, living in dreadful conditions, but loved. I check on her regularly.

 13-Jan-11   Wat Wang Pong :   Vanilla
Vanilla is recovering from severe mange, after his mother was taken to hospital with vg. His little sister was worse and disappeared, feared dead. I am hoping for a happy reunion when Mum comes back.

 02-Jan-11   HAPPY 2011
To all of you who read my news, have a great year and may each of you feel happy at least once when helping a stray dog by feeding, stroking, curing or simply being a friend to him or her. thank you and good luck, josette