22-Dec-15   A Christmas wish and all the best for 2016.
Wishing all our friends, dogs and humans, peace and happiness for Xmas and all through the new year.
The Temple-dogs and I.

 10-Dec-15   And outside the temple.
Yes, inside the temples the dogs are cared for, the Wang Pong dogs have just recently been treated with Ivermectin again by Fran, Mandy&Brian and myself. Sure we have new puppies dumped, 14 in total, but they can be relatively sure of a safe future, either in the temple or in a new home. But all those packs outside the temple have a very uncertain future.
The pack of mainly white dogs near the Pranburi hospital in town continues to breed. Noone has managed to catch even one adult female for neutering. To blowdart is too dangerous as they might run into the traffic and collapse there in their drowsy state after darting. Their instinct to fear humans is transferred to the puppies as well.
Then we have our building-site dogs. Although they are actually loved, they live a very rough life because of theIr surroundings, a building site, extremely poor people with little to offer. We did neuter the females and we give them medicine when needed. They now have five new puppies who were dumped recently. Some of the workers have already indicated that they are not welcome and the other danger is the road. The puppies basically have to rely on luck and as much care as we can give them while they are growing up. I personally do not believe in relocating them to a temple for instance, as the dangers there are numerous too. As long as they have shelter, I prefer to help them where I find them until a home is found. This is a miracle which happens rarely.
Another wild pack lives halfway up the hill, next to a rubbish dump. Again the conditions are harsh. But they have a family who manage the dump and they help to feed them, mainly rubbish of course, apart from caring for the dogs. The youngest child, who looks filthy, adores his puppy, kisses her on the mouth, sleeps with her and refuses to part with her.
And so we keep on finding stray and often wild dogs living in packs, all over Thailand. A single stray dog is more easy to befriend and I have helped several of those, but left them in the area where I first found them, if possible after neutering. Like Secret, whom I still feed sometimes. She has her friends and will live a free life without ever having to carry the burden of caring for puppies on her own.
photo-1 two building site girls. photo-2 feeding the rubbish-dump dogs.

 10-Dec-15   Wat Wang Pong :   More stories.
The bad and the good side. Monky-girl is a beautiful dog, inside and out. She belonged to a monk who had been at Wat Wang Pong forever since I started going there, years ago. He was kind and the dog followed him all around the compound. Then he abandoned her. He had told me a while ago that he had to leave, for personal reasons and he could not take her with him.I never quite believed it. Now he is gone and Monky-girl is left behind, waiting for him to come home and not understanding why he does not return. Now I do not see her sitting on the steps or the verandah of the small house where the monk lived, for all those years. At least she has her new friend and companion, Shorttail. Together they sit on a pile of wood and wait and wait and wait.
The good thing is that another old monk moved into the little house and seems to look after Monky-girl and Short tail. I have seen them following him around. It gives me some consolation, but it will never be the same again, not for Monky-girl. It makes you really think about the incredible extremes in life. A beautiful dog like Monky-girl is abandoned after years. A lucky girl like Lilly is chosen after a couple of months in the temple, to fly to the U.S.A. to an adoption home.
Photo-1 Monky-girl with her new monk. Photo-2 Lovely Lucky Lilly.

 10-Dec-15   Wat Wang Pong :   A visit, a donation and Grumpy.
I paid a visit to my friend Christine. She and her husband Colin adopted Frankie and Georgie and I wanted to see how they are. Well, I can tell you they are superb, in looks, in health and in spirit. If only every temple-dog could be half as lucky as those two, I would never have to worry about a dog again. I know what Christine would say, that she and Colin are just as lucky to have them. And we know the background to their story. I think they deserve their good fortune. It was lovely to watch them play, exhausting though to see. And as an extra bonus they gave us a generous contribution to the temple-dogs. Many many thanks to all of you, Georgie, Frankie, Colin and Christine. Photo-1 brother & sister at play.
Grumpy is another story altogether. He was never adopted and has lived at Wat Wang Pong all his life as far as we know. He is an elderly gentleman who demands respect. Fran, Mandy and I particularly love him because he makes us laugh every time we see him, guaranteed, because of this hilarious grunting noise he makes when he eats. It sounds so funny. You should come and hear him eat! So one day Fran gave us a bit of a scare when she said she thought Grumpy was not himself. He had a swelling on the side of his face and was not eating. She thought it might be a broken tooth which had become infected. She was absolutely right. He had a small op and the vet also did a bloodtest. Diagnosis, he had severe blood parasites, highly dangerous, especially at his age. He has now been on the famous Doxy and bloodboosters for almost a month and he is his grumpy old self again, making us laugh with his weird grunting noise while eating. If Fran had not noticed the swelling, it might have been too late to save him. We are all so happy to still have him with us. And particularly Corner-mum and Corner-girl who are his best friends. Photo-2 Grumpy much better again.

 08-Dec-15   Wat Wang Pong :   The 6th of December was a very good day.
On that day we heard that Chris from the U.S.A. would foster Lilly until she goes to Bangkok to catch her flight to Boston in the States. Chris lives in Huahin and sofar he and Lilly are getting along fine. She is basically ready for her departure, she was vaccinated, has her microchip in place, has been neutered and declared healthy by the vet. What will your journey through life bring you from here, dear Lilly?
And would you believe it, on that same day I got the news that Tiang has now been officially adopted and has moved to her forever home in L.A. This has been the most exciting experience for me in all the years of looking after my friends, the temple-dogs. Two stray Thai dogs, abandoned in a market at Wat Wang Pong, a temple in Pranburi, have been chosen to live in the security of a home with a loving family, far away from their home country, all the way in the United States. I wish to thank every single person who was involved in this fantastic adventure and wish Tiang and Lilly happiness for the rest of their lives. I should say that Lilly has not even left Thailand yet, but she already has a secure home waiting for her in Boston. What a day, the 6th of December 2015.
Photo-1 Lilly with Chris. Photo-2 Tiang when she was first found on that market table in the temple.

 28-Nov-15   Wat Na Huay :   Ivermectin, Neutering and other news.
On the day 3-Legs died, Neil and I treated the dogs with their monthly Ivermectin. That was when we found her. We got all of them, except for Sprite who was hiding from fireworks. We now have only 24 dogs left at Wat Na Huay, plus 2 outside the compound, Boy-X and his Mum. Most of the dogs are very old, so soon there will be very few left. I do not dare to bring in new puppies or dogs for fear of the poisonings. Maybe things will change in the near future.
Lilly was successfully neutered and will have to go back to the temple in a few days, when her stitches will come out. I worry about her. Donkey is still with Neil getting ready for her operation in a week or so. She also may have to go back to the temple afterwards.
Never forget our friend Charlene from England. She has been sending us contributions every month for many months now. Together with Rescue Paws, Jim & his wife and myself of course, we have neutered many dogs from Kao Khalok, which was the wish of Charlene, that we would clear the beach of pregnant dogs and puppies . Sadly I never found her special friend Eric again. He was her special beachdog while she was here on holiday.
A further contribution from Wayne was another nice and very welcome event this month. Thank you, Wayne. Hope to meet you one day.
I am now concentrating more on dogs I see on the side of the road in this area, who need help like Nouw and several females I have spotted who have had puppies or are pregnant. I still visit the Project dogs regularly. More puppies born, but too difficult to catch them on my own. Nobody has time to help! As long as I can see them healthy. And so it goes on. I visit many dogs in different places. I have the three wonderful volunteers, Fran, Brian and Mandy, who basically supervise Wat Wang Pong now and I have regular contact with Mehchee from Wat Woody.
Photo-1 Poor Lilly who has to return to the temple after neutering. Photo-2 Cool Boy, who was most likely taken together with his two gorgeous little brothers as they all disappeared together one day. I wish them luck. They looked so good that I trust they are wanted.

 28-Nov-15   Wat Na Huay :   Tribute to 3-Legs.
After the tragic loss of Chicken, Wat Na Huay has had to say goodbye to another old resident. 3-Legs passed away yesterday morning. She was not really ill, but she was very old and was probably suffering from cancer. I took her to the vet just over a month ago, for a check-up, before I left for Europe. She had some lumps all over her body, but did not seem to be in pain. The vet said it was not necessary to treat her, as she was too old to have them removed and she was not suffering. She was half blind but still moved around happily. She, of course, had only three legs after she had a leg amputated some years ago, when an infection made it necessary to have it removed. For a long time she had been the dog of the Headmonk. He and the Headnun both contributed to her operation and she was always well looked after. When she got older, she moved to the covered area under the main temple, where she lived until the end. It was used for storing chairs, boats, gates etc. and it was not exactly clean, but it was safe. She lived there together with Peace who was also forever hiding from everything and everybody. Peace is now alone and I have to keep an eye on her to make sure she will not be affected by the loss of her companion. As 3-Legs got older, she actually got more attention and she did show her appreciation. Everyone looked after her, the nuns, the monks, Asha, Neil, myself and I do not feel sad that she is gone, but peaceful and accepting. I only wish I had been with her when she actually died. I had seen her and stroked her two days earlier. She looked peaceful and her last meal was still standing next to her. I was always wondering if she would come out to meet me as usual. That day she did not, not anymore. I wish her a brilliant rebirth, as is the custom in this country. She deserves it. It was an honour to look after her and I admire the way she lived her life. It was not easy. Bye 3-Legs, I shall not forget you.
Photo-1 Our 3-Legs. Photo-2 A poem.

 21-Nov-15   Updates on the bloodtests for Donkey and Lilly.
Ked, the very capable assistant at Rescue Paws, took blood from Donkey and Lilly yesterday, during her visit to Wat Wang Pong. Both dogs were so delighted to see Neil again.
But the test results were not what we had hoped for. Donkey still has to take another course of Doxycycline and bloodboosters for at least one more week as her platelets are not right yet. Neil immediately offered to take her home again while she is on medication, so in a way she is a very lucky girl. On the positive side, the results for Lilly were fine and she is going to have her big op on Monday. I shall take her to Rescue Paws clinic on Monday morning, where she will be in the capable hands of Dr. Aey. After that it is hoping for adoption. She is lovely, of course, so let us wait and see if someone else thinks the same.
Photo-1 Ked relaxing with sisters Ginger & Flo. Photo-2 Neil being greeted by Lilly with Donkey in the background on the right and KitKat behind him.

 21-Nov-15   Wat Wang Pong :   More news about ......dogs.
Our Grumpy had a broken tooth. He had an op to remove the tooth and apparently suffers from blood parasites. So what is new. He is on doxy and recovering well, considering that he is one of our oldest dogs at Wat Wang Pong. He is rather special as he grunts while he eats. We never stop laughing when we hear him eating.
I spotted a dog on the side of the road to Wat Wang Pong. I had never seen him before. He was in a dreadful state. His whole skinny body was covered with mangy sores, all bloody cuts and awfully infected patches. I started treating him and after a couple of weeks he could open his clogged-up eyes again. Half his fur has grown back alreay and his skin is dry. So nice to see a dog getting better and also how he shows his happiness when he sees me. I asked the Thais what his name is and they said they called him Nouw. Ask any Thai what that means and they will basically tell you it is something that has gone bad like rotten fruit or a piece of meat that has started to rot. Gives you an idea of what he looked like. Poor Nouw.
Another old boy who had a badly infected eye and ear is much better now, but we think the eye cannot see anymore. It needs regular cleaning. He is too old for an operation.
Today I collected Ked, the assistant from Rescue Paws together with Amy, a new volunteer and they helped to take blood from Donkey and Lilly in order for them to get neutered by Dr. Aey from Rescue Paws. Lilly only returned to the temple yesterday after recovering from a broken leg. Neil was there of course, to help his two ex-patients. Lilly and Donkey were so delighted to see him again.
A very special thank you to Amy, the volunteer from Rescue Paws. She did something wonderful. She sat and cuddled Domino for ages. You must know that Domino mostly gets told off for being nasty to other female dogs and rarely enjoys such loving treatment. She usually gets shooed away by us. So happy for her.
Photo-1 Nouw looking so much better now. And his eyes are clear once more. Photo-2 Rescue Paws volunteer Amy with the lovely Domino.

 19-Nov-15   Wat Wang Pong :   The miracle adoption of Gandolf.
As promised, herewith two more pictures of Gandolf, alias Cassidy, with Daddy Scott and My Good Luck Charm Brigitte. Yes, she did it again. She visited Wat Woody with her friend and voila....Gandolf was adopted. Who would have thought it when we first saw him, running and hiding away, mangy and skinny and desperate for food. I am so happy for him. First rescued by Iree and Kirk, then fostered by Mehchee, the nun at Wat Woody and finally adopted by Scott. Thank you Scott and Brigitte. By the way, the nun says she misses him sooo much!
Herewith two new photographs of Cassidy/Gandolf with his new master and friend. You can see how safe he feels now.

 18-Nov-15   Neuterings outside the temple.
For some time I have been helping Jim with the neutering of the Kao Khalok beach-dogs through Rescue Paws. I believe he now has an arrangement, directly with Rescue Paws. It all began when Charlene from England started sending monthly contributions to help the dogs on the beach, whom she befriended while here on holiday. With the help of Rescue Paws I am now more flexible and can neuter more stray dogs away from the beach.
Like the sausage dog I have seen pregnant so many times. She has now been done and still has two pups of her last and final litter as company.
Then I finish with a big Thank You to everyone who helped looking after the temple-dogs while I was away again. Fran, Mandy & Brian, Asha, Neil, Iree and all the Thai people who care so much for their own abandoned Thai stray dogs. I know many of them. A very odd bunch we are all together.
Photo-1 Jim, his wife and the wonderful assistant from Rescue Paws with one of the beachdogs. Photo-2 The sausage dog in the field near my home who has finally been neutered.

 18-Nov-15   Wat Wang Pong :   Earlier adoptions in October.
When my friend Sairung phoned me out of the blue to say she had brought a friend to Wat Wang Pong who wanted to adopt a puppy, I was prepared for a disappointment as we have had many of those. When I saw her in her frilly yellow dress, I believed even less that she would adopt two robust little temple-puppies. So shame on me when she took the two biggest boys and lifted them up with ease against her pretty dress. Her name is V and I thank her for coming to Wat Wang Pong to pick two puppies to take to her family farm. I am so happy for them and wish them a healthy and happy future with V.
Photos of V with the two brothers in her arms.

 17-Nov-15   Important Good News Updates.
After Chicken everything is good news!
Before I left, we received a very generous donation from our friend Christine from Hongkong. Two of her friends also contributed. I forgot the paper with their names on it, but here they are at last, J. Fong and Y.C. Tang. Thank you both so much for supporting the temple-dogs. I shall think of you when we have more neuterings, wich will be soon. And Ciara, just to let you know that your Swiss doggie traveled all the way to Holland and England with me. It was hanging from my bag and many children noticed it, on the plane, the train, the tram, the bus and even on my bicycle. Big kiss for that. Thank you.
More good news is that two puppies were adopted. At Wat Na Huay little Louise, our little puppy brought in only a month ago by Iree and Kirk when they came to help treat the dogs with Ivermectin, after finding her on the road, was adopted by a couple who live near the temple. She was well and had her first vaccination. A lovely healthy little girl. I hope to visit her soon.
At Wat Wang Pong little Gandolf was rescued from a horrible dark gloomy hall, where he hid from the other dogs. A little puppy, all alone. Mehchee, the nun at Wat Woody, noticed him and wanted to take care of him. But no-one could catch him. Until Iree came along again. She and Kirk got him and he went to live with Mehchee. Then my Good Luck Charm, Brigitte, visited the temple with her friend Scott, who fell for Gandolf. He is now called Cassidy, I believe. And the plan is to fly him to the States. Another lucky lucky dog. He must have dreamt of this in his horrible dark corner in that big empty room. Lovely, lovelier, loveliest!
Photo-1 Louise. Photo-2 Gandolf with his rescuers, Iree & Kirk. By the way, he looks much better now. Will soon post a picture of Scott with Cassidy, I promise.

 17-Nov-15   Wat Na Huay :   Chicken is gone forever.
I came back from my trip abroad only yesterday. Not happy as I had hoped for, but so sad to have heard that Chicken died only the day before I got back. I so wished to see her again. Only one more day, just to comfort her one more time. Now it is too late.
Chicken was dumped at Wat Na Huay over 2 years ago. A young dog and very scared of people. We soon found out that she was pregnant. She had three puppies in a concrete water-drain. I was able to look after them while they were very little and Chicken did trust me. Again, when I came back from a trip abroad, I found that all three puppies were gone. Until this day I never found out what happened to them. Nobody in the temple knew anything and the monks suggested that they were probably taken for adoption. I knew that one of them was ill. The worst thing was that nobody really seemed to care about Chicken and her children. I was just happy to see her every time I visited and then the time came when she should be neutered. A problem as she would definitely not be caught, not even touched. We managed to catch her through blowdarting. Claudia did the job, but as soon as she was darted she ran off out of the compound and we searched for ages. I finally saw two little ears in the long grass in a field where I knew the dogs loved to play. She was already groggy by then and picking her up was easy. After her operation she lived so happily with her friends, the temple-dogs. She loved my dog Cowboy, who often accompanies me on my visits. They were always happy to see each other when he jumped out of the car and they would always run after my car in a pack, Linda, Big, Chicken and others. I never worried about her and she survived all the poisonings, probably by avoiding humans. How then, did she get blood parasites. Why? She was healthy and had her Ivermectin every month. Anyhow, she did get blood parasites and I thought I could treat it with the inevitable Doxycycline. But then she started to stumble and I knew it was one of the bad strains. But I had seen dogs recover, even if they kept a tremor like Bella, like Tooty, like Donkey and others. So I took her home and gave her the usual medicine prescribed by the vets. She did get a little better, could lift her head again and push herself up on her frontlegs. She could even eat from her bowl and drink by herself, after having been virtually totally paralysed. Then I had to go away again and tried to find somebody who could take care of her, night and day, as she demanded attention through the night. She would cry and needed turning over regularly. Nobody had time and she still did not trust strangers, although she wagged her tail for me and allowed me to do whatever was necessary for her. Claudia volunteered, even though she was in bad health herself and suffered from pains in her knees. While I was away, she contacted me to say she could not continue because of the pains, so I suggested she left her with Mehchee, the nun from Wat Woody. Three days later she took her home again and after that I am not sure what happened to my poor Chicken. I got the message one day that she had a fever and refused to eat and drink. Then came the news of her death, a terrible end to my trip, a terrible home-coming and a mystery as to how she got that infection. Maybe all the visits to the different vets and the many treatments and medications were too much for her. If only I could have seen her one more time! I cry for her and miss her, my dear little Chicken. A short life, but I truly believe a happy one. Bye little one. xxx
Photo-1 Chicken when she had first caught the disease. Photo-2 Chicken sleeping peacefully in my garden at my home before I left for Europe.

 03-Nov-15   No news.
Dear Readers, I am so sorry for this long silence. I am away on a private trip and have not had time to keep you updated. I have much to tell and will do so, when I am back in Thailand. Please have patience. Meanwhile, don't forget the temple-dogs, please. Here are two of them to remind you. Photo-1 Donkey going back to the temple after recovering with Neil. Photo-2 Lilly moved in with Neil to recover from a broken leg.

 16-Oct-15   Contributions!
A very special thank you to Asha, Sally & Alec, Claudia, Tony (son of Fran & Peter) and our far-away faithful friend Charlene. Your help is invaluable and the honour of thanking you all goes to our babies. May your contributions help towards their safe and happy future.
Photo-1 Coolboy from the bush. Photo-2 Louise at Wat Na Huay.

 02-Oct-15   More news items.
At Wat Na Huay all the dogs were treated with Ivermectin for September with the help of Kirk and Iree. A quick and easy job with the three of us.
A new puppy, found on the road, came with them and she now lives with the nuns. Memories of beautiful Sooty come flashing through my mind. I fear for little Louise, a pretty name for a pretty girl. Times are bad at Wat Na Huay. Maybe her arrival will change things. We need some good luck.
Photo-1 Kirk & Iree. Photo-2 6 new puppies dumped in the market

 02-Oct-15   All kinds of news.
Tiang went to Peter in Bangkok, waiting for a flight volunteer who will accompany her to the U.S.A. She has settled down brilliantly in her foster home and it has taken a huge worry off my mind.
Donkey is still with our superb new volunteer Neil and she is getting stronger by the day. He even takes her for walks on the beach with his own dog Edward, just to exercise her. A great achievement. Sadly she will almost be ready to go back to the temple Wat Wang Pong where she was found with severe blood parasites which left her almost paralyzed. But she now has the strength again to stand up for herself and we are all there to keep an eye on her.
Unfortunately I cannot say the same for poor Chicken from Wat Na Huay, who came down with the same symptoms, but she went downhill much faster. In only 5 days I saw her changing from a playful young dog who loved to run after my car with my own dog Cowboy and the others, into a sad little girl not even able to get up on her four legs anymore. She is now at my home in a pen, but it will be a very long and slow struggle to recovery if she is lucky.
Our other new volunteers, Kirk from New Zealand and Iree from Thailand, have proved their skills by catching a little grey poodle-like puppy, who was abandoned, all by himself in that big, dangerous, scary land where many much larger dogs than himself live and they were not even that friendly. Can you imagine! That poor little puppy, all alone, so frightened that he hid in a large, dark hall which is sometimes used for funeral gatherings. He was so terrified that he would only come out if he was starving. Otherwise he would share the food that was thrown in through the locked doors, with the cats who also live there. But Iree asked a monk for the key to unlock the door and with her magic touch she managed to pick him up. He is now in Wat Huay Saleng Pan or Wat Woody, where he lives with Mehchee, the nun who loves all dogs and cats equally. He could not be in a better temple. He has been given the grand name of Gandolf.
We had a visit from Asha again, who brought a group of friends to see Wat Na Huay. She and her Dutch friend each gave a kind contribution to the dogs, for which we thank them humbly.
Together with Jim we took two more dogs from the beach at Kao Khalok to Rescue Paws for neutering. They will stay there until their blood is right to undergo surgery, so maybe another two weeks or so.
We had 6 new puppies dumped in the market at Wat Wang Pong, 4 males and 2 females. 3 Males appear to have been taken already. They were a healthy lot. Only three to go, 2 females and 1 little boy. Another black young female was also left in the market. She is very thin, but beautiful and I think we can soon have her back to normal. She has a lovely nature. I started her on doxy as her gums were very pale. We call her Lilly.
And Claudia, our great volunteer Claudia, took Dylan to Kasetsart, finally. He has some kind of lung infection and is on many different pills, which seem to improve his cough slowly but steadily.
Photo-1 Gandolf with Iree & Kirk. Photo-2 Donkey on the beach!

 30-Sep-15   September Tale.
Well, one of the biggest events of this month must certainly be the adoption of Umbra, who is now called Jessie. One day I was contacted by a man called Chris, who said he would like to adopt a dog. His own family dog Danny, had been tragically killed by poisoning, the most cruel way to lose your dog and sadly it is happening far too often still here in Thailand, due to lack of education. I invited Chris to come and see the dogs at Wat Wang Pong, warning him that we had very few puppies left at that time. I showed him many of our adult dogs, those I thought would meet his requirements and expectations. Lovely dogs like, Toffee, KitKat, Emerald, Diamond, Paddy and many others, who, I think, would settle well into a home environment. I was totally taken by surprise when he pointed at Umbra, a lovely black shiny healthy, but totally unnoticed dog, because she is so wise to not be pushy and never gets into trouble. Her sister Shadow lives inside with the monks, as she is more timid. Umbra, however, was quite capable to stand up for herself in the tougher conditions on the outside. She did not fight, she stood her ground and would not be bullied and she found her place, stayed in the background and never caused trouble. She is a big girl, has a superb shiny coat and is a healthy temple-dog. Her life would continue in Wat Wang Pong, I was sure. But not so, she was the chosen one. I am so happy for her. When Chris stroked her, she immediately wagged her tail furiously and got into his car without hesitation. I have visited her since and I must say, she is a lucky girl. She now lives with a lovely young family, out in the countryside on a plot of farmland with endless rural surroundings, grass, water, goats and peace. I believe she still has to learn a few rules to earn her living as a guarddog for the family estate, but with her wisdom I trust she will soon know what is required of her. I can only wish her a happy forever after with her new family. Thank you Chris!
Photo-1 Jessie on the temple steps with Chris and some friends on her last day as a temple-dog. I have not even told her sister Shadow yet. Photo-2 Jessie with Chris in her new paradise.

 19-Sep-15   Donation from Lizzy!
Another generous contribution from Lizzy. So appreciated at this time, as our donations are drying up! Please help us if you can. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for any gift, big or small towards the care and maintenance of the temple-dogs.
The honour of thanking Lizzy goes to Tiang, our lovely girl from the market who is probably one of the luckiest dogs in the world. Her story will be told soon.
Photo-1 & -2 Tiang

 19-Sep-15   I call them Fringe-Dogs, as they live outside the temple walls.
Photo-1 Meechoke, who was found in a terrible state by a Thai lady, who picked up this poor little mangy, sick dog and took him home. An example to all and no-one can ever come to me again and say that Thais only love pretty dogs and are afraid to touch sick, mangy dogs. Meechoke had mange, his sores were open and bloody and his eyes and nose were completely clogged up with mucus and discharge. He already looks so much better, but he still has a fever, a respiratory infection, mange and blood parasites. All thanks go to Khun Pawadee Patthong and her family for taking in this little sick boy. May he recover completely.
Photo-2 A sight we do not want to see, a dog obviously feeding a litter somewhere or pregnant again. This dog lives on the side of a very busy road but near some houses, where she gets fed. I asked if they would please neuter her. We could help with the finances. The answer was, as so often, that they cannot catch her. How many puppies has she seen killed by cars on that road, how many times have I seen her pregnant, how many times has she avoided being hit herself. I am going to try and sedate her with tablets and hopefully catch her. Three of her last litter, all females of course, are still there. Who knows for how long. Wish me luck in catching them. I also do not want to see them dumped in the temples. We have seen enough. Again we lost two little puppies we tried to save. They were far too young to be dumped without a mother and far too weak. We still have some of a stronger litter remaining, but they are so vulnerable. A new lonely boy was left by himself. He seems ok, but is terrified and hides inside one of the funeral halls, just like Billie used to. Maybe we can get close to him one day soon, instead of feeding him from a distance through a door. A puppy needs love and affection!

 19-Sep-15   Our new volunteer Neil is a huge help.
He is calm unlike me, strong unlike me, young unlike me and loves dogs just like me. He helps to feed the dogs at Wat Na Huay every week, assisted us in catching dogs and lifting them into my car and now he looks after Donkey for a while.
I was asked to look at a very sick dog in the market at Wat Wang Pong by the local people and gave them Doxy to treat her with for starters. When I finally took her to the vet, she was, of course, diagnosed with blood parasites, but luckily the distemper test was negative. Rescue Paws named her Donkey because of her large ears and kept her for one night, but she could not stay, as they are full-up. Since she needs medication three times a day, it would be impossible to treat her in the temple. Besides, being so ill, she could hardly walk or see and was constantly being bullied by the other dogs, as is normal when a dog is the weakest in the pack. So thank goodness for Neil. He has taken her home for at least one week, where he can give her the care she needs. As soon as she shows signs of improvement, she will be returned to the market and hopefully she will be able to look after herself.
Photo-1 Donkey feeling safe in her box. Photo-2 Neil with Donkey in his care.

 10-Sep-15   Bits of good news.
I took Three-legs from Wat Na Huay to the vet, with the help of Neil, to ask about the lumps on her body, worried they might be malignant. But the vet told me that these are just fatty lumps and should be left alone, as she is a very old girl and there is no need to remove them.
Kitkat has fully recovered. All her papillomas or mouth ulcers have disappeared, so the immune boosters worked and so did our perseverance.
Boy-X is back in the place where he came from, with his beautiful Mum. His eye has not yet been removed, since he seems to be able to live with the damaged eye as it is. The infection appears to have gone, so I am carefully watching it. He eats well and is fit.
Building site dogs, only so few left, are well again, including little Café who was neutered and Kownew who was so sick with blood parasites that he could not even walk anymore, the second time he has been so ill. The little kitten who was so sick, has recovered beautifully, again thanks to Doxycycline, the miracle pill. The young Thai woman on the site looks after the animals very well and cares for them passionately, together with her young son Mac and her husband when he is around.
The project dogs are just the same. I have not got any further with them, but they are so much more confident when I am around. They will eat in the large cage but I have not tried to trap them yet.
The Wang Pong dogs are in good health generally, which is a huge achievement, considering we help to take care of around 100 dogs in that temple. A great team effort!
Photo-1 Little Café with the liquid eyes from the building site. Photo-2 Billie is a prime example of good health in Wat Wang Pong, recently neutered and desperate for a home like Tiang. Please see photographs and Facebook posts.

 10-Sep-15   Wat Wang Pong :   Our last 7 females neutered, for the time being.
Yes, for the time being, until the puppies grow up. We had Diamond, Emerald, Café, Joya, Tiang, Billie and last but not least Akira, the youngest girl to undergo surgery for sterilisation. All are well and recovered normally. Some are on bloodboosters, but on the whole we prepared them well for the op, considering the fact that almost every temple-dog suffers from blood parasites. Very proud of that. Big thank you to Fran, Mandy & Brian and all the Thai helpers. Now all we need is homes for them!
We have received our monthly contributions from dear Charlene in England and our new friend Asha, who comes to visit the temple-dogs regularly.
Photo-1 Joya with her carers from the foodstall on the corner. Photo-2 Diamond who lives with her sister Emerald near the puppy area, where they are relatively safe.

 10-Sep-15   Wat Na Huay :   Sooty is gone.
Last week I went to the temple with Neil to do the rounds. All seemed fine, dogs happy and well fed, but at the very end I noticed that Sooty was not running around, jumping up as usual. She had only been neutered less than three weeks ago. She had just had her stitches out and was a ball of energy and fun. Where was Sooty. I asked the nuns and was completely devastated when they told me that young Sooty was also poisoned. It knocks you down so deep into despair and depression, you cannot imagine. What a way to end her life. Just like Bibby, just like all the others. Nothing stops this evil. I do not know how to fight it anymore. I stubbornly keep following the same route, report to the police, the Headnun, the Headmonk, other senior monks, the district Head, etc. I have put new posters up, promising a reward for information, but nothing works. I have lost another friend. She was only 6 months old. It hurts so much.
Photo-1 Sooty as a baby. Photo-2 Sooty just before she died.

 31-Aug-15   Wat Wang Pong :   Short notes to end the month with.
Kitkat is going strong, on immunity boosters for her mouth ulcers, which we hope will disappear sometime soon.
We are preparing 8 dogs for neutering. The ones who had a bloodtest sofar, are all on doxycycline as almost all temple-dogs suffer from blood parasites. We are planning to take, Emerald, Diamond, Tiang, Billie, black girl with monks and two fringe dogs called Checkers and Kafe. Anyone who cares to assist with the neutering fees, please contribute through the Contributions page.
The Project dogs are ok. I fear that some of the females are pregnant again, as we cannot yet touch them. Another young male was found dead, presumably lost the fight to the more experienced males over a female in season. So cruel of nature. The Pranburi livestock department have deposited a large cage in which we hope to catch at least some of these dogs for sterilization.
Photo-1 Tiang is our latest adult left behind in the marketplace, not understanding, bewildered and scared. See the disbelief in her eyes. I so love that dog. There must be an angel looking for her. Photo-2 A little white puppy, who is our messenger saying that fewer and fewer puppies should be doomed to her fate.

 31-Aug-15   Wat Na Huay :   Boy-X recovered again!
He does live dangerously. The last time he was hit by a car and seemingly left paralyzed, but through the great skills of Dr. Mint from Kasetsart, he was treated for neurological problems and more, so he now walks again. This time I was called to treat him for blood parasites. But he had more, his eyes were all closed up and one eye swelled up so much that the eye was invisible. Then it started leaking black liquid and blood. Outcome was that he had a very serious infection of the eyes which had spread into the body. After treatment he was left with a badly damaged eye. He may have to lose the eye as he cannot see with it anymore, but I am hoping that he can keep it, even if it means constant eyedrops. He does have some people who look after him and I can check regularly. He was at my house in my recovery pen for a while, but as soon as he felt better, he managed to eat the wire fence and break free, threatening my own dog Cowboy, so I took him back to where he has lived so dangerously for so long. He is happy there and that must be enough. All his neighbours love him. And his Mum lives there too!
We now have a new volunteer called Neil. I visited his rescue puppies in an abandoned housing estate near the beach and he came to see our dogs in both temples and on the building site, when he helped to feed and medicate. He brought his little daughter Charlotte when visiting the puppies at Wang Pong. May he keep coming regularly.
Photo-1 Boy-X. Photo-2 Neil, our new volunteer.

 27-Aug-15   Happy Times!
Yes, these are days to be treasured. At Wat Wang Pong one of the many lovely puppies, a little boy, was chosen for adoption by a really kind Thai man. It was so obvious that the puppy immediately took to him, as he put his little head straight onto the shoulder of the man. It made my heart melt.
And at Wat Na Huay the dogs will have a party. Frankie and Georgie gave a huge bag of food plus a generous donation to their old friends, the temple-dogs. They must never forget their background, as they were once little puppies at Wat Na Huay themselves, but were the lucky ones, adopted by Colin & Christine. I visited them today and saw with my own eyes how dogs and humans make each other so very happy.
We had further contributions this week, a great donation from the Head-Nun at Wat Na Huay, a variety of leads, bowls, collars and other equipment from Sue.
Photo-1 The one left behind in the temple. Photo-2 The lucky boy from Wat Wang Pong adopted.

 15-Aug-15   Some news about the dogs outside our temples.
The project dogs are just the same. I still cannot touch them, but they are happy when they see me coming to feed them. Unfortunately the females are coming into season again and the males are going crazy. One boy was found dead. Khun Khemika from the Municipality, after talking to Dr. Ae from Rescue Paws, who is willing to help try and catch as many as possible, deposited a large cage in which I now feed them as well. Some dogs already enter but it will take time to catch them.
Rescue Paws also help Mehchee at Wat Huay Saleng Pan, where I visited the other day. Jenny, who lives there and was a Wang Pong dog, is doing fine.
It was great to see Secret again in the same place where I used to feed her. She looks well and seems to have found a few friends to compete with.
Photo-1 Mehchee with some of her dogs, including my Jenny. Photo-2 Little Secret in her own world.

 15-Aug-15   Wat Na Huay :   Things are quiet at Wat Na Huay.
This is such a relief, as that is the temple where the dreadful poisonings happened. I do not want to think about it, but cannot forget it. Joy, Dam and Bathroom-girl are getting better after their daily Doxy, Joy being the worst.
Peace was, once again, locked inside a room without food and water. How many days? Who knows. They told me that the room is opened up every day, but I believe noone in that temple, after all the lies I heard relating to the poisonings. I always look for Peace as she howls when she hears the car. Luckily I heard her howling inside the room. It was locked, but with the help of the Headnun, I climbed through a window which had been left unlocked.
I treated most of the dogs with Ivermectin and Asha came to help feed one day, when she brought us yet another donation. Thank you, Asha.
Lovely young Sooty was neutered, courtesy of Daniel, the brother of Claudia, by Rescue Paws and all went well. She is a ball of energy. I must mention that Dr.Ae especially complimented us on the results of the bloodtest for Sooty. She said she was a very healthy dog and that her platelets were very high. This we do not hear very often about our temple-dogs.
Photo-1 Sooty after neutering. Photo-2 Two lovely friends of mine, Linda and Big, who escaped the dreadful poison somehow.

 15-Aug-15   Wat Wang Pong :   Mid-month updates.
Between Rescue Paws, Fran and myself we treated all our dogs at Wang Pong again with Ivermectine, their monthly protection against parasites. No major problems noted. But Kitkat has a nasty cluster of papillomas on her mouth. Dr. Ae thought it might be TVT and gave her a chemo-injection to which Kitkat reacted badly. She stayed at the clinic for 2 nights and then I took her to Kasetsart for tests. The cytology report will come back next week. In my experience these papillomas are just due to a low immune system, which is a possibility according to Kasetsart and she is now on an immune-booster for a week. This treatment, together with vitamins, worked for our other dogs with mouth-ulcers, so I hope this is the case with Kitkat and nothing more serious. Perhaps Dr. Ae imagined the worst and did not want to take any risks. But my theory is that she would already have infected the other dogs, especially since she had a false season and the males were all over her. If she turns out to have TVT, we will have to carefully watch all the other dogs in her area and take action as and when necessary. Thank goodness TVT is curable.
The puppies seem to be thriving under the care of Khun Peter, but I must admit that I am not sure anymore if any were adopted or died. The numbers keep changing. We have nursed so many through. The strong ones will survive.
A few of our dogs are on doxy but that is not a problem with Mandy, Fran and I all taking turns to give them their daily meds.
Photo-1 Clemmie on her wall, where she is safe from all the bullies. Photo-2 When it is feeding time, they crawl out of anywhere.

 06-Aug-15   I have seen them all again.
I have seen them all again, with the exception of a few. I visited Wat Na Huay, Wat Woody, Wat Wang Pong, the Project Dogs and the Building Site. Altogether over 200 dogs. Wonderful. I really missed them, even if I was only away for two weeks. Thank you to all who cared for the dogs, in particular Fran, Mandy and Brian and all the Thai people we take for granted. I love it when I see old friends again.
Jenny is an example. She was taken from Wat wang Pong after they threatened to poison her, because she was caught killing chickens. The nun, Mehchee from Wat Huay Saleng Pan or Wat Woody, agreed to take her and she has never looked back. This was a long time ago. She was best friends with Woody from Wat Na Huay, who was also adopted by Mehchee. They were together for several years, until our little Woody died from a brain tumor. They were so happy there. Jenny still lives with the nun and has made new friends, but never one as close as Woody. It was lovely to see her again, thriving.
Another example is Mehmai. She is a beauty. She is a very shy dog, who was brought into Wat Wang Pong by a monk. She was pregnant and had her lovely puppies in an upstairs room of an abandoned hut. She was so afraid to come down. All her puppies fell ill and they died one after another. Mehmai must have felt so lonely and sad. I was shattered. She was neutered and lived alone in that hut for a long time. Slowly she changed and now, after many many months, she joins the other dogs outside, still always standing back, but she does eat of my hand now. Another lovely being, who could be a loyal friend to someone.
photo 1 Mehmai. photo 2 Jenny

 02-Aug-15   The young and the old welcomed me back.
I have been away for two weeks on a private visit to Holland. It is great to be home again. I already visited Wat Na Huay and the project dogs. Things seem to be ok, but I did not see Fit and Namtan and found Dam, Joy and Bathroom-girl with possible blood parasites. Will keep an eye on them. Great to see old Bully still going strong. He is the oldest temple-dog I know, a mascot for the nuns.
Sadly I found one male adult dog lying dead near the project dogs. I do not really know him. I cannot see how he died, so I covered him with an old towel and sprinkled sand over him like a token funeral. Poor boy.
I shall visit Wat Wang Pong soon. Fran, Mandy and Brian have given me constant updates about the dogs in Wang Pong and the reports are good, apart from yet another litter of puppies dumped.
Another contribution from my friend Marijke in Holland was a really welcome gift, as is the regular support from wonderful Charlene in the U.K., who contributes every month. Thank you for these very kind gestures from our youngest member of the Wat Na Huay family, Sooty, on behalf of all the dogs and us.
photo 1-Sooty, photo 2-Two retired old boys, Monster, lying down and Bully, standing up.

 13-Jul-15   Wat Wang Pong :   And more visitors with generous gifts!
This month has been good sofar. We had more visitors and more contributions in the last couple of days. Pippa & Brian from the U.K. contacted me and asked if they could come and see the dogs. I took them to Wat Wang Pong, where we have plenty to show. I really enjoyed telling them about our friends and I hope they enjoyed meeting them. They help to look after stray dogs in Goa, India and in turn, told me some amazing stories. They made a generous contribution and a promise to spread the word about our temple-dogs. Wonderful.
And Fran brought a friend to Wat Wang Pong as well. Phil brought a bag of food and the dogs enjoyed an extra treat and more attention.
Claudia returned from her holiday in Switzerland and her mother and brother Daniel have given us the funds for the neutering of four female dogs. At the moment our young females are not old enough for the operation, but what a great feeling to know that we do not have to find the money when they are ready for the op. They will be naming the pups, so I am patiently waiting until I can inform you.
This time I would like to thank you personally for your generosity, kindness and interest in the temple-dogs. I speak on behalf of all volunteers, particularly Fran, Mandy, Claudia and Asha. We are making it work together!
Picture-1 Pippa and Brian. Picture-2 Phil and Fran.

 10-Jul-15   Wat Wang Pong :   The chain of helping one another.
So this is how it starts. A puppy gets dumped at the temple. Khun Peter, a worker at the temple, finds it and helps to feed it and give it shelter somewhere safe in the temple-grounds. He does not have enough money. Then people like Fran and I help him with extra food and medical care like deworming, anti-flea and tick treatments. But we are not vets, so people like Rescue Paws come and help with their expertise. Their team visits and Moh Ae, Joel and their assistant come and help to treat the dogs against parasites and give their advise on who needs doxy or other medication and which dogs are ready for neutering or which puppies are old enough to be vaccinated. This costs money. So that is where YOU come in and help to support us and contribute. After that we only need to find homes. It is that simple. Everybody helps!
Photo-1 Khun Peter looks after a dumped puppy. Photo-2 Rescue Paws visit to help.

 07-Jul-15   Another very happy news item.
I went to a fundraising event for Rescue Paws. There I met many people, but what was so wonderful was the fact that I met so many owners of dogs, who were adopted from our temples. There I met Ryan who adopted Winston from Wang Pong, Karina & her husband who adopted Kafe & Latte from Na Huay, Pisa, Max & his Dad who adopted Shirley from Wang Pong, Brigitte who adopted Guinness from Na Huay and Allie from Wang Pong. All these dogs are so very lucky and doing really well. Thank you all! It made my evening even better. I had a great time.
Now I feel more positive about finding a home for Tooty and this tiny new little puppy.
Photo-1 Tooty once more. Photo-2 A tiny weeny new little puppy, who knows not what the future will bring.

 07-Jul-15   Wat Wang Pong :   Eight new puppies, but there is a difference!
Eight tiny puppies freshly dumped by another idiot without a conscience. No mother to feed them, even though they still needed her milk. However, there is a change in the air. People no longer turn their backs on the puppies. Khun Peter, who is a cleaner in the temple-grounds, has voluntarily taken the responsibility of looking after these puppies upon him. He is so wonderful with them. He built them a shelter to keep them dry and to give them a place to hide. He feeds them, but I cannot imagine where he gets the rice from, as he is as poor as they come. He probably gets help from the monks. Fran and I obviously give him extra food and help with medication like deworming tablets, anti-flea and tick powder, vaccines etc. Sofar they are doing fine.
Khun Peter is not the only worker in the temple who loves dogs. Khun Noo is another one who has lived there for years and has always helped to take care of the animals. Sadly he used to drink and then he is not always so patient with them. But while he has a job, he is fine. He has 2 dogs of his own now, Cissy and Fred and we know they are loved and well cared for.
Phaa, a term of respect for an older lady - they call me Phaa all the time! - is an old Thai lady who lives behind the temple and sells goods in the market. Despite her bad health she feeds the cats and dogs in the market almost daily and has great compassion for animals. The monks also care for their dogs inside their quarters. I love chatting to these people, whenever we meet and we learn different ways from each other on how to take care of stray dogs in different cultures. It is basically the same, but the difference is that the number of strays in this country is obviously much larger than in Western countries and here they do not live in shelters but in temples where they are entirely dependent for food on the monks and on people like Khun Peter and others who live in the temple-grounds. All of them are poor, otherwise they would not live there. What we can show them is the advantage of regular meals, treatments and basic medication. It works! I know how the dogs have improved over the years. I remember how Wat Wang Pong was described as the worst temple for a dog to end up in. Now I hear them talk about our Wang Pong friends as being healthy and fat. They do not see litters of puppies born anymore and the dogs in general are less aggressive, so more fun to have around.
Photo-1 Khun Peter, Phaa and the puppies having a peaceful chat in the shade. Photo-2 Khun Peter, Phaa and a friend negotiating the adoption of a puppy. Khun Peter refused to let them go yet. They were too young, he said.

 07-Jul-15   Wat Na Huay :   A happy day in a still sad atmosphere.
Asha is our new volunteer. She and I treated the 27 remaining dogs at Wat Na Huay against parasites. It went brilliantly. I was so happy to have her there, as I still feel so very bad when I think of all my friends who are no longer there. But I must look forward and not back at what happened. But what can I do to prevent it happening again, I really do not know. Friends help me to focus on the dogs alive and Asha is a positive character. I hope she will stay with us for a long time to come. She also made a generous contribution to the temple-dogs, so Sooty in her arms is the obvious dog to thank her on behalf of all her friends in the temple.
Pictures of Asha and Sooty.

 05-Jul-15   Mac deserves a reward!
Young Mac helps to look after a pack of dogs on a building site, together with his Mum & Dad. There home is a horrible shack in filthy surroundings. They are dreadfully poor and sometimes Mac cannot even go to school, because he does not have the money he needs to buy lunch. This is not his fault. His parents probably earn some sort of salary, being the caretakers of the building site, but I can see they are people without hope. The father drinks and the mother sleeps all day. BUT, they love the dogs. They sleep in the same room with them and they are well fed. They live rough but at least we could help to neuter the females, treat them against parasites and medicate them when they fell ill. All the dogs are well now, apart from Blue who probably died of some form of poisoning. For many days the other sick dogs were given their daily medicine and they all recovered. Mac was instrumental in their recovery, in that he gave them the love and care they needed at such a time. I have seen that little boy cleaning up the vomit of the dogs. Now he runs after them and plays with his friends. One day I took my friend Nadine to visit that place. I think she was quite shocked by the conditions they live in. She felt for Mac and she insisted on giving him a treat, something I find so wonderful. I gave her presents to the boy, a brand new t-shirt, a toy car and trailer, but he really gasped when he saw the book about monsters and space creatures only little boys dream of. He was sooo happy. Did he ever receive such a gift before. I doubt it. On the picture you notice the filthy conditions of their room. Maybe, in time, we can help the parents as well. But now it is still all about the dogs. Red and White are the proof of what we can all do together to help some stray dogs.
Photo-1 Mac with his gifts. Photo-2 Red and White, two of the dogs he helps to look after.