28-Apr-16 Temple :   Wat Wang Pong
        April news from Wat Wang Pong.
A lot happened at Wat Wang Pong. Things are not great there. Apart from the terrible heat, we have had to cope with a terrible shortage of food and water, all round the compound. When Khun Peter was still there, all the bowls were filled with rice and water. Now they are mostly empty. The monks do not care, the workers have left and we cannot cope. It is depressing at times. On top of that we have had so many puppies dumped. It really has become quite a struggle to keep everything going like before. I am fostering three puppies at my home as they were too small to survive. Of the 8 puppies inside the puppy enclosure, one was apparently adopted, two died possibly from parvo, but this was not confirmed and the others have now survived and are doing well. I visited them daily for two weeks. I still swear by vitamins and honey! We moved Rebecca, Chloe, Alphie and Terry to the quarters of the monks. They were not treated kindly in the puppy enclosure. But now they lack attention and care as they are not really welcome with the monks and Rebecca has somehow broken her leg and has a nasty wound on her back. They have all lost weight. One positive note, Terry was adopted and adoptions are rare. Furthermore, Sheba, mother of 4 pups is also not looking too healthy, but the puppies are fine. This just shows how important it is to have their mother there to feed them. Last but not least, another 4 new puppies were dumped there as well, without a mother. I have been taking them all, apart from the new ones, for their vaccinations and sofar they are all surviving. The two white ones, Midi and Mini are ok. I continue with the vitamins. Pippa, really Maxi of the three, is due for neutering and so on and so on. But the worst thing is that due to all the puppy-care, not enough attention was given to all our old friends and they have suffered because of it. That will be my next story.
Photo-1 Vaccination time with Dr. Pakapol. Photo-2 Midi looking great.