24-Apr-15   Wat Wang Pong :
 Neutering with Heike from Hundehilfe, Thailand.  Yesterday she came, Heike with her veterinarians and assistants, her equipment and her entthusiasm. We ha....

 24-Apr-15   Wat Na Huay :
 Two very lucky sisters.  In Thailand it is far more common to adopt little male puppies, to avoid having more litters at home of c....

 One patient out, another patient in.  After being at my house for almost a month, Peace from Wat Na Huay, has recovered from blood parasites an....

 10-Apr-15   Wat Wang Pong :
 Wat Wang Pong update.  I have seen almost all of you dogs at Wang Pong and those of you who welcomed me back, looked fine. As I ....

 10-Apr-15   Wat Na Huay :
 Forgive me my long absence.  Sorry, doggies, for being away so long. But I had to fly to Holland to be with my mother who has moved in....

 10-Mar-15   Wat Wang Pong :
 Bobby has gone home, Blue wants to join him soon, Ivermectin treatments all round  fake hublot king power

 10-Mar-15   Wat Na Huay :
 Ex-Wat Na Huay dogs, Pran, Buri & Pebbles.  The two brothers and sister, Pran, Buri & Pebbles are doing a great job, guarding the prawnfarm in Bang S....

 08-Mar-15   Wat Wang Pong :
 Neuterings and broken legs.  Tag Heuer 1887 Replica Watches

 22-Feb-15   Wat Na Huay :
 Farewell to Pingpong, remembering Mungo and Twiggy.  A celebration of their long lives, no sadness thinking of them, but missing them all the same.


 22-Feb-15   Wat Wang Pong :
 And from Wat Wang Pong.  roger dubuis excalibur replica

 22-Feb-15   Wat Na Huay :
 Other things happen too, not only tragedies.   Zenith defy xtreme Replica Watches

 This may well be my saddest entry yet.  After my happy story written on 8th February, I am almost ashamed to tell you how wrong I was, saying tha....

 08-Feb-15   Wat Na Huay :
 The babies are fine and the last two neuterings.  Tic, Tac and Toc are doing really well. The nuns are always so kind to the puppies and I have been giving....

 08-Feb-15   Wat Na Huay :
 Thank you, Twiggy! You led me to them!  When Twiggy went missing again, we searched for her everywhere, as we had done before. This time she was ....

 Great contributions again.  The honour goes to Tic and Berry & Sisi to thank our new friends, Rob Brand and Helen, the sister of Fran....

Temple Dogs Pranburi Hua Hin

Temple Dogs can be happy and healthy. The dogs at Wat Na Huay and Wat Wang Pong are the living proof of this. I always invite people to come and see them.

I started helping the Wat Na Huay dogs in 2005 and the Wat Wang Pong dogs in 2007. I basically began by feeding them, so they would learn to trust me. Then I would try to touch and stroke them and when they were ready to be picked up, I had them treated against parasites and eventually had them vaccinated against the killer diseases like distemper, parvo, rabies etc. The final step was to have the females neutered.

Now don't get me wrong. The monks and the nuns do feed them. That's why unwanted dogs in Thailand get dumped at temples, because one takes for granted that a Buddhist respects life and will feed the strays. But there is only so much they can give. I personally know monks who love dogs and keep their own pets in a better way than westerners do. I know nuns who hand-rear discarded puppies. So what I do is only a 'top-up'.

But the result is great and as people can see the improvement in the dogs, they will then treat them better themselves. I cannot deny that I have seen quite a few dogs die from illnesses, cruelty or accidents, but with so many dogs around I have to accept that. The fact remains, that when I now visit Wat Na Huay or Wat Wang Pong, a bunch of friendly dogs comes running up to meet me and that makes me feel great.

        I continue to treat the newly dumped dogs in the same way and when a new litter of puppies is born to a poor unwanted pregnant mother, I try to make them healthy and get them a home. Quite a few of the temple-dogs have been adopted with the help of people from all over the world. A Wat Na Huay dog has gone as far as Germany, dogs from Wat Wang Pong have gone to the Czech Republic and to Holland, several have gone to Bangkok and so on. I will never stop to ask people to give these dogs a home and I will never stop to ask for help. So if you are interested in the wellbeing of my friends, the temple-dogs, please contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Josette Fisher