31-Dec-09   2010!

May 2010 be a peaceful, happy and healthy year for all the dogs at Wat Na Huay and Wat Wang Pong!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Thank you for showing an interest in these dogs.

Josette Fisher

    19-Dec-09   Wat Wang Pong :   Trouble at Wang Pong

Hope was poisoned and killed. Fa was saved in time and another dog, yet to be identified, was also a victim! What a sad time, just before I go. Please read the story about Hope, when ready.

Khun Ut has left the temple. This is another disaster, as he looked after all the dogs at the first entrance, I called them coffeeshop dogs. I was told he disagreed with the abbot, but do not know what about. His dogs were the healthiest in the whole compound.

    17-Dec-09   this and that

I am preparing to go on holiday for 2 1/2 weeks, handed out bags of food at both temples, in the hope it will be evenly distributed amongst the dogs.

Took Butter and Jam for their boosters (2 pups at WNH at nuns quarters)

Poppy doing well. Wound is dry now. Dreading to set her free. also fear she is coming into season.

Pompom going downhill again. Vet says not serious. Back on meds, antibiotic and anti-stomach pain. Poor little guy.

    13-Dec-09   Message from Gin

Today was so amazing. A friend from the past showed up, out of the blue, just like that. He used to take me for walks on the beach, years ago. I thought he had forgotten me. Thank you for coming back, Peter de Jong. I am so happy again, your friend Gin

Please read my story in stories section.

    13-Dec-09   What a Dog Day!

Today we had a visitor, called Peter de Jong. He met all the dogs at both temples and brought two 20 kg bags of dogfood (and not the low-grade either like we are used to). The dogs had a feast!

He took great interest in Poppy (facewound at WNH) and the sick puppies with distemper (WWP-market). We gave them their daily meds. He helped to take Kiew (WWP) to the vet who had a serious bite-wound and needed stitches.

Peter promised to visit the temples while I am away on holiday for almost 3 weeks. What a dogfriend! Thank you.

    10-Dec-09   Wat Wang Pong :   Only Good News Today!

Poppie from WWP is not dead at all! I fed her yesterday morning and she was fine. Thank God.

Poppet from WNH with half her face bitten off went back to the temple and stays in a pen under the care of the nuns until recovered.

A generous donation of 3000 Baht was made by the head-nun of WNH.

    07-Dec-09   Wat Na Huay :   Horrid Discovery at WNH

Two days ago I searched for Poppie again. She always hides out of fright. She came running up to me, covered in cobwebs, skin and bone and she smelled awful. How sick I felt when I saw that half her face had been bitten off. The flesh had started to rot and the wound was infected. She is now at the clinic until the wound dries up. PLEASE HELP TO ADOPT HER as she cannot survive the bullying. 

    07-Dec-09   Wat Wang Pong :   Goodbye Whitey, WP

Whitey was killed by a car (see story). other dogs have gone missing. Must check it out. I fear Poppet may have died!

Greeneyes (daughter of Deng) was adopted. shame as still un-neutered.

    04-Dec-09   Wat Na Huay :   abandoned again at wnh!

2 mothers, 1 father and 16 puppies were left at wnh. a worker took pity and managed to keep 14 puppies alive. now they are 6 months old, vaccinated, females neutered, but abandoned again, by the very same man whom they relied on for food and care. he left his job and the dogs as well. 17 dogs just roaming around, bewildered, not being fed, as no-one wants to take on so many dogs in one go. i try to feed them as often as i can, but they are starving. the nuns and the monks only feed occasionally. i hate to see them slowly fading away. 

    04-Dec-09   Wat Wang Pong :   too tough for some at wwp

one puppy found dead under market table. several sick ones. new ones dumped, scattered all over. handing out tablets left, right and center.

    29-Nov-09   Thanks

Thanks to Claudia for helping to pick up dogs for neutering and holding them during vaccinating. Very few people will assist with these jobs.

Thank you to Desiree for donating a large bag of dogfood to wat Na Huay. This was particularly good timing, as the nun who used to feed the dogs, has left. When I asked who feeds the dogs now, I was told that sometimes they get fed, sometimes they do not! The number of dogs at WNH now stands at almost 100, which makes the task of feeding them huge. Any more donations are welcome.

    25-Nov-09   Cold season has come!

The nights get very cold now. All the dogs, especially the puppies of which there are so many, will be suffering. I expect many to fall ill. They need plenty good food to keep them healthy and any kind of blankets and dogboxes to protect them. Please contact me if you can help!

    25-Nov-09   Wat Na Huay :   7 Females Neutered WNH

Today I released 7 more young females (approx. 6 months) back at the temple after neutering at Dogchance. Again very successful. 

    25-Nov-09   Lonely Boy

It was exactly 1 week ago he came to me. He is now eating well, drinking milk, his eyes are clear and he has no more diarrhoea. But he is still so vulnerable and could catch any infection or disease because of his age, approx. 3 to 4 weeks. He is on antibiotics. He now has a name, Pompom

    18-Nov-09   Ignorant, careless or cruel


    18-Nov-09   vaccination & meds

at WNH 2 latest pups at nuns, at WWP 2 new fat brown pups at gate I, 2 latest at Khun Ud were vaccinated and had antiparasites. Gin treated for skin problems, several for eye infection, Sau had doxy (one eye gone milky white). boosters in 2 weeks

    14-Nov-09   Wat Na Huay :   Wat Na Huay ok.

Visited wat Na Huay. All seems well. Meh Lek has left the temple. she fed the dogs since I started. she worked in the kitchen. A new lady took over. Must talk about her system.

Little Poppie is so very skinny. More skin problems.

    14-Nov-09   Wat Wang Pong :   i have lost count at wp!

One of the newborn pups seems to have died. tomorrow i will ask the vet to look at them.

Many dogs at the coffeeshop have an eye-infection. will ask the vet to check that too

One new female in season. Expect terrible fights amongst the large group of unknown males around her. Must try and catch her.

    11-Nov-09   The good and the bad news.

16 puppies were vaccinated today. Boosters after 2 weeks.

The bad news: 8 new puppies dumped in the market. Their eyes are not even open yet! I cannot imagine anyone doing something so cruel, to dump them without a mother when not 10 days old yet. Maybe the mother was killed? We will not give up!

    10-Nov-09   Wat Wang Pong :   4 more puppies at wang pong

i discovered 4 more puppies at the far corner entrance , unfortunately near the road. that brings the total to 23.

no new problems elsewhere as far as i know 

    10-Nov-09   major expense

Today I paid 6,900.- Baht for 100 Quantum vaccinations, which will be enough for 50 puppies over 6 weeks old for an initial shot and a booster shot. 

    06-Nov-09   No more parasites please

Today, with the help of Claudia and Khun Yaay, we treated 15 puppies against fleas, ticks and lice. 4 others refused to get caught.

Also heard that the little white pup in the market was hit by a car. another one! 

    05-Nov-09   Weather problems

We have had dreadful conditions in the past few days, winds and heavy rains. The cold season is also

coming. Has anyone any suggestions on how to keep these dogs dry and warm. They sleep in a hole in the ground or under a bush at the moment and they mostly refuse to move from their territory.

    05-Nov-09   Wat Wang Pong :   More news
Deng has been neutered. Most dogs at Wang Pong have had Hexadoc this year. Today I counted 19 newly dumped puppies in 4 litters!
    05-Nov-09   Latest

I have been absent for 2 weeks and during this time we lost 3 more dogs, Old Grey and Baby I, due to illness and a fringe-dog (outside compound) 

    25-Oct-09   patch

great news, heard today that patch was adopted by people from huahin

    19-Oct-09   puppies puppies puppies

8 in the middle area, 4 in the market and 2 on the side

    19-Oct-09   Podge is dead

A witness saw it happening. She was buried, I am told. so sad.

    19-Oct-09   Neutering

Fa & last one at coffeeshop were neutered.

    17-Oct-09   Wat Wang Pong :   Achievement

Today 26 dogs at Wang Pong were vaccinated with Hexadoc by the vet. Claudia came to help me to hold them. the vet also treated several of them against mange and parasites.

Afraid Podge will never return. What a sad end. Hope it was instant. Her spirit will return!

More puppies spotted in market area. Still 8 in main area, but mother missing.

    15-Oct-09   Where is Podge?

Podge has now been missing for more than a week. am very concerned. My friends Golliwog and Old Lady have also not seen her. she may have been hit by a car.

    12-Oct-09   oh no! no more

Last Saturday I discovered at least 10 more puppies at Wang Pong, in terrible condition. Skin problems, parasites, worms, underfed and at least two litters without a mother. Will try again with milk, puppy-food, vitamins until they are about 6 weeks old and ready for vaccinations. Poor little things and it has been raining so heavily lately.

    09-Oct-09   Wat Wang Pong :   Wang Pong Puppies Lucky Day

Yesterday I took Deng and her 5 pups for their first vaccination. On the way back I had 3 of them adopted, a cute fat brown little female and the 2 males, a black one and a brown one. they all went to three different people who work for the same company. How lucky can you get, looking cute and healthy. So Deng and remaining 2 daughters, a green-eyed beauty and a sweet little black one went back to the temple.

    08-Oct-09   Wat Wang Pong :   Wat Wang Pong-Deng and Pups

Deng and her 5 puppies are doing brilliantly. I still feed them every day and they should be about 5 weeks old now. The pups are eating dry food already, so I shall take them for their first vaccinations next week, together with mum, as she has probably never had one in her life. They still live under the chedi, but are becoming more curious now and will soon start wondering. Buddha be with them!

    08-Oct-09   Wat Na Huay :   1
The two puppies at nuns’ quarters, who were exposed to distemper, are safe now. I gave Patch and Sharky a vitamin c and b plus an antibiotic for two weeks and they were declared fine by the vet. He gave them their second vaccination, Hexadoc, so (Buddha willing) they should be safe for another year. Let’s try and find a home for them.