06-Dec-10   success
i maintain that goodlooking dogs get adopted more easily, contrary to the belief of others that it is the needy and sadlooking dogs that go first. however, it is not important, but the fact remains that this past week, we had a cute little puppy adopted at wat na huay, where a litter of 5 had been dumped, which had not happened for a long time. and at wat wang pong two poodles were taken after recovering from illness and having been groomed by some kind doglover. another dalmation look-alike and a fluffy beautiful black and white pup were also taken.

 06-Dec-10   still missing my diary!
i feel really bad when i think of all the entries i made about my dog-friends from both temples over the last 5 years. all emotions recorded about them being found, cured, adopted, killed or whatever. lost and maybe forgotten after a while. not fair!

 26-Nov-10   Wat Wang Pong :   my precious diary of the last 5 years
today we, the team, were injecting dogs at wat wang pong, mainly puppies, with dectomax and some with tetradoc, we treated several other dogs, fed them all and then took dao to the veterinary hospital because of a swollen leg. he is on medication and has also been diagnosed with blood parasites, like almost every temple-dog. when i got home, i discovered that my diary had gone. this is devastating as i have been recording all my visits and treatments of the temple-dogs in there for the last 5 years. i also wrote about some very private memories of my own dogs and i recorded all the neuterings, vaccinations etc. of all dogs in that diary. i pray someone will find it and return it to me.

 19-Nov-10   get the best medical care if possible
i have been to every vet in the area over the past 6 years. i have loved them all, but now i go to the new kasetsart university training hospital for animals between huahin and pranburi. i find them up-to-date and friendly and there are always several vets on duty.

 20-Nov-10   Calendar 2011
a huge success. all calendars were sold at the x-mas fayre chez buffalo bill and lorraine on november 18. thanks to lena, tina, henya, katja, khun iris, ruth, lorraine and bill for supporting the temple dogs. we also received donations. anyone interested in ordering a calendar at 300 baht or more, can do so by contacting me through my website. it will only take a few days.

 19-Nov-10   Wat Na Huay :   happy dogs at wat na huay
after vaccinating almost all the dogs at wat na huay, they are again happy and healthy. we missed a few who would not be caught. and we will never forget our friends who disappeared. i am thinking of my lovely friend Mollie who was cruelly poisoned.

 12-Nov-10   Wat Wang Pong :   a different story at wat wang pong
unlike the success we have had at wat na huay, it remains difficult to achieve the same at wang pong. too many different areas, no cooperation between people, easy access from many entrances, a market area where pups get dumped non-stop, a poor neighbourhood, all reasons why we cannot control the packs of dogs. diseases like distemper outbreaks, blood parasites etc. occur all the time. too many puppies are left there without the mothers. and although we have neutered all adult females and vaccinated all the old-timers, there is a continuous influx of new dogs, young and old and it feels at times as if we have to start all over again, right from the beginning, which is to befriend the dogs first. however, i will keep on with the same routine. in my life each dog deserves the same care. anyone is welcome to visit and contribute!

 12-Nov-10   Wat Na Huay :   how things should be
almost 40 wat na huay dogs, with the exception of a handful who would not be caught, have all been vaccinated with combined and rabies until next year november and have had their anti-parasites shot until next month. all females were neutered and it gives you a feeling of achievement. we lost the ones who were poisoned or found themselves a new home. i keep dreaming. when you visit wat na huay, you will see healthy happy dogs. i love to go to that temple.

 12-Nov-10   Wat Na Huay :   mollie and the others
yes, you had better believe it, she was poisoned and i assume the missing bratpackers were too. they all lived in the same area. evil people must be such unhappy people. mollie came back from the dead, became healthy again and i would like to think happy until she died. i wish them all a happy journey together.

 12-Nov-10   Wat Wang Pong :   eternal struggle
never-ending fight against distemper is heartbreaking. we have lost so many dogs over the years, especially during this season when it gets colder. i have seen them die within 48 hours. we cannot vaccinate them too young and when we do, it is often too late as they carry the disease already. so many angels left us. let us be strong and fight for the survivors!

 29-Oct-10   Wat Wang Pong :   Puppy Explosion
two days ago i counted some 40 new puppies, dumped over the last three months or so. the most recent were a litter of ten pups, just left under a stone seat on a piece of cardboard with some sticky rice. they each fitted into my hand. i managed to transfer them to a place in huahin where they get more care and where some may get adopted as it is next to the neutering clinic, where many people pass by. it is particularly cruel if you think that this is the middle of the rainy season this year. we have had unusual heavy rains and many dogs suffer from weather-related diseases. it will get worse when the cold season starts. i appeal to anyone living in this area to donate food like rice or dry biscuits, tins etc., bedding, medication against parasites or whatever can be of use to a temple-dog.
    29-Oct-10   Wat Wang Pong :   Neutered dogs are back
8 neutered dogs are back, Grace,Smile,Green-eye,Black&white,Coke,Smoothie,Poodle and New-mum. All had a Nobivac combined and Rabies except Green-eye who had only rabies. Pineapple-mum and opposite pup still to be collected from neutering clinic.
    28-Oct-10   Wat Wang Pong :   Distemper Suffering
Hima (which means snow in thai) because of his pure white coat is in a bad way. He has all the clinical symptoms of distemper. Not yet one year old, vaccinated but still struck down by this killer disease. he is on antibiotics, blood-boosters, vitamine-B and doxy as he suffers from blood parasites on top of everything. the prognosis is very bad and he is semi-conscious at my house, until we decide what is best for him. he remains a danger to all dogs around him. not even a miracle can save him. i have known him since he was dumped at the temple-gate as a tiny puppy. he was always so brave and fought for his rights, clever but careful with humans. only one sister and brother are still alive, but suffering from blood parasites and mange. what did they do to deserve being temple-dogs? i would like to know one day.
    11-Oct-10   long silence

i have been away in europe and had a tragic event at home while i was away. hence the silence.

today i took bonnie for neutering, sick pup to hospital. in general both temples ok. thank you claudia! still not seen do and mollie. lost one more puppy from the pen and two more at the monks quarters.

4 new puppies in the market and 6 new puppies under sala in middle. one new black one near pen.

    25-Sep-10   calendar 2011

a calendar is now available with 12 individual photographs of a choice of our templedogs. anyone interested should contact me via the Contact me page. each dog on the calendar has a story of its own.


 11-Sep-10   Wat Wang Pong :   monk with healing powers

this tattood monk has brought a puppy back to life when i was convinced she would not make it through the night. he must have magic in his hands. as soon as i can add photographs to the news stories, i will show a picture of him. he loves his dogs and has total control over them. it is a combination of love and respect. he touches them so gently. the only medicine he uses is a blood booster liquid and fresh food every day. really encouraging to see such good people in my dogworld.

and never to forget my friend claudia who helps to feed, inject, clean, treat and love the dogs in wat na huay and wat wang pong. she comes from huahin every week to help look after the dogs in pranburi apart from taking care of the dogs in her chosen temple petchravud in huahin.

    11-Sep-10   she must be joking

we all agreed that grace was too old to be neutered. but we are only humans. and grace has just had a healthy litter of puppies. she must be an old pro as she dug herself a beautiful hole in the ground under the wall, for security and near the market, for food. i really laughed when she looked at me. what was she thinking.

    11-Sep-10   adoption day

11 puppies in the back of my car, to two locations, for three hours. result, only one puppy adopted. the sad reality of how popular stray dogs are in thailand. but Ready, as i called her, has a new home! she was hit by a motorbike but had only slight injuries. good luck, girl. 10 puppies back to the temple. i was so happy to see them safely back in their pen.

Claudia had a kitten adopted from wat petchravud. 

    06-Sep-10   puppy news

we have now lost 7 puppies in total of the 26 plus which were found. one was killed by a cow and 6 by the parvo virus. it is still a better result than ever before when we used to lose up to 6 puppies on average in a litter of 8. the big difference with the collapsable pen is that sofar not one puppy was killed by car or motorbike. many of them have been adopted because they look healthy and adorable as puppies should. but we still have a number of them who will have to fend for themselves when we set them free in the temple compound. at least they have a headstart, being healthy. they behave like normal puppies do and it gives me so much pleasure to watch them play, without fear.

    30-Aug-10   vaccination day

claudia and i vaccinated ALL the puppies in the pen and numerous others in the market area, the monks quarters and the monks school. what an achievement. one pen-puppy died overnight, but i did not see it. 2 monks puppies are ill and being treated.

i also took two fringedogs for neutering at the hospital, where they have a longstanding agreement to neuter one templedog for free each week.

    27-Aug-10   Titbits

New pups in the pineapple field and new pups in the undergrowth on the side of a very busy road. 2 were killed by cars already. I cannot catch them. Will have to use the blowdart man to neuter the mothers first.

One beautiful green-eyed red-haired puppy at monks quarters ill with blood parasites.

New pups at monks learning quarters.

Sad story about Long from Tanarat Army Base, please see Stories. She suffered for so long and we let her sleep her eternal sleep. 


 27-Aug-10   Website Improvement

Very soon the website will be improved. The gallery will be more organized and the pictures will be in better order. The latest ones first.

A photograph will be added to each news item to make the text more visual.

    27-Aug-10   Adoption

A puppy was adopted today. You cannot imagine what that means to me. He was certainly not the first one of the latest batch to find a home. Several were taken without me knowing by whom. But this one I took personally to his new home, a local shop that sells petfood. How lucky for him.

Apart from the one puppy that was presumably killed by that cow, I am happy to say that we have not lost another one. A tiny white one has injuries from bitewounds, but otherwise they are still eating, running around and making a lot of noise. It is hard work to clean the pen, keep their bedding clean and feed them every day, but the results are visible. The majority is positively fat, some have still got very slight signs of mange and they are free of parasites. But it is still early days. On monday they will get their boosters.

    18-Aug-10   sooo busy

apologies for such a long silence. i only just got my computer back after almost 3 months.

in general all is well at both temples. but we have been inundated with puppies at wat wang pong. 16 were dumped under a market table, again. from past experiencce these puppies do not survive in those conditions. disease, dirt, accidents, cruelty, unsuitable food, etc. so we set up a huge puppy-pen and can control them better that way. problem is, that after several days there were suddenly 26 puppies. people just put them inside, thinking the fairies will look after them. it is a huge problem. i am trying to cope with help from others. cleaning, feeding, deworming, vaccinating, de-tick and de-flea. see where it leaves us in a few weeks time. maybe some will get adopted.

    02-Aug-10   Roadside dogs

Since the temple dogs in general are now healthy, in good condition and neutered (females), we now have time to concentrate a little more on the dogs who live in great danger on the side of the road. Many dogs are dumped in pineapple fields, wasteland or just under a bush, where they often produce their litters of puppies. It goes without saying that large numbers of them lose their lives when they come onto the road searching for food. It may be a kind gesture, but it is virtually a death sentence to throw rice (often in plastic bags) on the roadside for stray dogs, so they get used to feeding amongst the traffic. I have asked those so-called kind people, when i see them, to please get off their motorbike and put the food down away from the road on a plastic sheet, so puppies do not damage their insides with plastic and can eat in peace without having to try and avoid every heavy lorry or motorbike that passes. All you have to do is show them. It worked with some people.

Unfortunately these dogs are the most difficult to catch as they will run away and often scatter all over the road when you approach them. They are shy of humans as they have lived in the open and have got used to fending for themselves. It will take a long time and we need help.

    02-Aug-10   Claudia in action again.

We vaccinated 9 puppies again in Wat Wang Pong area. We also treated numerous dogs, mainly at Wat Petchravud against parasites.


    02-Aug-10   Another donation!

We received a donation of 1000 Baht from Cees Obenhuysen and his wife Maite. Cees is an old friend I used to go to school with when we were 5 years old and when our parents were expats in Bangkok. How appropriate to meet up again in Thailand and find out we are both dog-lovers. Thank you Cees and Maite.

    16-Jul-10   monthly care

claudia and i did the rounds at wat na huay where we treated 22 dogs against parasites with dectomax injections, ivervet in food and/or prac-tic spot on. a huge success.

we checked up on the dogs at petchravud. two new dogs were accepted there, honey and pig. sweetie, an old-timer, was stabbed by some evil human, but recovering, punkie was murdered and her daughter dam is still missing, presumed dead. frightening stories going round about beatings and killings. we will get to the bottom of it.

wang pong amazingly quiet and dogs well. 5 gate-pups in market doing ok. dao has been the luckiest dog ever. her eye is brilliant now and she has totally recovered. baby 1 was taken to her mother by khun lampai, the thai lady who does her daily rounds with food. bobby and his girlfriend from the brat-pack were discovered at their new home, a tyre-repair garage, where they are well taken care of. stories like these make our work so wonderful.

    16-Jul-10   donation from novartis

the pharmaceutical company novartis very kindly donated 70 boxes of prac-tic, a spot-on medication against ticks and fleas. this will treat more than 200 dogs. it is a very generous and much appreciated donation and we are extremely grateful to mrs. emma creed in zurich and dr. prapued aksornphan in bangkok for their generosity. prac-tic is a product of very high standard which is used worldwide.

    16-Jul-10   no news is good news

in general that is true. we have had no major problems in july. the worst thing was the litter of 8 puppies in the market at wang pong. they all died, but we do not know from what. the last puppy, hero, passed away in my car, after much suffering in two hospitals. i took him home to die in peace. it cost me near 3000 baht, all in vain. it was a sad day. i shall remember him.

    01-Jul-10   Felix

I just want to point out that, contrary to one of my previous updates, Felix was not put to sleep. Why not, you may ask. What quality of life has he got left? Well, it was simple. His eyes showed happiness, he still enjoys his food so much, he loves company and he still snaps at a fly. That is why, even if he is paralysed. He will let us know when he is ready to go.

    01-Jul-10   new veterinary hospital

The Kasetsart Veterinary Training Hospital in Huahin will officially open this year. they already hold seminars and lectures there. the first one was about ophtalmology and who was the lucky guinea-pig? Wang Pong-dog Dao (star), who has had a eye infection for months. some 20 vets looked at her and Khun Aree, eye-specialist to the palace dogs, who gave a lecture first, removed a sliver of bone the size of a nail from the corner of her eye. no-one had noticed! Dao is now happily recovering at the temple and her eye stopped leaking instantly.

    01-Jul-10   back from holiday

during my 3 week absence life went on at the temples. but not for all. 7 market pups died of parvo. 1 w.p. pup was killed by a big dog. Boy was adopted. Molly, na huay, went walkies. the rest seems to be ok. thanks to claudia who went three times, once with mo, to monitor, feed and care for the dogs.

felix, her 7/11 soi-dog was paralysed by a car and now lives at clinic of khun pym. anyone who wants to take care of him? he is gorgeous. see gallery.