21-Apr-16 Temple :   Wat Na Huay
        Latest updates for April.
Peace in Wat Na Huay! We celebrated Sonkran and I attended the water-splashing ceremony with the monks which is always a happy event, every year. Very welcome too in the heat of the terribly hot season this year, just getting wet! The dogs are quiet and Neil once again helped to treat them all with their monthly Ivermectin. This time he brought a friend as well, a lovely girl called Nicky. It was good teamwork and did not take too long. Neil also gave me a nice contribution from his friend Jimbo for which we thank him. The new puppies at the main entrance were doing so well, but I have now heard that the little black one has died from an illness. The brown girl called Brownie is doing well and she had her first vaccination. The three daughters of Beauty are growing up and two of them also had their fist vaccination. The third one is impossible to catch, she is so frightened and shy. That will be a problem when she is going into season. And our latest newcomer is the tiniest puppy I have ever seen. She lives in the kitchen and is taken care of by the monks and the nuns. I shall have to get to know her better. She is young but seemingly healthy.
Picture-1 Neil with Spawn who has come out of his shell completely. Comes running up for affection. Took ages though. Picture-2 Little Brownie who is growing but still so small.