15-May-16   Only two more days.
Only two more days and I am home again. I cannot wait! Back to my home, back to my dogs, back to Thailand.
I find Facebook very very disappointing when it comes to adoptions. Many reactions but no results. My foster babies will have to go back to the temple now. A hard adjustment for them. Just like Rebecca and Chloe and Alphie and so many others. Only Terry was adopted and one black puppy from the puppy-enclosure with the monk. We will keep trying. Neil and Fran have been sending me only good news about the temple-dogs, apart from Prince having a leg injury. See you soon, guys.
photo-1 Rebecca who really suffered after returning to the temple. Photo-2 Chloe.

 07-May-16   Wat Wang Pong :   Pippa neutered, but Sheba dumped with her babies.
So while Pippa was neutered, just in time, to maintain our success of no puppies being born inside the temple for years now, some stupid women once again dumped a skinny female with her 4 new-born babies inside the temple walls. We named her Sheba. She was very skinny and not at all healthy. Why do I call these women stupid? Because they chained her up in an open area with nowhere to hide. She was being attacked by the other dogs, who always challenge newcomers, but she was incredibly brave protecting and defending herself and her babies, despite her ill health. We all made sure that she got her vitamins and plenty of food, so she and her babies would get healthy. As soon as the 4 puppies are eating solids, Sheba will be next for sterilisation. I cannot wait.
Photo-1 Pippa. Photo-2 Sheba.

 07-May-16   Far away from my temple-dogs........
Far away from my temple-dogs, in Europe, while visiting my 92-year old mother for a couple of weeks, I think of my friends and miss them. The first thing I must report is that Cornermum did not recover from her blood parasites. They phoned me on my way to the airport. Would she have made it if I had not gone away? I constantly live with this guilt feeling when a dog dies, while I am away. I cannot help it. I know she was very sick, but I also believe that she missed her daughter Cornergirl, who disappeared. They were always together with Grumpy, the three of them. Now Grumpy is all alone. I hate feeling sorry for the dogs and I shall never find it easier to lose them.
Photo-1 Rug. I promised you a picture of him. Please scroll down to read his story again. Photo-2 Thinking we were saving Cornermum.

 28-Apr-16   Wat Wang Pong :   Let us finish with some happy news in April.
Little Terry was adopted. By a kind and gentle Thai man and his wife. They live locally, so I can always check on him. Sofar he is happy, I am told and so are his new owners.
And we received an annual contribution from Ied, my old schoolfriend from Holland. Who else but Sleepy gets the honour of thanking her for her continued support.
Photo-1 Terry. Photo-2 Sleepy.

 28-Apr-16   Wat Wang Pong :   A cruel blow.
Rug, our dear Rug, was taken ill and sadly had to be sent for tests to a Government Hospital. The tests came back and he tested positive for rabies. I personally do not accept it. Rug has lived in the temple all his life, for some 8 years. During that time he was vaccinated several times although probably not every year. He never wandered. He had many friends, like Blackie, who is alive and well and his symptoms, in my humble opinion, were inconsistent with rabies. It could as well have been heatstroke, which is also a killer. He was still swallowing water the day before he was put to sleep, his body was totally limp when I carried him out of the hot sun into the shade, but at the clinic, in his cage, later on that day, he became aggressive, I am told and I wonder if he was just having convulsions. I did notice saliva but not foaming at the mouth when I last saw him, but that could have had numerous causes. The thing that made me most suspicious was the fact that on the official test result paper it stated that a 2 months old puppy had tested positive for rabies and Rug was an 8 year old adult male. When I asked for a new certificate, I was told that it had simply been a typing error. If Rug was put to sleep for the wrong reason and could have been cured, either from blood parasites or heatstroke or whatever, I shall have to live with that. But the panic that this caused was huge and disastrous. A large delegation of vets and officials from the Pranburi, Prachuab Khiri Khan Livestock Department came to inject all the dogs with the rabies vaccine and all the monks were also injected by the Pranburi Hospital. That of course is fantastic and their reaction was swift and professional, for which I respect them and thank them. But people over-react and now there is a fear of every dog who shows any sign of illness. Like poor little July who has been bitten or stung by something which left her whole face swollen for days and days. She is still salivating but the vet says it is due to some sort of poison. She has had antihistamine injections and is on pills. At the same time she has blood parasites like her sister June, so she is recovering slowly. But seeing the saliva makes people think she might have rabies. Not true, says the vet. And poor Corner-Mum who has been on Doxy for days and days and was seen lying in a bathroom, possibly suffering from the heat. Immediately to be condemned to having the dreaded rabies. Expensive tests and examinations showed she had severe blood parasites, for which we were already treating her and she was free of rabies, no temperature, no dilated pupils and drank a lot of water. She is now at the clinic. I think we must take great care in making balanced decisions for the sake of the dogs. I respect the vets and their opinions (a 40% chance of rabies for Rug, she said), but I must consider the facts and the circumstances and I also may be right, if I think of the mistakes that were made.
Now Rug is gone, a lot of help has gone and the good atmosphere that existed has gone. It will take a long time to restore that.
Photo-1 An empty space in Wat Wang Pong, which is what Rug left behind. He was a beautiful boy with a lovely red coat. One ear up and one ear down. One day I shall show him to you when it is not so sad anymore. Photo-2 Corner-Mum at the vet being told she has no rabies.

 28-Apr-16   Wat Wang Pong :   April news from Wat Wang Pong.
A lot happened at Wat Wang Pong. Things are not great there. Apart from the terrible heat, we have had to cope with a terrible shortage of food and water, all round the compound. When Khun Peter was still there, all the bowls were filled with rice and water. Now they are mostly empty. The monks do not care, the workers have left and we cannot cope. It is depressing at times. On top of that we have had so many puppies dumped. It really has become quite a struggle to keep everything going like before. I am fostering three puppies at my home as they were too small to survive. Of the 8 puppies inside the puppy enclosure, one was apparently adopted, two died possibly from parvo, but this was not confirmed and the others have now survived and are doing well. I visited them daily for two weeks. I still swear by vitamins and honey! We moved Rebecca, Chloe, Alphie and Terry to the quarters of the monks. They were not treated kindly in the puppy enclosure. But now they lack attention and care as they are not really welcome with the monks and Rebecca has somehow broken her leg and has a nasty wound on her back. They have all lost weight. One positive note, Terry was adopted and adoptions are rare. Furthermore, Sheba, mother of 4 pups is also not looking too healthy, but the puppies are fine. This just shows how important it is to have their mother there to feed them. Last but not least, another 4 new puppies were dumped there as well, without a mother. I have been taking them all, apart from the new ones, for their vaccinations and sofar they are all surviving. The two white ones, Midi and Mini are ok. I continue with the vitamins. Pippa, really Maxi of the three, is due for neutering and so on and so on. But the worst thing is that due to all the puppy-care, not enough attention was given to all our old friends and they have suffered because of it. That will be my next story.
Photo-1 Vaccination time with Dr. Pakapol. Photo-2 Midi looking great.

 21-Apr-16   Wat Na Huay :   Latest updates for April.
Peace in Wat Na Huay! We celebrated Sonkran and I attended the water-splashing ceremony with the monks which is always a happy event, every year. Very welcome too in the heat of the terribly hot season this year, just getting wet! The dogs are quiet and Neil once again helped to treat them all with their monthly Ivermectin. This time he brought a friend as well, a lovely girl called Nicky. It was good teamwork and did not take too long. Neil also gave me a nice contribution from his friend Jimbo for which we thank him. The new puppies at the main entrance were doing so well, but I have now heard that the little black one has died from an illness. The brown girl called Brownie is doing well and she had her first vaccination. The three daughters of Beauty are growing up and two of them also had their fist vaccination. The third one is impossible to catch, she is so frightened and shy. That will be a problem when she is going into season. And our latest newcomer is the tiniest puppy I have ever seen. She lives in the kitchen and is taken care of by the monks and the nuns. I shall have to get to know her better. She is young but seemingly healthy.
Picture-1 Neil with Spawn who has come out of his shell completely. Comes running up for affection. Took ages though. Picture-2 Little Brownie who is growing but still so small.

 31-Mar-16   Wat Wang Pong :   The latest updates from Wat Wang Pong.
Mysterious disappearances of quite a few of our dogs make me so unsure of what to think anymore. Terrible stories go around. This young boy is one of the missing ones. He and his little brother were just gaining strength and confidence. They both suffered from terrible skin conditions and we only just began to see improvements. Now they are both gone. It was confirmed that the little one was killed on the road. A blessing maybe, knowing he was not tortured. But big boy has vanished. The best explanation is that he was adopted. The worst that he was taken as food. The stories about dogs being stolen, especially black ones, are too horrific to repeat.
In the meantime the puppy-dumping continues. We now have more than 20 new puppies. Only one litter of 4 came with a Mum. All the others will have to fight to survive. In addition we have one diagnosed with Parvo. He is at a pet hospital in Pranburi. But we don't know who will get it next. We vaccinate as soon as it is safe but we may be too late for many. The people in the temple just put them all together because they are ignorant about how to treat them. This is nature, according to them. I have the three youngest ones at my home. They are too young to vaccinate and I fear the worst. A sad time.
Photo-1 The missing brother. Photo-2 Three of the slightly older puppies. The are lucky up till now.

 23-Mar-16   Wat Wang Pong :   Wang Pong news.
It has been a long time since I reported on Wat Wang Pong. This may be due to the fact that things appear basically fine there. But this is not true at all. We have had three major problems.
First of all the management inside the temple has fallen apart and since no-one is in charge now, many workers and monks who cared for the dogs, have left.
Secondly, like everywhere, we have had many puppies dumped again as is normal at this time of year. The dogs survived the cold weather and are now enjoying the hot season.
But lastly, our dogs are disappearing without a trace. Blindboy, Killer, Micky, the two young pups at the far end, Corner-daughter, all vanished without a trace. Most of them are black and have lived there for years. Horrific stories go around about foreign labourers stealing them for food and to think about it is just a nightmare. I did hear that one of the young dogs at the last entrance was killed by a car, but nobody saw the body. And where is the brother. I have reported it at the police station and they promised to investigate. I have asked the only two workers who are left as guards, to check on the dogs during the night if they hear barking. I did promise them a reward, but am not sure if this will help at all. It is depressing and very frightening. A pack with Captain as their leader has gone altogether, but I am told they now live on the outside of the wall. I have not seen them yet!
But if one visits the temple during the day, all appears quiet and tranquil. The dogs are healthy, well fed and happy. We had some puppy deaths due to neglect and bad hygiene in an outside enclosure where they were kept by the monk, who insisted on taking care of them himself. Those who survived are now in a safer enclosure inside the wall surrounding the compound of the monks. We have permission to keep them there for a month, but time in Thailand is infinite, so I hope to leave them there. Nobody wants to adopt them, so they will remain temple-dogs. Puppies of an older age remain outside that compound and seem to cope. And I just heard today that Mandy & Brian spotted three new puppies with the monk outside. Wonderful Fran, Mandy & Brian and the Thais who help have all done a fantastic job. I thank Fran in particular who seemed to do everything on her own while Mandy and I were away. You are a star, Fran!
We have had great contributions from a lot of people, after my appeal on Facebook. Some were anonymous which I can do nothing about. Their names cannot be revealed. But my friend Charlene continues to help, Christine from Hongkong and her friend Christie, my childhood friend Robert Brand, Silvana from Switzerland who helped me so much while she lived here, Christine (& Colin) and her Mum while on holiday, the Headnun from Wat Na Huay and others I shall mention later.
Photo-1 Rebecca, Chloe and Alfie. Photo-2 Oldtimer Brindie who was born there with two of the puppies.

 19-Mar-16   Wat Na Huay :   Back to 30 dogs again.
I was sad to see we had so few dogs left, but with Spawn, Beauty and her babies and the two tiny sisters Brownie and Oreo, I counted 30 dogs again after the loss of Monster, Nun-girl, 3-Legs and many more before them in the last year, including the miracle adoption of Peace.
Neil and I treated them all with Ivermectin again this month and we are both delighted to see how well Spawn has settled down now. He is on his way to becoming a leader. Great to see a nervous scared dog change into a friendly happy boy. Thanks, Neil.
Photo-1 Beauty with one of her daughters. Photo-2 Brownie, just look at the size of her. What will become of the tiny ones.

 17-Mar-16   Wat Na Huay :   I am back again!
I have been back for quite a while but I have not put any news on my website. The reason is that since 1st January 2016 I have been posting all my news about the temple-dogs on Facebook as I get more exposure and more response that way. But I have also experienced negative and hurtful reactions on Facebook for the whole world to see, which can affect my reputation, just because people write their opinions too hastily without checking out the facts. Being critical about situations you are ignorant about is not clever. Judging without listening to the other side of a story is a big mistake. People who do not agree with me should discuss things privately. For this reason I have decided to go back to my website, which is more private and can only be read by those who want to read about the temple-dogs.
I start my news with a few Goodbyes. One is a happy Goodbye to Peace who was adopted by Khun Dao, who loves to take care of elderly dogs like Peace. She is so happy there and has left the depressing place she knew all her life, the place where she hid from the other dogs, under the rubble in a dark corner amongst the cobwebs with the rats at the temple. Good luck, dear Peace! Dear Khun Dao has given her a bed, a jacket, love, friends, food, better health, shelter and a large garden for walkies until the end of her life.
The second Goodbye is a sad one. Monster has left us. I found him in a ditch after he had been missing for a few days. Maybe he was hit by a car, maybe chased out by other dogs, as he no longer could give them a good fight because of his age. He had lost most of his teeth but he was not ill. I shall miss you, Monster. When he was young, he could be a monster, to the other dogs, but I loved him. The last time I saw him, I sat with him and scratched his chest and stroked him, which he loved so much. I am so glad about that. Peace was his friend and now they are both gone. Monster had a safe life and will remain in my memory.
Another old-timer, Nun-girl also passed away. She belonged to the Headnun and lived a quiet and happy life. She mostly kept to herself and was shy of people. A beautiful little dog who looked a bit like a Border Collie. I have known her from day one, when I first set foot in Wat Na Huay, more than 10 years ago. Happy memories.