23-Mar-16 Temple :   Wat Wang Pong
        Wang Pong news.
It has been a long time since I reported on Wat Wang Pong. This may be due to the fact that things appear basically fine there. But this is not true at all. We have had three major problems.
First of all the management inside the temple has fallen apart and since no-one is in charge now, many workers and monks who cared for the dogs, have left.
Secondly, like everywhere, we have had many puppies dumped again as is normal at this time of year. The dogs survived the cold weather and are now enjoying the hot season.
But lastly, our dogs are disappearing without a trace. Blindboy, Killer, Micky, the two young pups at the far end, Corner-daughter, all vanished without a trace. Most of them are black and have lived there for years. Horrific stories go around about foreign labourers stealing them for food and to think about it is just a nightmare. I did hear that one of the young dogs at the last entrance was killed by a car, but nobody saw the body. And where is the brother. I have reported it at the police station and they promised to investigate. I have asked the only two workers who are left as guards, to check on the dogs during the night if they hear barking. I did promise them a reward, but am not sure if this will help at all. It is depressing and very frightening. A pack with Captain as their leader has gone altogether, but I am told they now live on the outside of the wall. I have not seen them yet!
But if one visits the temple during the day, all appears quiet and tranquil. The dogs are healthy, well fed and happy. We had some puppy deaths due to neglect and bad hygiene in an outside enclosure where they were kept by the monk, who insisted on taking care of them himself. Those who survived are now in a safer enclosure inside the wall surrounding the compound of the monks. We have permission to keep them there for a month, but time in Thailand is infinite, so I hope to leave them there. Nobody wants to adopt them, so they will remain temple-dogs. Puppies of an older age remain outside that compound and seem to cope. And I just heard today that Mandy & Brian spotted three new puppies with the monk outside. Wonderful Fran, Mandy & Brian and the Thais who help have all done a fantastic job. I thank Fran in particular who seemed to do everything on her own while Mandy and I were away. You are a star, Fran!
We have had great contributions from a lot of people, after my appeal on Facebook. Some were anonymous which I can do nothing about. Their names cannot be revealed. But my friend Charlene continues to help, Christine from Hongkong and her friend Christie, my childhood friend Robert Brand, Silvana from Switzerland who helped me so much while she lived here, Christine (& Colin) and her Mum while on holiday, the Headnun from Wat Na Huay and others I shall mention later.
Photo-1 Rebecca, Chloe and Alfie. Photo-2 Oldtimer Brindie who was born there with two of the puppies.