31-Mar-16 Temple :   Wat Wang Pong
        The latest updates from Wat Wang Pong.
Mysterious disappearances of quite a few of our dogs make me so unsure of what to think anymore. Terrible stories go around. This young boy is one of the missing ones. He and his little brother were just gaining strength and confidence. They both suffered from terrible skin conditions and we only just began to see improvements. Now they are both gone. It was confirmed that the little one was killed on the road. A blessing maybe, knowing he was not tortured. But big boy has vanished. The best explanation is that he was adopted. The worst that he was taken as food. The stories about dogs being stolen, especially black ones, are too horrific to repeat.
In the meantime the puppy-dumping continues. We now have more than 20 new puppies. Only one litter of 4 came with a Mum. All the others will have to fight to survive. In addition we have one diagnosed with Parvo. He is at a pet hospital in Pranburi. But we don't know who will get it next. We vaccinate as soon as it is safe but we may be too late for many. The people in the temple just put them all together because they are ignorant about how to treat them. This is nature, according to them. I have the three youngest ones at my home. They are too young to vaccinate and I fear the worst. A sad time.
Photo-1 The missing brother. Photo-2 Three of the slightly older puppies. The are lucky up till now.