15-Jun-10   dog news

during my absence claudia and mo have very kindly visited both temples and checked on just about every dog, including fringe dogs. they gave boosters to puppies, treated small injuries, gave anti-parasite injections, removed stitches and fed all of them. they are true friends and doglovers. i am so grateful to them both, especially now that they have to go through the personal agony of saying goodbye to felix, their canine friend who was hit by a car and broke his back. without a future quality of life they have decided on doing the kindest thing. farewell felix. i will add a picture of him soon, with a little story about his life. 

    15-Jun-10   non-dog news

there has been no update until now, because my computer was damaged by a power failure. i am now in south africa until 27th june on a private visit and to see the worldcup. will update as soon as i return.

    01-Jun-10   catching up

since last update: 18 females neutered at dogchance, 6 from w.p. area, 5 from khun lampai in pranburi, 7 from petchravud. 1 male with vg will be treated at clinic, min 4 weeks. 5 petchravud dogs were blowdarted, 1 w.p. was blowdarted but we failed to catch her. cost 1.500 baht.

3 black pups vaccinated. due for booster on 14 june. all puppies we could catch were dewormed and treated against ticks etc. 3 male pups adopted! remaining at w.p. 2 at coffeeshop, 4 at entrance no. one, 6 at cemetery, 8 plus 1 single black at market.

special doing fine at tesco/lotus.

wnh lung poh dog with amputated leg ok, back at temple. she is old though and not strong.

dao eye not improving at w.p.

creambear legs getting stronger all the time at my house.

molly well at n.h. 

    19-May-10   Dao and her eye problem

after visits to 4 different vets and no change in her condition, dao was seen by the eye specialist from the palace. she is back at my house, waiting for the lab results. they took a small piece from a growth in her eye and sent it to bangkok for tests. this may cost a fortune, but i cannot send her to the temple like this. she is just over 6 months old and is recovering from severe mange and blood parasites as well. if only someone could give her a home and look after her! despite so much suffering she is such a lively and intelligent young dog, who tries only to please other dogs and humans. what a lesson to all.  

    19-May-10   A Miracle!


    12-May-10   news in general

i was hoping to improve my website with more options for photos and other things, but the webmaster had a serious traffic accident and will be in hospital for some time. very best wishes to you, simon!

last time i visited, all seemed ok at wat na huay. molly improving. treated bully, sprite and abcd against parasites.

wang pong still eerie atmosphere. cannot find dogmai. it is so empty there.

3 more puppies at coffeeshop, but 1 already adopted. i help with milk, food, deworming, powder against fleas, ticks etc. until they are old enough for vaccinations. how many will survive of this lot, 16 in all?!

claudia and i treated as many dogs as we could against parasites. monthly visits most important.

some vets say every temple-dog suffers from blood-parasites. deng has had these terrible nosebleeds, another sign of b-p. she had injection today, is on doxy, like mary, dao and creambear. dao released in temple again today. will visit eye-specialist next week. creambear still at my house with broken pelvis, improving tremendously.

    06-May-10   new puppies at wang pong

in the last few weeks we sadly lost Old Cream Girl in her sleep. she recovered from vg and lived the end of her life in peace. Long who recovered from illness and was loved by many people. he was killed on the road. Special and Kafeh who both went missing and are presumed dead, i fear from poisoning.

but today i treated a litter of 7 new puppies in the market and 3 more near the crematorium where they are already looking after 2 other puppies. maybe the spirits of one or two of my departed friends returned in this way. i would like to think so and will look after them even better than before.  

    06-May-10   maybe it is time .....

maybe it is time to say goodbye to special and kafe. i shall never know how, where and when they left. it breaks my heart, but only mine, i hope. no more miracles like with mollie, carlos and poppet. i loved knowing them and will remember them with warm feelings. their pictures are in the gallery, wang pong!

    01-May-10   the killing still continues

one of the bodies i found today is almost certainly Kafe, almost unrecognizable. i could not see anything that resembled Special. it makes me sick. those dogs were healthy and fine. just happened to live around the area where he apparently kills them off one by one. several people have reported that he still poisons the dogs, because of his chickens. how can i stop him! there are so few dogs left now.

    01-May-10   gruesome scenes

kafe and special are still missing. while looking for them i found a ghastly sight by the back entrance to the temple where they throw the rubbish in the disused cemetery. the tombs are still there and in almost every one of them someone had dumped the body of a dead dog. is this a sick joke? is this not supposed to be holy ground. in one of them you could clearly see the skull and bones of a human. this surely is desecration of the graves. is this buddhism gone bad? i will not let this pass. pls see gallery for pictures.

    20-Apr-10   Great things happen!

Totally out of the blue Carlos turned up again, alive and (not so) well at the shop where he originally came from. He must have walked past my house, over the bridge, crossed the busy road to Paknam Pran and returned to the home he left (for whatever reason) in front of the local market. To me it was like an unexpected lovely gift, but to the owner it must have been like a miracle, when Carlos re-appeared looking well-fed and much healthier than when he left several weeks ago. He thought the dog had most likely been poisoned. I will continue to treat him with meds until his eyes are clear and he stops sneezing.

This morning I took Dao back to WWP as she was really not free in my compound, being threatened by my dogs. This evening I found her playing happily with Tot. She greeted me affectionately and she let me clean her eye, but she showed no sign of following me. So I did the right thing, I hope. I will continue to treat her in the temple.   

    19-Apr-10   After Songkran

I am of the opinion that during songkran even the least dog-loving person will pass on some food to the dogs in this country, as it is their happy new year event that is celebrated with joy. therefore i have not fed my dogs at wnh and wwp for a couple of days. tomorrow i shall do the rounds. i cannot wait to see them all again.

i did take totty back to wwp as his wound had dried up beautifully and when i checked on him the next day he was totally content  and had teamed up with deng. unfortunately i found his sister hopey with one of her toes cut in half and i also could see no improvement in the eye-condition of dao, so dao is now at my home on stronger meds and hopey is with claudia, who loves to do wound dressings! just joking, thanks, claudia.

yesterday we did treat 22 dogs at her temple petchravud against parasites. 

    13-Apr-10   Woody adopted!

woody was adopted by claudia. this is really fantastic news. i will write a story about her. she was put up for adoption in the bangkok post, section -friends in need- brunch magazine by khun chompoo, together with bobby, lulu and sharky. no further reactions about the other three unfortunately. but khun chompoo promised to put them in again. thank you khun chompoo.

    13-Apr-10   2 patients at home

i now have two patients at home (see photo-gallery), Cream-Bear (remaining puppy wwp from puppy pen) with broken pelvis and Tot (brother of Hopey) with badly infected bitewound in neck, which he cannot reach to lick. they are both in pens until they can return to the wat. will try to get them adopted of course.

    13-Apr-10   no news is good news!

yes, almost 2 weeks without an update. but in brief: on 9th april we treated 17 dogs at wnh and 1 fringe-dog at wwp with anti-parasites.

i found the beautiful grey and white male pup from the bratpack at wnh dead on the road, killed by a car. how many more have to go that way?

poppet at wwp went missing. three thai women were looking for her and me. she has been found, thank god. for some reason she moved to the back of the temple one road up and has settled in a very quiet area where she found shelter. great things happen, just like with molly.

    13-Apr-10   Donation of 100 Euro!

Yes, 100 Euro was donated by my old schoolfriend Iedje van der Veen (as I knew her then). She is now married to John Dannenburg. I last saw them 10 years ago in France. We lost contact, she then googled me, after reading an article about the temple-dogs on a travelwebsite and thanks to the Bangkok Post, which put up 4 Wat Na Huay dogs for adoption with my e-mail address, she found me again. Yippie for me, yippie for the dogs and yippie for the internet. Thank you Ied and John!  

    30-Mar-10   Molly is back!!!

That was the icing on the cake, after all the hard work at wang pong yesterday. we went to feed the puppy-pack at na huay as our final task and outside the temple walls in the undergrowth near the school compound stood ..... Molly. she was frightened to come near at first as if she had been chased away cruelly from her safe bathroom area. but she eventually came to me and we fed her and gave her her last anti-parasites shot. she looks fantastic. (see gallery)

please read 33 dogs instead of 38 in previous news-flash

    30-Mar-10   yesterday, 29th march 2010

yesterday our team (claudia, mo and I) injected, or in some cases treated orally, against parasites 38 dogs at wat wang pong! we gave the 4 puppies at monks quarters their booster-shots.

sadly we found the cream healthy puppy after being hit by a careless driver, with a broken pelvis and serious leg injury. once again this happened within the temple-compound! she is now recuperating at my house. but this totally unnecessary accident will cost me a few thousand baht in total (x-ray, hospital fees, surgery, meds etc.)  

    23-Mar-10   Fanta

A little puppy died at my home, just like her brother Pepsi at the home of a friend and their other brother who died at WP. They were diagnosed with blood-parasites which they undoubtedly contracted from their sick mother. It is very upsetting to see puppies so ill, but there is almost nothing one can do when they are that weak and anaemic. I have seen it frequently, unfortunately. The last case was the litter of Pompom (see stories). When a mother is healthy, the pups have every chance to lead a healthy life, like the puppies of Deng and the litter dumped at the same time as Fanta and her brothers. Also the litter with the monk is doing well. If only we could stop them from being born, especially when the mother is ill. Please help to neuter, neuter,neuter. 

    23-Mar-10   Happy and Sad

I am so happy because Woody went to a new home. Claudia adopted her and in return I hope Woody will help Claudia get over her personal problems. So now she lives with Fly, Laska, Spottie (rescued from Wang Pong) and Charly. Wow, what fun. Never having to hide from the Na Huay dogs again, never having to look for scraps of food and fight for them, never to be bullied again. She will be loved so much. And she and spottie can exchange stories about the temples where they came from!

So sad because I cannot find Red, Molly and Carlos anywhere. Red was still too weak to make it on his own. Molly was recovering so well from her mange and looking stronger and more confident, but her bathroom is empty now. Carlos just did not come home again. Where are my friends. Were they poisoned or did they just go off to find a new place to live. I wish them so much luck and hope they will make it. If they are dead, I can only believe that they felt loved by someone at the end of their hard life.

    18-Mar-10   gifts gifts gifts

mo gave 20 kg and 10 kg bags of food!

claudia gave tins of dogfood, on top of 2000 baht last week.

cowlings and lanes made contributions.

thanks to all.

    18-Mar-10   In brief

wang pong, we buried little pepsi (see his story), his brother gone already, sister fanta at my house, still sick.

all other dogs in generally good condition, must keep en eye on hopey still, dao (her eye), pinky (mange), market pup (blood parasites?) and others

wat na huay, tragic but true, red has been missing for 3 days. he was not well yet. i fear the worst. dogs still vicious to each other. molly ok, improving all the time.

    14-Mar-10   Monks dogs at Wang Pong

I forgot to mention that on friday last we gave their first tetradoc to 4 puppies in the monks quarters. they were very healthy and clean. also gave antiparasites to a black dog, belonging to a monk. they do love their own dogs!

    13-Mar-10   Funny things one does

Treated all the sick dogs as usual today. No major problems. Happy to see my friend Luukdee back at WNH for the long holidays. As a toddler she was left at the temple by her mother and raised by the nuns. A very harsh existence (see story "I was dumped like the dogs"). Thankfully she is now at a boarding-school in Huahin.

At WWP still no news about the missing puppies. But the lonely sister of Pepsi appears ill. Breathing and other signs. I shall call her Fanta. On the market-side, where I have not been for a long time, I found to my horror that poor Ridge has dreadful mange. I only recognized her from her high-pitched bark. How could that happen in such a short time? Am now convinced that we injected Pinky yesterday and I also did not recognize her. Will check them all on that side. I cannot handle so many dogs and feel terrible to let some of them down.

So to make me feel better, I went to the vet this evening to get antibiotics and sneaked into the temple after dark at 10 pm to give Fanta her meds. Funny to what lengths one goes to stop worrying about a puppy. Let us hope it will help. 

    13-Mar-10   Very busy day yesterday.

visited both temples with claudia & mo. still treating carlos. 2 puppies missing at wp! dao getting more fur, eye still bad. antiparasites for grey female (looks suspiciously like pinky). smallest puppy bad skin infection. took to vet. he is now with c & m. lucky boy. will try and find home when healthy. called him pepsi. still treating hopey.

wnh real problem re. lack of food. molly doing well. red stable. sprite, bully & champoo had anti-mange powder in food. cannot catch them. what does that tell. that they have come to fear people because they are treated badly. never happened before. sharkey and kitchen-dam had antiparasite jabs. situation near the kitchen quite desperate. too many fights.

    04-Mar-10   Outside temple news.

Carlos, the streetdog near my home, still going strong but on new antibiotics.

I hope to get a third temple, Wat Petchravud in Huahin, included on my website, with a separate gallery, stories and news items by Claudia who is in charge there.

Her latest success story was Dam, a 6-months old female, who had both backlegs broken by a motorbike. She was in hospital for 2 weeks, after having to have her legs re-broken before re-setting them, as she had not been found for days after it happened. She had dragged herself to the bathroom where she was born. Now she is walking again, but it cost Claudia 5000 Baht. Please help!

    04-Mar-10   Ma-Pa has been adopted!

After Ma-Pa, the big black pup who probably killed 2 smaller pups, was adopted, danger alert for the rest at WP has been lowered from red to yellow, although the last three still have to be vaccinated.  Good luck to him in his new life!

    04-Mar-10   Molly at Na Huay

Molly is doing fine. She has made a bathroom her home. I can now touch her easily, feed her, treat her with skincream and watch her getting better. What a treat.


    04-Mar-10   WP says goodbye to Aay

On 1 Mar Aay was killed instantly by a car (see story). I watched it happen. Claudia was with me. A big loss in my life. She and her Mum, who was poisoned in Jan were 100% GOOD dogs. They leave behind their friend Honey. Both deaths were avoidable and deliberate. Help fight animal cruelty, forever!


    24-Feb-10   titbits

Kitchen Dam and Monkie Dam had their antiparasites injection at WNH.

The treatment of Molly at WNH has cost me 1000 Baht sofar. I am still hoping for a fundraising event to be organized. Would that not be great!

    24-Feb-10   A busy fulfilling day!

Claudia and Mo came again. Thanks forever. We took Molly back to Na Huay. She was afraid but I shall watch her daily and give her meds & food. Got her 2nd antiparasites jab.

We fed the wild bunch, Red was ok when we found him. Most of the kitchen-side came over.

Gave Bully and Sprite antiparasites in food.

At WP gave the big pups booster (not me of course). Treated all pups with anti-flea and tick powder. Dewormed the little ones. Treated Dao for her eye-infection.

Started Carlos on course of antibiotics, new dog on roadside near my home. Runny eyes and signs of weakness.

    21-Feb-10   puppies at wp

one more puppy was found dead, but 3 tiny new ones were dumped in the puppy-pen. the original 3 were banned from the pen as the big black one shook the tiniest one like a ragdoll in his mouth. and he is only 2 months old.

at the monks quarters more puppies and some sick dogs. that will be the next area to sort out.

    21-Feb-10   molly

molly is the emaciated mangy dog i had spotted a few days ago at wnh. we managed to catch her and she is now staying with the vet. she has beautiful eyes and i have to decide when she is strong enough to live at te wat again. i had never seen her before.

    18-Feb-10   Na Huay News

Fed ALL the dogs. They are still fighting, because they are hungry. Claudia suggests that we neuter the most aggressive males to calm them down. I agree but remain sceptical. as Bully proves us all wrong. He was neutered and still attacks young, old, male and female. Still I cannot help but love the old boy, our original temple-dog.

Red not quite recovered yet. Gave him meds. He and one of his sisters are so thin. These two take as much food as they can hold and then throw it all up at a distance whereupon they re-eat their food. I have heard of this animal behaviour in the wild. Would like to know if it can harm the dog.

We took stitches out of the 3 neutered females.

Thanks again, Claudia.

    18-Feb-10   Wat Wang Pong :   Wang Pong News

After Rocky, another sad loss. One of the newly dumped puppies died. The other 4 still strong.

Hopey really much better but still coughing.

Took black pup, who lives with the monks (daughter of Deng), for anti-mange injection and treated her eye infection.

Fed as many dogs as possible, all with the help of Claudia! Thanks to our friend.

    16-Feb-10   Rocky at Wang Pong

I am proud to have known him. It is with great affection and happiness I remember giving him a last stroke, his last pat, his last food (which he could not really swallow) and his last fresh water (which he drank eagerly). He passed away that night of the 13th February in the place where he had lived the last part of his life quite happily and peacefully, with his dogfriends and carer Khun Ut. I was only your friend, my boy and I shall miss you running up to me, when I visit. Remember when I brushed you. Those were our special moments. I saw it in your eyes. Goodbye, great dog!

    13-Feb-10   antiparasites

with the help of claudia i took pete, his sister 1 and bick to the vet for antiparasites. sister 2 had the powder in her food and so did an outsider on the side of the road. i have seen him deteriorating over a period of time.

at petchravud many puppies received their booster-shots. i am impressed with claudia and mo giving the shots themselves. i still cannot put a needle in a dog and i suppose i never will.

    13-Feb-10   Chinese New Year

A happy event? Not so for the doggies. Most of them are terrified of the firecrackers and if it was not so frightening for them, it would actually be funny to see them scatter like arrows at top speed in all directions.

May the year of the tiger bring all of them fat stomachs, no pain or illness, no fear or cruelty and above all some friendliness from us humans.

    10-Feb-10   Vaccinations etc.

The 5 puppies at wang pong had their first vaccination. they may not be 2 months yet, but in this country they will vaccinate as soon as possible, because of the dreadful epidemics that can occur in such overpopulated places as the temples.

Rocky and Hopey were declared ok by the vet and only need vitamins from now on.

The dogs at wat na huay are really in a sorry state. many of them need antiparasite-shots again and they really are hungry. will have to talk to claudia about getting help. a new mangy dog has been dumped near the house of the head monk. must get to know her/him first.

    07-Feb-10   Thank you, Dogchance!

From WNH, Gay (her sister disappeared), Poppy and Blackie (all three from the nuns quarters) and from WWP, fringedogs Bullet and Poodle were all neutered and came back today.

Claudia and Mo helped to collect them and we took 5 females from their temple Petchvarud in Huahin as well.

All very successful and big thanks to Khun Pym who set up Dogchance.

    07-Feb-10   Puppy News

I have extended the pen to dubble the size, as we had 2 more puppies dumped in as many days. so that makes 5 in total. they were dewormed, all look still healthy and eat well. they seem very young and are still looking for mother-milk to suck, but already accept their new food. fingers crossed that one of them will not show symptoms of the dangerous diseases, as that would be fatal for the others.

salt & pepper were definitely adopted. good luck to them.

    04-Feb-10   She would not be caught.

One of the fringe-sisters, who could never be caught, was found dead, while she was heavily pregnant, possibly from complications while giving birth. Her fate was to suffer a painful death. Her sister was neutered.

    04-Feb-10   Puppy saving pen.

3 healthy puppies were found this morning by the last entrance, near the road at Wang Pong. they are the first puppies to be put in one of the new collapsable pens, where they are safe, until they are old enough to roam. 2 other doglovers at the temple have promised to look after them as well. let us hope we can save more puppies from being run over.

    03-Feb-10   Back to work

visitors gone, holidays over, back to the temples. the dogs were never neglected though, but the website certainly has been. please see story Back to Work.

    24-Jan-10   Fundraising plans.

Had another meeting with Desiree about a fundraising event for Dogchance, which will directly affect us, as we have our temple-dogs neutered for free at their clinic.

    24-Jan-10   Interesting visit.

Claudia & I visited her temple where we (or rather she personally) vaccinated 11 puppies. Very rewarding day.


    24-Jan-10   Little to report!

Dogs at NH happy.

Dogs at WP well, apart from a few sick ones. all being treated. Hopey improving, young puppy in market are with eye infection.

Have decided to make a puppy-pen at WP, which can be dismantled. 


    19-Jan-10   Wat Na Huay :   Wat Na Huay ok.

I visited the dogs there several times since my return. I still find several dogs hungry and thin, but ok.

I treated Sprite and 2 other black males against parasites.

    19-Jan-10   Poisoning follow-up.

Definitely missing are my friends Socks, Cream Ridge, Shy Mum, Hope and many puppies from the middle part and market, although I do not believe that all the puppies were poisoned. I often think of those happy healthy and playful dogs. They all suffered needlessly.

I reported the poisoning to the Pranburi Police and they came to confront Yan, the criminal.

I also visited Lung Poh (the abbot) to complain, together with Claudia and Mo, who proved to be invaluable.

I do not expect that any action will be taken against the guy, but the more it gets exposed, the more it will act as a deterrent, I believe.

    19-Jan-10   Wat Wang Pong :   Plenty to report at Wang P.

Salt & Pepper (2 new puppies at WP) had 1st vaccination.

Rocky being treated for bad cut on his mouth, infected with maggots.

Long recovering slowly from nervous disorder, maybe due to blood parasites.

Hopey (one of 2 remaining pups in middle) being treated for distemper symptoms.

Khun Ud came back! Wonderful news for the dogs at entrance far corner. They love him!

    10-Jan-10   Still grateful

I thank Peter de Jong for feeding all the dogs several times during my absence. Several of the shy young dogs at NH would not have survived without his help, as food is very scarce there at the moment.

I thank Aileen Tryon for her kind donation of 500 Baht, which covered the vet-bills for Rocky (infected bite-wound) and Long (suspected blood parasites) at WP.

I am grateful that Poppy is alive and well and her face looks beautiful again.

    10-Jan-10   Not a good start to 2010!

I felt so bad, after I got back from a wonderful holiday, because:

PomPom died. (see story)

Many dogs were poisoned at WP, by the same evil guy who poisoned Apple and so many others. This time he got (apart from Hope) my beloved Socks, Cream-Ridge, Good Mum, and many of the puppies. (see story)